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I'll become the Number One and have my Wish Granted!
Co-Writer Michi Watanabe*
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I'll become the Number One and have my Wish Granted!
Chapter 1 - Rene Ashia
Michi Watanabe
Dec 7, 2017
19 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!JyWVVRMeAN8y2rNfTvPzposted on PENANA

Rene Ashia starts his day waking up to the sound of his alarm clock. After a few minutes of idling he yawns before he decides to get up. He wasn’t much of a morning person and actually hates the cold morning air especially if it was raining. Today though, he was in luck to experience one of those days.copyright protection32PENANAwidOvwgMuA

The hard rain could be heard pounding the glass window by his bed. It was morning but the outside was clouded in darkness.copyright protection32PENANATd9Q94HWji

So today is finally the day I attend that school is it…? Rene thought to himself as he fiddled with his chest length hair dangling down his side.copyright protection32PENANAJrRMTF2MaS

A bright light engulfed the room and *Bang*- the loud crackling sound of thunder shook the entire room.copyright protection32PENANAmGaAvF6LsA

“Hiyaaaah-!!!”copyright protection32PENANAmlOwbXATTU

Rene jumped back in his bed. It wasn’t because he was startled by the sudden thunder strike, but more because of a certain something suddenly grabbing hold of him from underneath the bedcover.copyright protection32PENANAbDl3peIr0S

Even as he moved back, he could clearly see that whatever was inside his sheets is now squirming around under it.copyright protection32PENANAknzuX593QC

“I-is it a ghost…? No, there’s no way such a thing exists now right?”copyright protection32PENANAEdXsJ9qk3j

Taking a deep breath, Rene decided to pull over his sheets. But just at the last moment, the thunder once again boomed causing him to jump up startled.copyright protection32PENANAefXzinO0OO

At that same time, a hand shot out from under the sheets dragging him into it.copyright protection32PENANAS9bsD9xNdn

“N-nooooo…! I’m not tasty please let me go!”copyright protection32PENANApRBmklwKFz

Rene covered his eyes thinking that he was still dreaming. But he knew it wasn’t as he shivered when something soft and cold wriggled on top his body.copyright protection32PENANA4UO1t7oh7d

“Rena…”copyright protection32PENANA60mis0sZNF

“Nnh…?”copyright protection32PENANAncxYzRj6CZ

Rene opened one of eyes to peek at the source of the voice. But since it was dark and he couldn’t see, Rene lifted off the sheets covering them.copyright protection32PENANAGGTvInC7FJ

Emerging from within, a girl with flowing silver hair was lying on top of him.copyright protection32PENANAlMJI4bIwbw

“E-eve…!? What are you doing in the boys dormitory…!?”copyright protection32PENANAcyIJxiBRpd

“Huh, huh, huh…? So sleepy…”copyright protection32PENANAQ5UKAC7cKN

Eve rubbed her eyes yawning as she was still half asleep.copyright protection32PENANAW5zFOERwa2

“Don’t fall asleep again!!!”copyright protection32PENANA2nAL684IZt

For the third time, lightning once again struck.copyright protection32PENANAVPzPz9sHmd

This time Eve’s eyes bolted open in shock and she buried herself onto Rene’s chest while trying to get underneath his shirt.copyright protection32PENANAuii4Y7IPDT

“W-wait what are you doing Eve!? If someone sees us like this it’ll be-”copyright protection32PENANASGgtsnBx5A

Exactly as Rene was about to complete his words…*Clink*- the door towards their room opened.copyright protection32PENANA00qAQ0JjH6

“Good Morning! I hope the rain didn’t get to you…”copyright protection32PENANAwcoPgnWZcA

 A girl had entered the room with a puzzled look on her face.copyright protection32PENANAS4h8yJw9gB

“T-this is…I can explain this!”copyright protection32PENANAKhCaRtaBMS

“Huhuu…Rena…take responsibility!”copyright protection32PENANAHi468lt5kG

“E-eve!? Stop saying things that will cause a misunderstanding. Anyway…stop touching me there…ahn…”copyright protection32PENANAFcLWljGRtW

Rene let out a weird voice, he was particularly sensitive to touch and was ticklish but that was made things worst.copyright protection32PENANAsde5n5yxHk

“I-i’m sorry for not entering without notice…! I knocked but the door wasn’t locked…! A-and anyway excuse me!!!”copyright protection32PENANAqpDuwMQ0Ra

The girl standing by the door quickly closed the door again with a flustered face.copyright protection32PENANAGwmstIL9zf

“But, isn’t it supposed to be the part where you pat my head comforting me because of the terrifying thunder!?”copyright protection32PENANA52sk8PqGn7

“Y-you haven’t changed at all haven’t you!!!”copyright protection32PENANA0OxEi3q83h

Moments later after smacking Eve on the head, Rene scolded Eve as they quickly changed and prepared for school. It was then Rene noticed that he was actually in the girls’ dorm.copyright protection32PENANAjKOGchoYqY

I’ll definitely complain to the headmaster for this and ask to immediately move. Rene clenched his fist as he thought to himself.copyright protection32PENANAdw1GQ9wgPU

#copyright protection32PENANAoQIVv0ZV92

Helios Sanctum, 3rd year middle school. That was the name of the school and class Rene was in. It was a large school that incorporated from grade school all the way to high school and had a high prestige. It was completed around five years ago in order to draw in multiple gifted people into a single place. Built to nurture the minds of the future, it had very strict security. Entering Helios Sanctum would only mean you are exquisitely gifted or you were the child of an important figure. But Rene was neither. His grades are by far average, having no background status being an orphan, and the examiners themselves found no redeeming feature in him to even be worth mentioning.copyright protection32PENANAdtN19ZjyYJ

“Fuaahn…hey…Rena~”copyright protection32PENANAwcgyS6Ionx

Eve yawned, her well-endowed chest despite her age, squeezed down onto Rene’s hand while she held onto it as they walked their way through the school yard.copyright protection32PENANAiMo0HU1GPb

“W-what are you doing Eve…? People will get the wrong idea like this morning…”copyright protection32PENANAJ3Ew5Nwomu

Rene quietly bent down and whispered to Eve.copyright protection32PENANA8SGprzv9XT

 “Muuu…well after all the time we’ve been separated don’t you miss me!? And plus it’s raining and there isn’t any problem with sharing an umbrella is there?”copyright protection32PENANAHfF5gn0h4P

Eve pouted as she yanked Rene down towards her.copyright protection32PENANAtOT7kZVRnh

“I-I do miss you but I’m a growing boy a-and t-their touching me…”copyright protection32PENANAlwa2VCCrLz

Noticing what Rene meant, Eve blushed.copyright protection32PENANAlsP0y6oyos

“A-ah…! I…don’t mind if it’s you…”copyright protection32PENANAoRgiZBhUsF

Eve mumbled in a low voice, clenching onto Rene’s arm even tighter.copyright protection32PENANAcObnR7ZtzL

“Huh…?copyright protection32PENANA3UeSVMZkln

“Nope…! Nothing at all….Rena~”copyright protection32PENANAMKe32dFk87

Eve teased with a smile.copyright protection32PENANAZlWbJOjIhS

“I told you so many times! Stop calling me Rena, my name is Rene! Call me Ren!”copyright protection32PENANAulNIeIvd2Q

“But Rena is cuter and it suits you more”copyright protection32PENANAAPAOTD2yXb

“W-wha-!? M-maybe I should just cut my hair short again…”copyright protection32PENANAGWxC8gqrZI

“NOOOO!!! You already promised me that you’d grow them with me.”copyright protection32PENANAjt36chPHuR

“W-well that was five years ago! What’ll happen if people won’t recognize me as a boy anymore…?”copyright protection32PENANAx5H8UAMW8K

From behind them, a dull splash of something falling could be heard.copyright protection32PENANA8OHGrPWRgW

“Y-you want to be a boy…!?”copyright protection32PENANAAAqEHCVwjq

“Oh Sephii…!? Are you okay…?”copyright protection32PENANAoRv5ZpGMmO

Eve turned around and walked towards the girl lending out a hand.copyright protection32PENANAwvDdb428Wj

Oh no…! It’s that girl from this morning. Just how much of the conversation did she hear? If word gets out that I’m a boy staying in girls’ dorm I’d be kicked out before I even attend the school in the first day! Rene thought to himself.copyright protection32PENANA4wTubA767q

“G-g-g-good morning! Well I don’t really have a say in someone’s hobby…ahahaha…- So e-excuse me!”copyright protection32PENANAxvh3Bhth4Q

The girl-Sephia quickly picked up her bag and dashed away despite being half drenched leaving her umbrella behind.copyright protection32PENANA6AmJOxNQGK

“Wait, what…? Hey your umbrella…!”copyright protection32PENANAaKg4frFmyM

“Well…isn’t Sephii quite the odd one?”copyright protection32PENANAN6i4aTmDbq

“You’re one to talk…! Anyway hurry after her and give her the umbrella! Don’t you know her?”copyright protection32PENANAuh0Q1OoPF4

“Nah…I’ll give it to her later. Sephia is in the same 6th year class I’m in. She’ll be alright…maybe”copyright protection32PENANAzQPQU5izrR

“M-maybe!? Hey she could possibly be your friend! Why don’t you care a little?”copyright protection32PENANAleXDj7xFLJ

“Why should I? Could you possibly have a thing for her…?”copyright protection32PENANA6f0762WuRB

“O-of course not…! I didn’t even know her name!”copyright protection32PENANAyqrnhmszVU

“Why are you looking away then…!? Hmm…I suppose now that you know her name could you possibly-”copyright protection32PENANAqh9oUtvs9h

“W-well I can’t help it! It’s not every day you see someone that cute roaming around. As a boy doesn’t that mean I’m particularly healthy?”copyright protection32PENANAbfxcmDfi76

“…is that so…? Well I’ll just say we are dating then!”copyright protection32PENANAUGxm4OIxnD

“W-what-!? Do you want people to think I’m a pedophile or something? What’ll happen if i get kicked out of the school instead?”copyright protection32PENANArNVBbP4Hie

“EH!? I don’t want that! Ugh…How about i forgive you…but…! Only if you agree to three conditions”copyright protection32PENANAZutwHQ9W9h

“Haaah…But what did I even do wrong…? Well alright then, it’s better than getting expelled on the first day-”copyright protection32PENANA23Xzq2o8zL

“One…! Let me call you Rena!”copyright protection32PENANAM1zHCLxHtQ

“Can’t you just call me Ren…!?”copyright protection32PENANAVslpY2f8Yp

“No! It has to be Rena or I’ll say we’re dating”copyright protection32PENANAq1toBTqZ20

“Urghh…o-okay…”copyright protection32PENANALP1kxE65mz

“Two…! You’re not allowed to date to any other girls aside from me!”copyright protection32PENANAVh1gH0iX9h

“W-whaa…? Okay…? It’s not like I was interested in dating others anyway.”copyright protection32PENANAmziPYTJoTL

“Not interested in…? Ehem! I mean THREE!!! You aren’t allowed to cut your hair without my permission!”copyright protection32PENANAoEAqY745cq

“Well…it’s not like I’d cut it anyway…come to think of it, this hair is what reminded myself of you. It’s because you deliberately cut your beautiful hair just to grow out our hair equally together and forced me to make a promise that I’d feel bad if I cut it without your notice.”copyright protection32PENANAE8IGopGHnQ

Eve coughed and looked away.copyright protection32PENANAYKqhzoaiN3

“And last! Let me sleep with you again tonight!”copyright protection32PENANA4cIECHMGMY

“No! You said three! Don’t think I didn’t count”copyright protection32PENANA7q6P6vfNdD

“Ehhh…!? But you’ve never complained back when we were in the orphanage!”copyright protection32PENANADcn3tXsEff

“T-this and that are different things! Back then, there was no other bed so it couldn’t be helped!”copyright protection32PENANAIkrqY37KKT

I can’t tell her it’s because she’s grown in some ways, and it’s not like I’m planning on staying there once I resolve all this. Rene thought to himself as he started to walk faster.copyright protection32PENANAJRkQHqmXez

“H-hey wait up! Why are leaving me behind!”copyright protection32PENANAASLYWfVoTb

“Well if I don’t hurry, I’ll be late for the school assembly! Plus, your class is that way.”copyright protection32PENANADCv52u89eT

The road had split into two, and Rene pointed in an adjacent direction to the main school building on the left side whereas he headed to the right while trying to keep his thoughts to himself.copyright protection32PENANA3YLnOsObq3

“Aarrrghhhh!!! Why must you be older than meeeeee!”copyright protection32PENANAK0VwZRMUfG

Eve puffed her cheeks, swinging her hands up and down dissatisfied.copyright protection32PENANA5TiBYl57vk

“Haah…Well there’s nothing I can do about that now can I…? Listen, I’ll come pick you up after school okay?”copyright protection32PENANA0yiMW7eKiE

“Uuu…! Don’t you go flirting on other girls behind my back okay!”copyright protection32PENANAN3FJAFAnzQ

“Ahahaha…I won’t, I won’t…”copyright protection32PENANA3FJlgIGlQc

Rene waved towards Eve as she stomped her way to the main school building.copyright protection32PENANAGRKYDH6Ssp

The morning bell rang as they parted ways.copyright protection32PENANAxfsdZ3Szqr

#copyright protection32PENANAqt7aPoTwKJ

Rene hurried into the glass covered auditorium as the rain poured even harder.copyright protection32PENANAIqAtoeav6C

After entering, he was met by the curious looks of the other student body of middle years who had already been seated inside.copyright protection32PENANAUDSmQRqJrQ

“G-good morning!”copyright protection32PENANAbSki2aGVGq

Rene quickly greeted them, passing through as calmly as he could while trying to find an empty seat.copyright protection32PENANAFpQgSfu3LA

Wait…isn’t there something weird here going on…? Rene curiously thought to himself as he surveyed the surroundings.copyright protection32PENANAFFey25qsOS

 In contrast to how large and prestigious the school was, the total amount of the whole middle school student body barely filled one of the three basketball courts that made up the auditorium. There were ten rows of ten, evenly split into three aisles. This meant that there were only one hundred students per grade, for a total of three hundred students.copyright protection32PENANAjZKDhMNYIu

Gripping his bag tightly, Rene scanned through the rows looking for a vacant seat all the while feeling anxious being the center of attention.copyright protection32PENANApnTgDMv7Qg

“Psstt…over here…”copyright protection32PENANAIwWW4Y2vqQ

At the same moment as the whispering sound calling out to him, Rene was surprised by a holographic screen that popped up at the edge of his sights.copyright protection32PENANAnKQ7n7Tb6C

Written on it was…copyright protection32PENANAGvZALDmhLd

[Allow third party guidance? Yes / No]copyright protection32PENANAytJuqOssjT

“Eh…? What is this…? Yes I suppose?”copyright protection32PENANAjGD9N1hHdn

[Voice recognition confirmed…]copyright protection32PENANAjTTjtEWQVH

A screen that confirmed his decision flashed and disappeared, shortly after a bubble like arrow appeared pointing him towards the direction of someone waving their hand towards him. Sure enough where the arrow pointed, there was a vacant seat.copyright protection32PENANA3ubNYBBr4U

I don’t really know what’s going on, but for the mean time I should hurry and get seated… Rene thought to himself.copyright protection32PENANAkoAYxn0O5d

The guiding arrow was pretty convenient, because of it, Rene could quickly walk towards his destination without having to look up and see the stares of others.copyright protection32PENANAco75HAJErF

“Over here!”copyright protection32PENANAlv9xi88Uzd

“Uwaahh…!”copyright protection32PENANAOUBpS9MSXR

Since Rene was only paying attention to the arrow instead of his surroundings, he was surprised when suddenly he was pulled into the row by quite a beautiful girl.copyright protection32PENANA6agdfYOZCg

“T-thank you! Um…?”copyright protection32PENANAEYLOv4WDZv

“Oh! My name’s Flaire Amethyst. I’ve never seen you before…are you new here!?”copyright protection32PENANARNptciCZbz

“Y-yeah…I’m Rene Ashia I just moved in last night. Nice to meet you…!”copyright protection32PENANARhJ8vZ6jYI

“Ohhh…this is the first time I’ve heard of someone transferring in their third year. You must be pretty talented! So tell me tell me what’re you good at!? I love alchemy, and I can make powerful potions! Want to try some of potions? Hehehe…”copyright protection32PENANAzDGlrbqoPp

“Ahaha…well about that…”copyright protection32PENANAUHdkaqCMqN

“Well it can wait till later, the shows starting!”copyright protection32PENANAmi55qA5xT3

The girl made a *Sshh*- gesture and winked towards him as the lights within the auditorium dimmed not long after their short exchange.copyright protection32PENANAftHWO88fxX

Hnngg…Flair is also pretty, but I guess a bit weird on the weird side…No no! What am I saying after she helped me find a seat. I-i should apologize for thinking that… Rene tensed up while thinking to himself.copyright protection32PENANAErESLOinBI

 [ATTENTION]copyright protection32PENANAbX0g3rR8YK

Large letters had appeared this time within his line of sight, and arrows smaller than the previous one guided him to look forward towards the stage set before the rows of student.copyright protection32PENANAceeTa21iiy

On the stage where everybody’s attention is now focused on, a person who could be perceived as one of the teachers had stood and started the opening ceremony.copyright protection32PENANAgWZVOLK78l

To those who will be joining us this year, we welcome you to Helios Sanctum. copyright protection32PENANAQkiQAlirtg

The sound of cheers could be heard from the crowd, but a notification which also appeared at the corner of Rene’s screen seemed to have quieted them.copyright protection32PENANAcFuqyFtAYL

As you all might have been told as you enrolled here, this school does not follow the standard curriculum. Rather than that, we have our own special unique ranking system… Every year, the one with the title of number one will be granted a wish. This wish can be anything! Fame, fortune, or perhaps your wildest dreams…? copyright protection32PENANA9eI9axUUE3

Hearing the prize of having your gift granted made Rene feel rather uneasy, it probably wasn’t something easy to do, but even he had a wish he would’ve really like to have granted which also made him excited.copyright protection32PENANAfvnylYTEpn

You are all here as the chosen one hundred of your generation. So during your three years here, we will help to bring out the best of your abilities. We believe that each of you possess a unique ability capable of competing with one another. Thus I hope you will live your life to the fullest here. Next will be a word from the Principle.copyright protection32PENANAVC3p3C5wd3

Just before anybody could raise their hand for applause, a bright light beamed from the back of the stage. The stage then magically transformed, easily catching the attention of the awestruck students including Rene.copyright protection32PENANAimi1wsyqnd

As if watching one of those popular VR music concerts in the early 2000’s, out from nowhere, the figure of a woman who was apparently the headmaster appeared.copyright protection32PENANAtCIQb4O4Ie

“W-whaa? Mama…!?”copyright protection32PENANAsERv4U89ql

Those words slipped Rene’s mouth as he quickly covered them. The girl beside him gave him a puzzled look but Rene pretended it was nothing.copyright protection32PENANAdJIvKeYjEl

No way…so my sudden admittance to such a high prestige school and being put in the same room as Eve was her doing? Rene shivered thinking of how a normal looking lady in a backwater orphanage could actually be someone this important.copyright protection32PENANAw8YfZakOf3

Good Morning, my name is Elise Stacia. Once again, I congratulate those of you who have passed the tedious tests and joined our ranks. As some of you might already know I am your Principle and as such consider my words as the laws in this place…copyright protection32PENANA2HHTdLNlVe

The whole auditorium which had previously been teemed with excitement had suddenly become silent.copyright protection32PENANAH8XpEIDD1i

No objections…? Good! First of all, I would like to apologize for merely only projecting myself before you. I am currently away from the school grounds and as such please forgive me. But before we continue on, I’d love to introduce two special students this year…copyright protection32PENANAZyqYNq88en

“Eh…? What is this…!?” Rene’s face grew pale in shock.copyright protection32PENANAbg4TaiFYEA

“What’s wrong…? Are you sick? I have a potion if you want…?”copyright protection32PENANAdlIaLmSp0U

Could the two of you who received the notification please head over to the stage?copyright protection32PENANAHZs8Xgy5oM

“This is…are you serious…?” Rene trembled as he got up.copyright protection32PENANAtA3xueQ9du

The voices of surprised, excited, and confused students began to circulate.copyright protection32PENANAJqQrBCOt1O

“Is that Christopher Pier…?”copyright protection32PENANAoJNQSL6rQv

“For real!? It’s actually him!”copyright protection32PENANAek5hRAwIJJ

“Is he born with multiple gifts or something? That’s not fair, he is good looking and smart too! Just what is he?”copyright protection32PENANAds94UKGIeI

“But who is that other person…?”copyright protection32PENANAxCsltk6zLX

“I don’t know, but she looks quite pretty. Maybe I can make her my girlfriend?”copyright protection32PENANA5Zhbh9LOSu

Rene gritted his teeth as he silently walked towards the stage. I’ll show you…every one of you that makes fun of me…! The thought lingered in his mind but he didn’t let it show. Rene knows that words are meaningless, that’s why when he was notified of his sudden school transfer to a prestigious school he felt relieved. Because he finally got the chance to prove himself, he believes that hard work would always pay off, and what better way to prove it than here where the most talented are gathered.copyright protection32PENANAx5WH9QsQzG

Good! Now let me introduce you to the two who will create history! First off, the one who you all probably know as the genius behind the NIL technology that allows you to see virtual reality with your own eyes, Christopher Pier!copyright protection32PENANAz6j1sMmym7

Christopher stepped forward and just stood there as the sounds of cheering and clapping greeted the mentioning of his name. In mere moments, the commotion quickly died down as Elise raised her hand silencing them.copyright protection32PENANAwr7OCpYodQ

...And next we have Rene Ashia!-copyright protection32PENANASKVOs5FUWf

“Yayyy!!!” The shout of joy which Rene noticed originating from Flair could be heard as only she was the one who clapped her hands followed by a few others that were unconsciously led by her.copyright protection32PENANABvlVxOITn4

That girl…Flair was it? She really is something… Rene thought wanting to look away, confused between feeling embarrassed or happy about it.copyright protection32PENANA1Tw8I9xGxL

Ehem…A challenger… With average abilities and with no talents whatsoever, what this child lacks he will overcome by hard work…! copyright protection32PENANAwpwseYyUTu

The students were baffled, even Flair had a shocked look in her eyes. Silence once again took over the Auditorium.copyright protection32PENANA9u0vpxj8rH

What…? So I wasn’t brought here because I had talent…? Who are you kidding…? Rene gritted his teeth bearing his thought in frustration.copyright protection32PENANAcsBJBjT8Zq

Now for the main event…This…! Will be the starting rankings of the year!copyright protection32PENANATwQqZ5oxZh

The background of the stage rippled and distorted, becoming a three side wall with the names and number of the ranks.copyright protection32PENANA29M2FcAYk1

The names on the list would probably start with the newcomers at the bottom hundreds of the list, so there’s no reason to check them- Rene’s thought was cut short when he saw the name on the top of the list.copyright protection32PENANAGwuhg5A9eA

The number one is Christpher Pier…!? Tcih! Then what about me!? Keeping his thoughts to himself, Rene clenched his fists as he scanned through the list for his name.copyright protection32PENANAA86qy5vWDv

Even the audience couldn’t stay put seeing Christopher’s name suddenly on top of the list, some were even voicing their discontent.copyright protection32PENANAeFF0Ikcijw

Wait…what is this? Why is Flair number 298!? A-and I’m dead last? Rene caught a glimpse Flair’s figure shrinking down in her seat.copyright protection32PENANAkZ3PgkUQt8

Now, now I know that all of you must have been surprised by a newcomer holding the number one status. But as the creator of the NIL which all of you conveniently use, it’s only fair that in his one and only year here with his achievements, he is granted at least this much… copyright protection32PENANAq3hxuPD0Mg

The voices of discontent once again broke out, but with a simple gesture from Elise they were quickly silenced again.copyright protection32PENANAv0Vb1DvdWO

As my words are the laws of this place, I will allow for one duel! A winner takes all challenge! If you are capable of besting Christopher in a challenge of your choice, you will lead an early start as the number one…but should you lose! Your current rank will be exchanged with that of Rene. Any volunteers…?copyright protection32PENANAKhNN6371UB

The people who were previously discontent are now showing faces of hesitation.copyright protection32PENANAakErS9gv92

Is there something about the ranking system…? Or is it about pride…? There shouldn’t be anything to lose from a single duel right…? Rene’s thought was immediately answered.copyright protection32PENANALF3HQ4llih

As you all know…the penalty of being the last is the cut of all your financial support from our facilities. Which means, you will have to work hard to gain our trust in your abilities…this is the last call, any volunteers!?copyright protection32PENANA92zXPG0XHU

The auditorium was immediately silent. Everyone here has a goal in mind; they can’t afford to lose the support in achieving their dreams. All of them, except for one…copyright protection32PENANAzRfei7nzDw

“I’ll do it! Because I’ll be the one to show you, that talent is nothing compared to hard work!”copyright protection32PENANACpcF62Kro2

Rene stepped forward and raised his fist up high.copyright protection32PENANAJy4jvUZwSG

“Well, it’s good that you don’t have anything to lose… but against a little girl, it’ll be rude of me as a man to go all out. So as a handicap, I’ll only be using my left hand…-”copyright protection32PENANAqryGFQO2qr

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING A LITTLE GIRL…! I’ll make you regret saying those words!” Rene snapped back.copyright protection32PENANAz2QLIWNsoc

“Well for starters, I’ll be updating combat data for everyone’s NIL here. If you can land even a hit on me, it’ll be your win and I’ll acknowledge whatever you say. So how about it…?”copyright protection32PENANAu8KzrftqLl

Christopher gestured his hands somewhat manipulating an invisible device. Moments later a notification appeared at the corner of Rene and the other’s sight.copyright protection32PENANA7cMFSrwHuW

[Updating Combat Sequence….Combat mode implemented]copyright protection32PENANA83ZZOHWCak

 “W-what…?” Rene felt slightly confused by what he is seeing.copyright protection32PENANAOEtydUOHlz

Alright, I will now acknowledge this duel. Let this be a lesson for all of you who will attempt to challenge the number one before you.copyright protection32PENANA2sMP7FhDmL

“Ready when you are…” Christopher sneered.copyright protection32PENANAAuPztDhpgr

[Warning, target has initialized combat mode. Activate combat mode? Yes/No]copyright protection32PENANAK55dDj8s1t

“Ghghh…No I won’t use combat mode! I’ll beat you at your own game fair and square!!!” Rene gritted his teeth and clenched his fists so strongly that it ached.copyright protection32PENANA23VOT2taGQ

If there was something that Rene was good at, it would be fighting. To avoid being bullied and to fight back and protect Eve, Rene had diligently practiced multiple martial arts refining his body over the years.copyright protection32PENANAWgkLPOp6eF

I won’t lose to a makeshift technology! Rene thought as he took up a stance dedicated for a quick finish.copyright protection32PENANAyZLEdpXlRY

Rene channeled all his energy into his legs. The distance between him and Christopher was a mere ten meters, he focused himself into thinking he was a bullet. He needed more speed, more strength in his legs. A serene silence overcame his mind. He closed his eyes and felt it. He was ready, he was more than ready. Feeling as if he became one with the wind, he pulled the trigger.copyright protection32PENANAOT2KHVMb6t

The stage cracked under Rene’s foot as he launched himself. To the audience, it would seem as if Rene had somewhat disappeared.copyright protection32PENANA12JmNzbdGq

Forgive me if I break your bones, but this will end it! In the slow motion world only visible by Rene, he positioned his knee forward. Relying on the strength of his legs to knock Christopher out, Rene prepared himself to also receive the impact from colliding.copyright protection32PENANATepESD3QYU

But, his legs never reached Christopher. Instead, to his shock, a dull pain hit his back as he was knocked off course and tumbled down off stage. Unable to stop himself, he crashed into the glass walls of the Auditorium and out into the school yard. The heavy rain poured down on his pitiful form covered in wounds.copyright protection32PENANAPNOSxwOkIU

“So…this is the difference between talent and…hard…work…” Rene gasped as he coughed out blood. His consciousness slowly faded away.copyright protection32PENANANJXx6K6iYN

“Rene…!”copyright protection32PENANAIR28vULzLK

Before passing out, Rene saw a figure of someone running towards him. Is that Flair…? He thought before the last of his consciousness left him.copyright protection32PENANAuAxis4Ogow

#copyright protection32PENANAbbg8JnTPGR

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