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A hike that never ends
Writer crazy normal 1864
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A hike that never ends
A - A - A
The calm before the storm
crazy normal 1864
Nov 15, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pCWj8s0S9AMcRe32y6BNposted on PENANA

Alice shrieked as we went through a pothole on the road, causing her to drop her book thus losing her page and giving me the death glare of the century. " What was that for" she shouted "Hey I don't maintain the roads why you looking at me like I'm gonna be murdered in the next 3 seconds," I said she lost the glare then bent down and picked the book up scrambling to find her chapter " its pointless were there" I said as parking in a spot. " Awesome were the only ones here:" she exclaimed. This is better because usually there are a few irresponsible people that muck around in the forest and cause trouble. as Alice got out of the Jeep she let down her messy bun letting her long blond hair flow in the wind before redoing it. I also let my hair out and tied it up into a messy bun as well. we then checked our stuff making sure we have not forgotten anything. Then we started going into the woods we were going to hike for 12 days as a reuniting trip. copyright protection60PENANANjkGwyeFjJ

15 minutes we were getting close to the deep woods, we were planning to go 10km then finding a good spot to set up camp and start making dinner. after a while, our phones lost connection so we set up our radio then continued further in after a while we found the perfect spot to set up our camp. The spot was surrounded by tall shrubs and thick trees with a small entrance on the far side which is surrounded by a huge rock as tall as a house and a thick tree. the entrance itself was between these two and we had to bring our packs through separately because the entrance was so slim it was also short enough for both of us to go on our knees. "we definitely won't have to worry about bears or anything of the kind" we both giggled as we trudged around flattening the grass that was at the hight of our waists before we set the tent up. after the tent was set we noticed that we have around 2 hours of sunlight left so we went out exploring not straying too far from our campsite. finding a thin stream we tested the water and went in the stream was shallow. we did not need to put our heads under at any timecopyright protection60PENANADJmz2v23ob

after a few minutes I spotted a school of fish swimming past and with great skill, I caught a fish then looked behind me to see Alices jaw practically touching the ground then heard her say with great enthusiasm " I guess that's for dinner"  I agreed with her. It was a good idea saving up the resources that we had for later on. Not too soon after I had a stick full of fish and we had found the path we marked leading to our tent we cooked them then ate the fish they were delicious we made sure everything was secure and set up a few precautions for any nosey little animal that thinks that it is a good idea to raid our camp for a food source of any kind soon after talking a little around the small fire Alice crafted we went into the tent and fell asleep copyright protection60PENANADaovpsxYz9

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