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The Mark of Hades (book 1)
Writer Chloe Quinn
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The Mark of Hades (book 1)
The Mark of Hades (book 1)

Life has never been fair, not for Fay Childers; first, an orphaned human taken in by a pack of werewolves, only to be cast out when her true nature calls. Scarred by the past Fay has forged a bond and a life as an agent of the Paranormal Society, the enforcing hand of the infamous Council. At eighteen, she’s young, she’s powerful, yet treated like a ticking time bomb.

The past, unfortunately, cannot be avoided forever.

When summoned for a case she’d rather dismiss she must confront those who savagely turned her away, including the boy she’d loved. Yet nothing is as it seems; as the bond with her partner begins to implode, her own mind is tested; by a series of visions which may herald disaster, by truths which may send her down a path she’d rather avoid, by a destiny that will not be denied.

Note: New chapters are being added. These are primarily solely flashback chapters, with some occurring from the perspective of other characters in present moment. These are intended to expand the story but will not change the over all arc. As such, the numbering of chapters may be a bit confusing but ignore numbering. Order is correct. Additionally, current chapters will be polished.

Total Reading Time: 5 hours 17 minutes


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