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It Will Come Back
Writer Jaded Pixie
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It Will Come Back
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Jaded Pixie
No Plagiarism!OwtzMiwObCbR7SrO86YOposted on PENANA

Disclaimer: This piece is written for entertainment purposes only. No copy write infringement is intended. I receive no monetary benefits from this story. All characters, worlds, etc. belong to "Choices: Stories You Play" by Pixelberry. Contains spoilers for The Royal Romance, book 2, chapter 8.copyright protection390PENANAXr4vOtePKP

What happens in Paris… stays in Paris?copyright protection390PENANAEzm889rFXD

The engagement tour has put you through the ringer. Between trying to find the person, or persons, responsible in the blackmail that has defamed your character, and your unexpected romance with the King’s commoner best friend, you aren’t sure which way is up anymore.copyright protection390PENANAh9uo1Wda3b

After the shocking betrayal unveiled following the Parisian fashion show, solving the mystery surrounding Drake’s sister, and a stolen moment that could cause more than a few problems, you find yourself unable to sleep. Wandering about the train might not be a great idea, taking you places you hadn’t anticipated to go. Will one serendipitous evening in la Ville Lumière be the moment that pulls it all together or the catalyst to a disaster of epic proportions? Only time will tell.copyright protection390PENANAZ0D3wrxKhi

Author’s Note: The inspiration to start this short story came from the song “It Will Come Back” by Hozier. It is a fantastic song that I think really sets the mood for this tale. This is entirely on the fly without an outline of any sort. Suggestions are always welcome! Be warned, this is my first time writing a story in 2nd person POV. It might get a little bumpy at times. This piece is rated R for some lemony fresh scenes in later chapters.copyright protection390PENANAAVSW415vG3

Comments ( 12 )

Margaret Kugler - Geeat again! 😍
1 week agoreply

Jaded Pixie - Thanks babe! <3
5 days agoreply

Maria Pullatt - I love love love this! You capture all these emotions so damn well! Waiting for more.. 
1 week agoreply

Jaded Pixie - Thank you! It makes me soooo happy other that I actually got the emotions out right and that you are enjoying it! I should have issue three up soon! <3
1 week agoreply

Rachel Wood - thank you for writing it! It makes me smile to read it. You are very talented :-)
1 week agoreply

Jaded Pixie - Thanks again! I'm just hoping I can keep this up and don't disappoint!!
1 week agoreply

Janet L. Price - Amazing! Now I’m dying for more....
1 week agoreply

Jaded Pixie - You are making me blush girl!! I'm so glad you like it! 
1 week agoreply

Roberta Lima Oliveira - I loved  , 
1 week agoreply

Jaded Pixie - Thank you beautiful!!
1 week agoreply

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