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Stop Standing There: How an Artist fell in love (Abbie X Tyler Fanfic)
Writer Mycsishere
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Stop Standing There: How an Artist fell in love (Abbie X Tyler Fanfic)
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Nov 14, 2017
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!sMYjorYTaidEAS7Zjk7Pposted on PENANA

    Another day, another fresh start here in Hartfeld University. Here in my bed as the sun rays goes through the window and shines in to my face. I woke up and check on my phone.. it’s already 8:00 .. hmm pretty early I guess. I easily get up and go straight to the bathroom just to wash my face and brush my teeth. Just like home doing all these routines but I know here in Hartfeld it’s different. Why? well of course our rooms with my suit mates are basically all together like we can hear things through the wall.. for example at the bathroom we can clearly hear Kaitlyn singing , actually all over the dorm we can hear her. I was about to head back to my room when hear Zack calling me.copyright protection9PENANAxWfXBAHYR3

“Yo Abbie! come have breakfast with us on the roof top!”copyright protection9PENANADkQBDf3C8e

“Okay , I’ll just go get something and be on my way”copyright protection9PENANAUlTue0uxlB

“Please hurry , we have some important things to discussed”copyright protection9PENANAnSxCQ9dy74

           copyright protection9PENANABLosn2IqER

      I hurriedly went to my room and fixed my hair and grab my phone and head off upstairs. Everyone was here including Tyler. I greet everyone a good morning and sit beside Tyler. The coffee table is filled with stacked pancakes with maple and chocolate syrup and a slice of butter on top , the other one has a topping of whip cream and some fresh sliced strawberries and we also have some french toast and some orange juice. Then Kaitlyn asked what is Zack’s important thing to discussed about.copyright protection9PENANAFzcy4ryyZT

Okay Zack spit it out , what’s the discussion about and why is it so important?”copyright protection9PENANA9mMGZCQcaY

“Well my friends, Today there would be a festival here in Hartfeld as I remember , right Chris?”copyright protection9PENANAhMJGf6IXxn

“Right , I totally forgot to tell you guys , my apologies”copyright protection9PENANAOcW1K1sjzr

“Nah.. it’s okay , anyway! I know Abbie would love this event , because it’s Art’s Week!”copyright protection9PENANAdIOZpNCg0M

I suddenly stop eating my pancakes and my eyes wide open and jaw dropcopyright protection9PENANAehyYXN5GKC

“Is it today?! Oh no!.. OH NO, OH NO!”copyright protection9PENANA3zP0AA22TB

“Hey.. what’s the matter Abbie? are you okay?”, MC asked.copyright protection9PENANAu7ki7K5J06

“N-no MC.. I kinda forgot that I have entered an Art Contest and it totally slipped off my mind. Now what would I do?”copyright protection9PENANAvfn4dlSi1D

“Fear not! the festival starts at 12 noon anyway so you have plenty of time for your artwork and also people with the booths have also the time to set-up”, said Zack.copyright protection9PENANAV5cL6Ml8Pf

“I don’t know Zack..”copyright protection9PENANAKjn4BuPHdQ

“And why is that ?”copyright protection9PENANANJ5bNjxGCz

“Ugh! .. well our theme is about ARTISTIC LOVE, and I have so many ideas but I think it was way out of the theme and FYI painting is not that easy like you’re just gonna grab and pencil then draw and Voilà !! an artwork”copyright protection9PENANAjxEvjLiET7

“Well I don’t call myself an artist so yeah!”copyright protection9PENANAUEqhJ2LyKZ

“Well guys I think I have an Idea”, said Tyler.copyright protection9PENANAoyIuJwNhcp

“What is it Tyler?”copyright protection9PENANAQwXv1ggkVa

“Well I wanna help Abbie on this but I need all of your participation. I was planning that we all write some ideas that could fit to the theme and Abbie can just pick for the best one”copyright protection9PENANArPOS6xUS6F

“T– that’s a great idea bu– “copyright protection9PENANARvdzZX6Mej

“Say no more Abbie! don’t say a word were gonna help you with this no matter what right Tyler? *winks winks* ”, said Zack with a grin on his face.copyright protection9PENANAc4PaARrQbm

“Heh.. Totally”, said Tyler with a sweet smile on his face.copyright protection9PENANA1CcQvioqbu

Tyler looked at me and smiled, It makes me blushed. He holds my hand and give me a quick kiss on the cheekcopyright protection9PENANA52ZiCYfILt

“Awww! stop it guys I can feel the ants are about to invade our dorm!”, said MC.copyright protection9PENANA1XyR89Iz0T

“Hey! don’t forget to invite us to your wedding!”, said Kaitlyn while humming the wedding march.copyright protection9PENANAV1w7R1qfrB

“And if both have a baby , I’m gonna name it! maybe Azur– “, sai Zack.. but it was interrupted  by Kaitlyn.copyright protection9PENANAKwEKOgI4Zu

Quickly Kaitlyn covers Zack’s mouth before he could say anythingcopyright protection9PENANAy1s6SAgA9g

“You know Zack , time to finish your breakfast and in fact you’re not gonna name the baby because you give horrible names!”copyright protection9PENANAu5h0d91Eos

As said by Kaitlyn and stuffed a piece of french toast on Zack’s mouthcopyright protection9PENANAg9ZUTNbCRa

“Mhhmpprph.. !! mrrphh.. mhmmp!!!”copyright protection9PENANA6qczw49NFj

“Don’t talk when your mouth is full Zackster”copyright protection9PENANA3apkaCubgT

Everyone started laughing and after finishing their breakfast they started to help me to gather ideas for my artworkcopyright protection9PENANAEw2DrVrCxj

         We head back down stairs and we all sit in the couch and grab some pens and papers and started drafting and brainstorming for a fresh new ideas. It took us almost 30 minutes and all we got mostly is a painting of a couples, it’s either they were at the beach, two artists shared a kissed under the Eiffel Tower , and lastly.. paint me one of your french girls.. it was Zack’s idea btw. I know they had a hard time on this and I can’t complain or blame them. It’s my fault anyway and I need to find a way to paint something before the festival starts. I didn’t picked any of their ideas because it’s way too common and assuming the others would paint like that.. and also I kinda don't feel it, so it’s up to me to do this.copyright protection9PENANANEJ0dg5n3K

              I quickly get my art supplies.. my canvas , my paint brushes , pencils , paint, some dry cloth and also a cup of water. I started setting up the canvas and start sketching. The others went outside to preparing for the festival as well like the decorations , the set-ups of the chairs and tables , the refreshments.. everything and I was left all alone here, but a peace and quiet will do the trick. 2 hour later .. aaaaaand.. i’m still stuck! I don’t know what to do! I don’t have enough time to finish this.. Arrgh!!! I HATE ART BLOCK! copyright protection9PENANAH6V6r5IVhZ

               I give-up.. maybe I would just have to back out .. I can’t think of anything that is so unique that could perfectly fit to the theme. I was so distracted and irresponsible that I forgot about the contest. I sigh for a moment.. I need a break.. I suddenly grab my earphone , plugged it into my phone and play some music just to let all my frustrations and also my stress go away. I just need to relax for a moment.copyright protection9PENANAOWwRzXM1Ak

♪ All this talking to you13Please respect copyright.PENANA92HSgFaEaj
I don’t know what I’m to do13Please respect copyright.PENANAVhsb6DKHEK
I don’t know where you stand13Please respect copyright.PENANA4W0XZaWdQ1
What’s inside of your head ♪
copyright protection9PENANAkoZ4odktAo

              I pause of a moment then I lay down on the couch and stared at the ceiling, wait.. this song.. Aww.! it reminds me of Tyler. Well kinda.. actually it is. I remember the first time we met at the dorm , I never even knew he would be my suit mate, but I was cool with it. I remember the time we’re at the roof top at night and Zack accidentally pushed me and he catches me before I fall. That was a quick save but my heart pounds so fast. He was very shy at first, but a for a long time he get used to it and be more comfortable around us including me but he seems acting kind of different around me, I don’t know what he’s thinking.copyright protection9PENANAeiv9oXe6Sw

 All this thinkin’ of you13Please respect copyright.PENANAy04gTkV3Z6
Is that what you’re doin’ too13Please respect copyright.PENANAmUnP6utRb7
You’re always on my mind13Please respect copyright.PENANABf3Cd3M9hD
I talk about you all of the time copyright protection9PENANA6HsCz1Am3b

             After all the crazy things happen that quarter, I remember he broke my heart knowing he is with Leila.. together. But then again , he realize that she was pain in the butt and I never expected that he would chat me online and make video calls together. My feelings for him gets deeper and deeper until I started confessing that I liked him and he does the same thing. We started dating after that and it was the happiest thing I ever experienced.copyright protection9PENANAHnzGsYTMru

As i keep listening to the song I join in and started singing the chorus.copyright protection9PENANAbFMGPaD4hw

♪ Don’t waste another day13Please respect copyright.PENANAbQEf6xz1By
Don’t waste another minute13Please respect copyright.PENANA8XtvMAZgrb
I can’t wait to see your face13Please respect copyright.PENANAn3rrFEvsOM
Just to show you how much I’m in it  ♪ 13Please respect copyright.PENANA6ZCLeIiNKT
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
copyright protection9PENANAAoe20N4B97

♪ So open up your heart13Please respect copyright.PENANAmSRQnEqnUS
Help me understand13Please respect copyright.PENANAyiVZJAEe3s
Please tell me who you are13Please respect copyright.PENANA0arDVFldt6
So I could show you who I am ♪ 
copyright protection9PENANAMQvmxYkrKM

             That part of the lyrics was too good and relatable as well. I haven’t sing for so long.. until now! it was fun and can feel my heart pounding because I can imagine Tyler in this song.I loved him.. so soooo much. He’s smart , jolly , nerdy, cute and also a lovable and caring person that I’ve always dreamed of being with. He’s a keeper I must say , and that what makes me say “Yes” to him. He is so irresistible and I can’t help it but to be with him all day. But then I was shocked.. I hear his voice.. oh no did he–copyright protection9PENANAVWsIChTglb

“Hey Abbie!”copyright protection9PENANAMWz1YAO3cY

“O-oh hey Tyler! what are you doing here?!”, I panicked and quickly sit straight up.copyright protection9PENANAbYPHlmFFOq

“Well I know I was helping for the preparations , but I can’t help it not seeing you.. well not helping you with your problem. I keeps bugging me and they said it’s okay that I should head back to the dorm ,and be with you because I know you need someone to be with you.. to have a company”copyright protection9PENANAsKmUsYbmfx

“T– that so sweet of you Tyler.. but how long have you been standing there?”copyright protection9PENANAx1t73sIRvU

“Quite long I guess.. I see you laying down the couch then started singing”copyright protection9PENANAQGTGoe33UR

My face turns red and tried to hide it from himcopyright protection9PENANAtmBQg3Psq4

“Pllleeeaaaaase ..don’t tell anyone what you see and heard”copyright protection9PENANAZY6t59VO1r

“Heh. I promise.. but I never knew you can sing like that, You have a beautiful voice.. well almost beautiful as you”copyright protection9PENANAIR8BywQBzL

“Aww stop it! you’re making me blush”copyright protection9PENANAs373To7IRx

“So let your self blush , just wanna cheer-up my girlfriend you know?”copyright protection9PENANAMRwSkB2fq3

“I won’t stop you for doing you boyfriend duties.”copyright protection9PENANAG8VPKtlB4V

We pause for a second then we began to laughcopyright protection9PENANAmwYuzSTHAK

“So what’s the plan Abbie? the event will start about an hour”copyright protection9PENANAfnBLgVnibN

“I was thinking.. maybe I could back out?”copyright protection9PENANAmSWhHGK2iO

“What?! no don’t! you need this Abbie.. you’ve waited this event for so long”copyright protection9PENANAXElW9VO2Cp

“I .. I know but I don’t have any idea.. just look at it! it’s full of sketches.. pretty messy but still the idea and the theme isn’t very clear at all.. I feel like giving up”copyright protection9PENANANRMoD3k0lv

Tyler holds my hand and press it tightly and looked into my eyescopyright protection9PENANANHoJZ6qJ8I

“Look.. Abbie I believe you can do this. You’re are Artist! I know you don’t call yourself like that , but maybe at least give it a try? I can help you! I’ll be there for you”copyright protection9PENANAy6nT3xPRzr

“Tyler.. Well okay let’s do this! you’ve just boosted up my confidence”copyright protection9PENANAhmj4LW75Wt

“Awesome! now what do we do?”copyright protection9PENANABKb0ua6UTf

“Hmm.. having an Art Block can be pretty tough.. maybe a little abstract shall do the trick! here..”copyright protection9PENANADsl0mpxbh7

I him some paint brushes and some paint , and also an aproncopyright protection9PENANADyuXCfTKkQ

“Okay it’s very simple Tyler , just keep splashing colors around the canvas , it depends on what or how you will do it”copyright protection9PENANAdWBoW5y2Zs

“Okay boss!”copyright protection9PENANAhCUDDh3bsk

You suddenly began splashing some red and blue paints in the canvas but with too much force the colors are flying everywhere and it caught on to my face!copyright protection9PENANAi6SM3v1Xfm

“Hey ! ! !”copyright protection9PENANAOsjpRfvpiv

“O-oh! uhh!! s-sorry Abbie! here let me wipe th– “copyright protection9PENANASA8NeL4hWw

You’re about to wipe the paint off to my face then I attack!copyright protection9PENANACfDv1G03Dg

“Take that! !”copyright protection9PENANApsJIRAYnZh

“W-wha?! “copyright protection9PENANASSS0F7LJoI

I dip my hand on to the can of paint and wipe it on to your facecopyright protection9PENANAg1XTwYzw2d

“You will regret that you know”copyright protection9PENANANrFwax69U6

“Ha! let the war begin!”copyright protection9PENANArMYjNDqzmP

“Oh! it’s on now!!”copyright protection9PENANAhDQfwmd6Tf

             We suddenly splash each other with different random colors we can find and get, we even mixed some of them. It’s like were having a paint ball war or something. The whole living room is filled with bright and vivid colors and it would take a looooong.. time to cleaned it up but we just ignore it and keep splashing and splattering colors on to each other. We both shared a good laugh and then we feel exhausted. But I didn’t even realized that we just cover up the whole canvas with different colors , random strokes and splatter. I take a closer look.. well looks abstract to me. Then he tapped me on to my shoulder.copyright protection9PENANAjGHZdSxj1r

“Hey Abbie , let’s draw some random doodles on it”copyright protection9PENANAqteoM22dBp

“That’s a great idea, since all of the colors are bright.. we should probably used some black paint to doodle.. here and some brush”copyright protection9PENANA2S2T7zglF9

“Okay! hm..I’m gonna draw a little spaceship!”copyright protection9PENANABZQjY3bvnd

“Ohh nice one , I probably draw some planets on it”copyright protection9PENANAXNGccteeGP

             We continue doodling ..we even draw different random stuffs like dinosaurs , flowers , airplanes , boats , Wizards that is fighting a sorcerer , mermaids with wings and has a huge horns and so many more.. we’re almost done but suddenly he pulled my hand and dip some paint and place it in the center and you did the same. I realized in the picture.. everything is filled with random stuffs and random colors.. but at the center, only our hands are visible and noticeable. I find it perfect and my eyes started to teared up.copyright protection9PENANADJIGCQfTbU

“Hey why are you crying?”copyright protection9PENANA2NUT6SXiok

“I-it’s just.. I was so busy thinking what should I come up with and I got distracted from that.. we had fun and now.. we’ve created this master piece”copyright protection9PENANAwm8dykGNzn

“Can I call myself an artist now?”copyright protection9PENANACc7kSJa8Cm

“Ohh Tyler!”copyright protection9PENANA2FaXzhPwze

I lean to him and kiss you on to his lips and gently hugged me tight and kiss me once more. After that we do the nose-to-nose thing and gigglecopyright protection9PENANAR6B0j9k0WT

“Well it’s almost 12 noon , shall we bring our master piece together?”copyright protection9PENANAoz6vUZf57S

“It would be a pleasure , lets go!”copyright protection9PENANArayC77TXEt

             We hurriedly go to the festival in time, thou both me and Tyler are a little bit messy but we just ignore it, and finally I just placed the canvas on the stand just in time and the festival started and so as the contest. The host and judges carefully examine our painting. Most of them aren’t really an abstract more like semi realism and different styles. I guess mine was different after all. After a minute one judge asked about my artwork.copyright protection9PENANAcwzNwTXRUU

“Excuse me Miss Abbie? am I correct?”copyright protection9PENANALjtRPnR4tY

“Yes Sir.”copyright protection9PENANAXU9vxgDqei

“I know you’ve just observed to yourself that your work is different from the others, but how come? can you please tell us”copyright protection9PENANATqOtelnbci

I was nervous and terrified at first.. but then I look down and saw my friends.. and Tyler cheering and supporting me. I take a deep breathe and start answering his questioncopyright protection9PENANA5XCyPrWHvp

“Well as you can see , everything looks messy.. it’s a mess. Actually it reminds me of.. "myself". Sometimes I can a mess or make a mess. I was so frustrated while creating this.. it almost made me give-up, but there is one person who helped and motivates me that I shouldn’t give-up that easily because he believed that I’am an Artist. That I can figure things out even it’s very difficult. Like solving a hard math equation or figuring out how to give solution to world hunger. Instead of thinking new ideas that can be easily approached by the viewers eyes. WE tried to do an abstract. We splattered and splashed colors all around , we even played with the paints and brushes like we’re at in a war. I know it’s kinda childish but it really helps me to remove my stress from it and also I had fun. WE even doodle things that we loved , we fantasized and also things that makes us happy. You can see a 2 hand prints in the center while the other random doodles are like circling around it. It makes me cry for some reason.. not because I did make something , it’s because WE make something to remember , I don’t claim this as MY master piece.. I claimed it as OUR master piece because if it wasn’t for him.. I wouldn’t be here right now.. well covered in paint that is.. but I can see that already. It wasn’t perfect.. every surface , corner and space in the canvas. All the flaws.. just like a relationship in real life, even it's a relationship you build with your friends, family and even your love ones. But I think and I believe an artist can fell in-love or be in-love in many different ways. Just like this painting right here. We have our own path to take, it depends if it makes up happy. We as an artist had many ways of showing our love, by doing a simple artwork but has different and deeper meanings. Me as Artist I fell in-love with the person I loved the most.. and we did create this master piece together with no sweat.. I would like to say thank you Tyler for everything.“copyright protection9PENANAFskPYR6Bik

The judges and host.. everything went quiet.. but suddenly Tyler claps and so as your friends until all of the students , judges and host joins in and I take a little bow and head down and meet my friends and Tylercopyright protection9PENANATcLIGZ34ag

“You did great Abbie!”, said MC.copyright protection9PENANAmfdYO3pLKV

“I knew you can do it”, said Chris.copyright protection9PENANAaqovgmmmYF

“That so sweet of you Abbie and Tyler , it makes me wanna cry!!”, said Zack while tearing up.copyright protection9PENANAGSRsAxrDBC

“Here have a box of tissue Zack !”, said Kaitlyn and joked of having an invisible box of tissues.copyright protection9PENANATYS7XGbmrW

“Oh stop it! I’m not crying! I.. I just got something in my eye!”, said Zack.. but still crying.copyright protection9PENANAiCnG7D3uZ1

“Thank you guys for your support.. and mostly you Tyler. Without you? maybe I wouldn’t be even here right now”copyright protection9PENANA9GT09uyA89

“Anything for you Abbie , I will always be there for you”, said Tyler and gently kisses my cheek.copyright protection9PENANAd285a5Mlre

“Awwwwwwww!!”, said the rest of them.copyright protection9PENANAiKQFqYjtsi

All of us keeps talking and chatting then the judge was about to announced the winnercopyright protection9PENANAvCZpC8TaJ1

“Ohhh who is it gonna be?”, said Kaitlyn.copyright protection9PENANAkW4s2eyOA0

“I bet Abbie will! she’s amazing”, replied Zack.copyright protection9PENANA3SKUyaSREl

“Oh guys.. I don’t care if I win or not as long as I had fun with Tyler , I think I’ve already won”copyright protection9PENANAaaX9zzisK1

“Awww.. that so sweet! Look Tyler is blushing!”, said MC teasingly.copyright protection9PENANAu5Yyy0M6Pm

“I wasn’t!”, said Tyler while covering the side of his face with his hand.copyright protection9PENANA6SfRMN2EFG

“Lies!”, yelled Kaitlyn.copyright protection9PENANA0PQXZpwiSh

Judge: Okay I would like to congratulate all of the participants in this contest. And here’s the result , lets give it a round of applause to Ms. Abbie! copyright protection9PENANAknniVVjI28

“Wait what?!”copyright protection9PENANA591k0N82sO

“Woooohhhh!! Go Abbie!”, said Chris.copyright protection9PENANAJsDzpDZWVS

“I know you will win , you’ve got that power girl!”, said Zack as he started to chant.copyright protection9PENANAeffByaxRTA

“We’re so proud of you Abbie”, said MC and hugged me.copyright protection9PENANA0YJ1jKPrMi

“Oh thanks guys ! “copyright protection9PENANAfwKT5ax57t

            As I grab the prize , we just continue to have fun at the festival. It was a exhausting day. I can’t believe I won… wait no.. I can’t believe WE won. I didn’t even expect any of these. But the grand prize doesn’t matter to me. I pick up our painting , covered it with a protective plastic cover and hang it on the wall at the living room. Why did I do that? I just wanna place this master piece so anyone can see it.. can see that the art wasn’t made to please anyone.. it was made out of love. A love from my great friends and my lover.copyright protection9PENANAYmIdXhov9h

..END..copyright protection9PENANA69fPbyA00n

Thanks for reading! c:copyright protection9PENANAigT39ZdG4l

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