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It Will Come Back
Writer Jaded Pixie
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It Will Come Back
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Jaded Pixie
No Plagiarism!OdYBncOXn5r5wlyRNuktposted on PENANA

I know who I am when I'm alone98Please respect copyright.PENANARst9EukFci
I'm something else when I see you
copyright protection94PENANAtKHbCuj0ke

“It Will Come Back” – Hoziercopyright protection94PENANAu8ssKPFyN3

You hadn’t expected to see Drake until the bachelor party, but it is a welcomed surprise. Even though he smiles at you as you hop down from your stool and head in his direction it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. Between finding Savanna and learning about Bastien’s treasonous act you aren’t surprised. His pain is almost palpable as you finally reach his booth and slide in next to him.copyright protection94PENANAEf8bAH2ncm

“Following me again?” You ask with a grin, bumping him with your shoulder.copyright protection94PENANARF6zRJ3aJo

“I was here first. If anyone is doing the following it’s you, Romanov.” Drake still maintains his smile, though his tone tells a different story.copyright protection94PENANApexSGhIlQv

“Fair point.” You shrug as you take a long sip from your glass. Your eyes slide shut for a moment enjoying the slow burn of the whisky going down your throat.copyright protection94PENANAouLxGlfIJr

“You know, you really shouldn’t be out on your own. How did you even get out?”copyright protection94PENANA5B7caYVe9F

“I’m just that good,” You reply casually.copyright protection94PENANADzTarzs9Vi

Drake rolls his eyes and takes a swig from his glass. “I’m serious, Romanov.”copyright protection94PENANAFkNrRtM7cw

“Aren’t you always?” You cross your legs under the table and lean back slightly. “Besides, I’m not alone now.”copyright protection94PENANAyh8GuiFpxP

“I guess not.” Drake places his glass back onto the table, his hand still clasped around it as he stares down into the amber liquid.copyright protection94PENANA4aoXlQxN0t

Whatever problems you have seem to pale in comparison to what Drake must endure now. He is the one that has been hit the hardest. He always seems to be the one that is hit where it hurts the most. His father being killed protecting the royal family, being abandoned by his mother, giving up his education to come back to court for Liam, his sister leaving with no real rhyme or reason, the blatant betrayal of the man he had looked up to and who had helped raise him… it all had to be taking a severe toll on him.copyright protection94PENANA6GNU7FoUMA

His fingers start to drum against his glass and you set your own down before reaching over and setting your hand atop his to stop the nervous tic. Drake is quiet as his focus shifts to your hand, then flickers up to your face.copyright protection94PENANArlSz2mRHMp

“Feeling like a marshmallow tonight?”copyright protection94PENANAxQzWOUMmIN

Drake chuckles under his breath. “Not particularly.” His hand shifts underneath yours, his thumb running across your knuckles. Your pulse quickens ever so slightly at the gesture, but before you can really process it all he squeezes your hand and releases it. You watch as he picks up his glass and drains it completely.copyright protection94PENANAPOtCIAi6v4

“Looks like I need to play catch-up.” You bring your glass to your lips and tip your head back to finish your own, trying to shake the feeling that had come over you when his hands had been in yours. “Did I tell you that I caught Maxwell eating a bowl of candy corn like cereal this morning?” You say trying to lighten the mood.copyright protection94PENANAHWpAvsWn9I

“Ew…” He replies, screwing up his face.copyright protection94PENANAMHzmDohpKZ

“Milk and all.”copyright protection94PENANAdAOGdxhvDM

“How did he even get candy corn?”copyright protection94PENANAzlJZVfrSCB

“Ah, so you haven’t discovered his coveted snack case yet?” You ask with an amused smile on your face as Drake dramatically cringes.copyright protection94PENANABpiaLVz3lk

“I don’t think I want to if that is the kind of contraband he is sneaking around with.” Drake waves over a waitress and orders another round. He seems more relaxed now.copyright protection94PENANA2yUQe7nwC1

You chuckle softly. “What’s wrong with candy corn?”copyright protection94PENANAjbn2bihCaU

“The better question is what isn’t wrong with candy corn?” He grins at you and you can’t help but smile back.copyright protection94PENANAdLjwW5rv8N

The waitress stops by moments later and sets your drinks on the table. “Merci.” You reply with an appreciative smile before taking a drink. You continue the light banter at one point laughing so hard your sides hurt.copyright protection94PENANAPblK1ARp6t

"If you don’t stop I’m going to fall out of the booth!” You exclaim as you lean away from him and over the side of the seat.copyright protection94PENANArpFOsQ6Kth

Drake’s arm curls around your waist pulling you into his side. “No falling out of the booth.” He grins down at you.copyright protection94PENANAEH2YdY4Fuc

“You’re no fun,” You reply as you try to shake off a rogue section of hair that has fallen onto your face.copyright protection94PENANAsknO4poVPv

His free hand comes up to brush the hair from your face. “So, I’ve been told.” Drake’s hand glides down to the side of your neck.copyright protection94PENANApgU44nVb7o

His voice is deep, resonating throughout your entire body. The close proximity is intoxicating even though you’ve only had two drinks over the evening. His head dips down and his lips softly brush against yours. You bring up a hand to cradle his face as he pulls away. His eyes search yours for a brief moment before he lets out a deep sigh.copyright protection94PENANAsM6vKkuOZY

“What are you doing to me?” He whispers, his lips only a few centimeters from yours.copyright protection94PENANA1sipgmPFiE

You’ve lost track of time completely until a waitress stops by the table and interrupts you to gently remind you that the bar is closing. Drake quickly pulls away from you as if a spell had just been broken between the two of you.copyright protection94PENANAaHV5M0sHbA

After the tab has been settled and you’ve thanked the woman you head towards the door with Drake following closely behind you. You feel whole when Drake is around. He reminds you of who you are underneath the designer dresses and forced royal interactions. You don’t feel the need to be anyone but yourself around him. You wonder if that is what has drawn you in.copyright protection94PENANA6Emd97xDWx

“I’m sorry,” Drake says gently, breaking the silence that has fallen between you both as you walk down the sidewalk heading back to the train. He shoves his hands into his jean pockets. “That was out of line.”copyright protection94PENANACXZVngicVA

You pause and glance over at him. “What was?”copyright protection94PENANAR5iMa4MDMY

“That kiss. I just…” He takes a hand out of his pocket and rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “Every time I’m alone with you I lose control.”copyright protection94PENANAdTCA6MHDqE

“Your self-control seemed decent enough when you left my room earlier tonight.” You shrug as you begin walking again.copyright protection94PENANAb3BaYZrgbm

You begin to widen your strides and walk out in front of him. You know he restrains himself because of Liam, but that never stops you from feeling the rejection every single time an intimate moment is stolen and he stops it. You feel Drake grab you by the arm to stop you before spinning you around to face him.copyright protection94PENANAR2s9ODeBg0

“If I hadn’t left when I did I wouldn’t have been able to stop.”copyright protection94PENANAzuUc50ZNEp

You quirk an eyebrow at him.copyright protection94PENANArPs30r2rIe

“I don’t think you realize that if I hadn’t stopped I would have taken you against that wall and every other piece of furniture in that room.”copyright protection94PENANAOzggJ5TYHa

Drake’s gaze becomes intense as he looks over your face. His confession alone is heady. Your mind drifts off momentarily as you meet his intense gaze and start to ponder just how the night could have ended. Your wandering thoughts go back to your room, though in your daze you see clothes scattered across the room, a few lamps knocked off the tables and shattered on the floor. You can almost hear the headboard creaking and thumping against the wall…copyright protection94PENANAZgFTtLTsyx

“Hey” Drake finally says after a moment, interrupting your thoughts. “You okay?”copyright protection94PENANASZnl3nN5Ov

You blink a few times pulling yourself out of your daydream. “Oh, yeah, of course.” You shake your head with a soft, awkward laugh. “You can’t just walk around threatening me with a good time like that.”copyright protection94PENANAjC5ATOGNMn

He rolls his eyes at you, though you can see a small smile ghost over his lips. “If you aren’t ready to go back yet I don’t mind hanging around the city a little longer.” You can tell he is trying to change the subject and decide to give him some peace… for the moment.copyright protection94PENANAYLEDE7pyAX

“Sounds good to me,” You say before glancing down at his hand still holding your arm in place.copyright protection94PENANA6tXtO0QB6F

Drake’s eyes follow yours and he releases his grip on your arm. You expect him to step away from you entirely, as he always does, but instead you feel his hand slip into yours. “It’s a big city… I won’t hear the end of it if I lose you.”copyright protection94PENANA7qhc1a0HYN

“Absolutely, safety first.” You nod gravely before allowing a smile to creep back across your lips. “Lead the way…”copyright protection94PENANA5WyJAdRZMr

Author’s Note: Sooooo… don’t kill me! I swear all good things come to those who wait ;-) Hopefully I’ll have another issue up by Thursday/Friday!copyright protection94PENANAWSUUlJVcl2

Comments ( 4 )

Kartika Kumala Dewi - It's soooo good 😍😍..can't wait for the next issue ^^
5 days agoreply

Jaded Pixie - Thank you! I'm hoping to have the next issue up sometime today! <3
5 days agoreply

Rachel Wood - This just gets better and better!! 
6 days agoreply

Jaded Pixie - Awwww thanks babe! I'm hoping to have another issue out in a few days! My week is about to get crazy! I really appreciate you reading this! It makes me smile!
6 days agoreply