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The Box
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Writer Anthony Rout
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The Box
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Oct 1
Anthony Rout
Nov 13, 2017
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!isbaY8ZY12nOZmqm7S1Uposted on PENANA
It all began on the first of October and I remember it well for one reason only but it started like any other day. I woke to find my summer blanket in its usual place, every morning it would end up piled on the floor at the foot of the bed, more often than not it ended up there because I had kicked it off during my sleep. Likewise my recently bought fresh pillows had also been tossed to one side of the bedroom, why I felt the need to do that I still have no answer to but it was normal. As the normality of the day continued I saw the blue flickering light from my high definition TV illuminate the room, it helped make the room feel cool. The large fan I relied on for its soothing sound and cold air breeze sat on the bedside table, set to spin at full speed as I liked it however it made the fan rattle under the shifting air but it simply added to the ambience it created. As I lay there thinking of nothing, everything seemed normal, nothing out of place, nothing out of the ordinary it was just another normal uneventful morning.
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After having to force myself up and swung my legs out of my bed, I sat and caught a glimpse of myself in the tall mirror on the wall. As I looked at my long brown mane of hair, normally I was proud of it but that morning, that still rather normal morning, it was looking rough. Even my eyes seemed darker than usual and was only exaggerated by the dark rings and bags I couldn't help but notice around my eyes. I felt and looked awful yet I still hadn't noticed that my morning was not as normal as I first thought.
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As I was looking in the mirror I failed to notice I wasn't alone, an unexpected sigh beside me caused my attention to shift suddenly then as I turned I was greeted with the exposed body of a woman. Surprised that she was there, alive and she was laying face down in the pillow stirring from her slumber. Lying there in the blue light I could see she had soft well looked after skin, long brown hair and owned a pair of rosy and pert ass cheeks which where beautifully there on show. I had to stop for a moment to think who she was and why she just happened to be in my bed. It took a few moments which I didn't mind as I stared at her body, then the fragments of the night before reminded me what had happened, playing in my head as a haze of momentary flashes of another life. I had decided to go to the sudden but surprisingly popular works Halloween Party down at 'Club Whisky Tango Hotel', the party had been brought forward a few weeks. Due to the four weeks of scheduled work being carried out on the office the staff were all excited for the up coming extended paid holiday they were all taking during the month.
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What I could remember so far of the night before was a whirlwind of sound, lights and plenty of drink. It had started slowly, everyone sat at the bar passing comments about the holiday time. A few drinks later things began improving and everyone got into the party mood dancing with each other and then she pulled me up to dance. What a night it had turned into, we danced closely all night, sharing stories and buying each other drinks. At the end of the night we shared a kiss, which lead to another, a cab ride back to my place and well the rest as they say is history, then the morning after she was in my bed. It was for this reason only that I remembered when it all started, the first day I woke to find my bed occupied by a beautiful woman who I was happy to spend the rest of my life with.
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I decided I would just let her sleep, she looked peaceful and I didn't want to disturb her. My eyes lingered on her bare back and her temptingly naked body as I walked to the bathroom. I pulled on the light cord then the dull yellow glow from the light bulb filled the room. My first port of call was the toilet needing to take a quick piss and as I stood there staring into the mirror I had placed above the toilet, I thought to myself that I was beginning to look worn, not old, just worn out. Wrinkles and dark rings had began appearing around my eyes. Once I had finished I stepped over to the sink turnig the tap on I then splashed the cold water over my face. Grabbing the face wash I began rubbing it onto my face hoping it would help to solve the worn look I was carrying. Grabbing the stuff to sort my teeth out I spent a few minutes brushing them, then rinsed out my mouth with mouthwash. I had to spend a few minutes more sorting out my hair in the mirror, then once I was finished I turned the light off, walked back to my bed and sat down looking at naked form still laying there.
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I hoped my bedside clock was flashing up the wrong time, it was showing that it was five thirty in the morning. I had probably only managed to get a few hours sleep so with a dull grunt I nudged my sleeping guest to wake her. It took a few soft shakes before she opened her eyes, as she did she looked at me and smiled so I knew she remembered where she was. She wasn't showing any signs that this would make everything complicated for us at work, she simply smiled and then winked at me before she rolled over revealing her ample breasts and her almost washboard abs. She was in fantastic shape, she had revealed during the night before that she worked out a few times a week an ate very well. We had got on so well and despite our differences we simply clicked and neither of us seemed uneasy about it in the morning aftermath. She gave me the same smile she had done the night before which made my heart melt, she was simply enchanting.
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Knowing it was time to get up and ready I pulled myself up off the bed, I crossed over to my wardrobe and unhooked a clean pair of jeans and a shirt. I pulled a pair of fresh underware and socks from my unit and then got dresed ready to go to work. Once I was ready I watched with pervy sense of enjoyment as my stunning guest pull a bag from under the bed. As she got dressed her whole body moved in a way that made my mouh water. From the bag she removed a long dress, underware and without a care she allowed me to watch as she wriggled and bounced herself into what she was going to wear. Stuffing her party clohes into the bag she passed me on her way to the bathroom winking at me as she did.
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I could hear her running the tap and I grabbed my shoes from under the bed, it had been a long time since I had someone at my home so early in the morning and it felt strangly satisfying. I tied my laces as I listened to her getting ready in the other room, I hadn't been that happy for some time. As I sat there listening to her gargle her mouthwash I hoped to myself that this wasnt going to be a one night thing, she made me feel alive and I wanted more but only time would tell if anything else would develop. When she was finished we ate breakfast and headed to work.
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Work was as boring as it usually was and I was glad that it seemed to be over rather quickly. Except for the pleasure of waking up beside Zadia the day had played out like any other day before it, which was never anything exciting. I met met with the same expectations from my manager, having to deal with unrealistic deadlines as well as difficult account holders, having to sit through the same meetings with clients, senior bosses and even lectures from outside advisors. I also had to deal with taking the same humdrum telephone calls about the same old and rather easy to solve issues from clients and junior staff from the office. It literally was the same old same thankfully on a day closer to the extended holiday period we were all looking forward to. There was one difference, quite noticeable to me and everyone else in the office. The beautiful Zadia was always smiling, which wasn't a normal work thing, she would walk by my desk winking and smiling showing me more attention than usual and I wasn't going to complain about it.
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Once work was over the freedom of my life began, I drove to the local store pulled into the parking bay and sat watching the world happen. For the few moments I sat there I felt disconnected from everything, shoppers passed me by without a thought in the world and I simply watched. Deciding on what to have for my evening meal I got out of the car, locked it and walked into the store. With the shoppig trolley in hand a slowly walked down each isle randomly moving things into my trolley only to put them on shelves further down the isle. I know it was childish but I gave my life a little bit of chaos, this daily disregard of order gave me a sense of rebellion. I grabbed the few items I wanted then went to pay. The some what normal day continued as I drove home, same cars on the road at the same places, the same faces in the crowd and as I got closer to home I felt exactly the same as I always did however nothing would be the same again.
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I was a happy thirty something singleton, and I had kept it that way for many years. I had no one to depend on me not even any serious relationships, I could have been described as being married to my work and I like the simplicity of it. I had invested most of my money into my home and my home was my castle. I owned a three bedroom detached house,  it had a fair sized kitchen and conservatory as well as a dining room and my main front room, it was spacious and more than I could ever need. It also had a drive way which set it back from the main road and the rear garden was huge. The house was worth almost a million on its own let alone its contents. You see everything within it I owned out right, I had remained debt free, never taken out a loan for anything, I don't even own a credit card. I had insisted on living by my means even when I first stared out, saving almost everything I earned and surviving on very little to make sure I was preparing for my future. It wasn't until I took the role of senior financial manager at the company I had worked at for almost fifteen years that things began to improve, before the last couple of years everything had been a struggle. Now I had everything I wanted, my home, car, holiday retreat, cash in the bank and more importantly I had a room ready for the next step in my life, A family.
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But I wander, you see as I pulled up to the remote gates that separate my home from the street I felt a little shiver run up my back, nothing out of the ordinary to be fair but it did catch me off guard. I drove slowly up my drive watching as the house materialised from behind the trees along the curve in the grounds. As I slowed the car to a stop outside the steps to the front door I couldn't help but notice a medium sized cardboard box on my door step. At first I thought it might have been the books I had ordered a few days earlier but after looking at it for a second time I realised it was too large. At the same time I knew it was too small to be the new white and grey marble fire surround I ordered almost three weeks earlier.
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No the easy answer at the time was it had to be a mistake, it was either delivered to the wrong address some how or it was a parcel for one of the neighbours. However I was wrong and after taking a closer look I had been some what bewildered to discover that the parcel was actually for me. Someone had written in large bold letters my name yet there was no address or any sign of a postage stamp or return address. Everything led to the conclusion that the parcel had been hand delivered to my door, that in itself meant someone had managed to get through my electronic gate. Unless they climbed over then no one should have gotten through the gate, it was magnetically sealed and electronically dead bolted when I had left, no one should get through without my knowledge. Yet someone had.
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Unsure what to do I considered my options then decided to carefully take the parcel inside the house. I needed to open the box so I placed it on the table in the dining room and looked at it for a moment before attempting to open it. I was some what surprised to find that it opened really easily and inside was another box with a note placed on the top of the second box. Finding it slightly weird I removed the smaller box from the first box and placed the smaller box on the table next to the other. I couldn't help but notice that the note was hand written and as I read it I realised it wasn't written in a hand writing I was familiar with. However after reading it for a second time I remember thinking to myself that the note was written by someone I knew, it was just the small things in the note, the way the writer seemed to know me.
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The way the note started was like a friend welcoming another somewhere, as if I had written a welcome to my home note to a friend I was allowing to stay at the house. At first it struck me as odd as I say it was written as though I was a guest yet whoever had written it would know I was reading it at my home. It had caught my attention so I continued reading it with fascination. Whoever the writer was they knew how to explore my deepest desires, they knew I liked to do odd chaotic things to give my day some disorder. I enjoyed reading about myself from another person's perspective, learning how my little actions impacted things I never noticed. If it wasn't for the fact I was fascinated by the writer the note may have freaked me out. However I continued to read it until the end which is where it seemed to get really interesting. Whoever was behind the note seemed to know me extremely well, well enough to know that if I was told not to open something until a certain time or date, I wouldn't no matter how much I wanted to.
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I made sure I read the note a third time to make sure I was reading it right. I had and as I read the last part of the note again I was told that inside the box was another box with another note. The Instructions were clear and simple, everyday I was expected to open a box and inside would be a note I would have to read. I was told that these notes had to be taken seriously, I had to do what I was instructed, if I didn't the Box would know and something worse would happen. I felt both apprehensive and excited at the idea of the Box, yet with time getting on I left the dining room and went to cook my food. The whole time I was sorting my food out I couldn't help think of the Box and when I wasn't thinking of that I had Zadia on my mind.
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I sat in the front room to eat, the fire burned brightly filling the room with heat and light. My lamb shank in minted gravy with mash and veg was a nice change. I washed it down with a hot coffee and then I settled onto the sofa to enjoy the rest of the evening. However not long after finishing my meal I felt a vibration in my pocket and I realised that my phone had gone off. I took it from my pocket and unlocked the screen to see I had received a message, and to my surprise it was from Zadia. In the message she asked if I was free and if I would like her company again this evening. There was no hesitation in my reply and as soon as the message was sent I began cleaning up. Within the hour she was knocking on my door wearing a tight pair of jeans and a loose fitting armless top under her long jacket. We spent some time watching TV curled up on the sofa then as the evening went on things got passionate. She distracted me so completely I had totally forgotten about the boxes. As the evening intensified we decided to take things  up stairs where I had hoped it would go. The rest of the night passed in a passionate blur and soon we were asleep in each others embrace.

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