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A hike that never ends
Writer crazy normal 1864
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A hike that never ends
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The tree
crazy normal 1864
Nov 15, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!qfag2gq0waAqvY7qoVHYposted on PENANA

We woke up to a bright and sunny morning we went outside and had leftover fish for breakfast then we radioed into the park ranger John to say that we were okay and ready to start day two. we then took down the traps and found that one of them was set off but nothing was in it we figured that with the wind last night a twig or something must've set it off and moved on packing up our stuff, we started with the tent which I carried then we packed up all the little things we were done in around 30 minutes we were walking around the area making sure we did not forget anything then started making our way out of the area we planned to walk till it was 5 in the afternoon. copyright protection88PENANAJInKVZZuUn

whilst we were walking we saw a massive tree which we took pictures of with our phones. The tree has a mystical energy about it which was captivating. the radio then burst into life with John in a worried tone "are you guys ok are you there" we responded "yes were all good whats wrong" he responded "There's no time you girls need to get out of there now" "Why" we both said confused " Theres a muederer that the police tracked to the forest were doing a full-scale evacuation" he replied,  all of a sudden we heard a rustling in the bush behind us we both turned to look at it Alice turned a little too fast causing her to fall over because of her pack "what the hell was that and owww" she exclaimed I was laughing my head off at her feat then walked over to the bush with great caution Alice said " Well if you want to be that person to die first in one of those horror movies, be my guest" I looked into the bush nobody was there I chaked it up to a small animal that we spooked then turned around and said " All clear and we better head back" she nodded in agreement then we both turned around and started to head back.copyright protection88PENANAdlDoBFE1Fb

We followed small scratches that Alice put on trees with a small pocket knife to mark where we had gone but it wasn't good because 10 minutes later we ended up at the same tree. At that moment we knew that someone had tampered with the route we marked out then I said " Were really gonna be the first ones to die in a horror movie" Alice said " No your gonna die then I'm gonna be that one person that the murderer didn't kill properly then ill train on an island for 2 years come back and kill that guy as revenge for killing you, then there's gonna be a movie about it and stuff' I let off a little giggle "Nice to know" I said we both ended up agreeing that the only way we were going to get out was to pick a direction then walk straight in that direction and hope for the best we decided to pick the opposite direction that we came. We both did not want to risk the fact that whoever sabotaged our route could still be there copyright protection88PENANAcfBHeI8DDP

We started walking away leaving the massive tree behind us but gaining the feeling that something was missing, that we left something behind. After walking straight for two hours or so we got a radio call from john checking to see if we were still ok " A little creeped out but were fine" we then talked about our location and directions for the next few minutes. The quickest way out from our point involved climbing up a cliff which was perfectly fine for us because that was the main point why we went to this forest we started walking again by then it was around midday so we stopped at an open place and sat in the middle and ate some food from our packs and rested up a little then we strapped our packs back on and kept soldiering forward. we noticed a few dark clouds rolling in. which was bad because we were due to climb the cliff tomorrow if it was wet it would have become significantly harder to climb. we were both too nervous to talk for the next 3 hours. eventually, we found a spot to set up camp so we did so. we ate rice for dinner then snuggled up into our tent and fell asleep copyright protection88PENANACnxZ7tY6XT

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