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The New Kid
Writer Riley Sasaki
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The New Kid
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Chapter 2
Riley Sasaki
Jan 14, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Zf48zHb7eHKpI1g1XRYJposted on PENANA

I choked on my fruit, once he finished his sentence.copyright protection3PENANAawCihz9B6U

“B-bu-bullied?! B-but you’re so nice and a great singer. Why would anyone bully you?” Ethan just chuckled at my reaction. He LAUGHED at my reaction?! How is him being bullied Funny?! If I could, I would give of those Hawkin kids a piece of my mind. Am I really that funny? No. I’m not. If anything, people at his old school should have worshiped him, not bully him. Jealous bastards. Maybe that’s why he’s so good at keeping to himself… Now, I’m sad.copyright protection3PENANA35a7eJOpQ2

“Can I ask why you got bullied? You don’t have to tell me! But, if you want, I’ll listen.copyright protection3PENANA6BsOCJQAAO

“Well in Hawkins boys were supposed to play football and other sports, but I never could play because I have really bad asthma.” I nodded my head and put another piece of fruit in my mouth. Even though Ethan and I were just talking, I noticed how he took note of everything I did. When I would mess with my bracelet, he looked, but he didn’t just look he… I don’t know how to describe it, but he wasn’t just looking, it was almost like he was studying me like a, like a… LIKE PREY. Yes, he was watching me like I was prey he was going to kill. Or maybe he’s just really attentive… Either is reasonable. Probably the second one. He does look like an attentive person.copyright protection3PENANAkLlX3CxdeD

“What class are you in right now? I don’t think we have any classes together,” I said with a hopeful tone. What? I haven't seen him in any of my classes, and maybe we have classes next to each other. Stop your judging, a girl can have dreams.copyright protection3PENANA7hJhpX1enS

“Oh, class? I’m in science right now, Mrs. Strange. All my classes are Pre-AP except for math, I’m not very good at math. Whilst science, on the other hand, is my best subject,” Ethan talked about science with this look of happiness. All the other emotions from his eyes left, and all he had left was happiness. Wow, he’s cute, I thought. “So, since we’re friends now… can I have your number?”copyright protection3PENANAhttJi6t9H4

My number… I’m grounded right now- I need a quick lie. HE CAN’T TEXT ME WHILE IM GROUNDED. Ugh, why today of all days? “You can’t text me because this is a new phone and I don’t have a number yet… maybe next time I see you we can exchange numbers?” That was a great lie, and totally believable. Oh shit, why does he look so disappointed?copyright protection3PENANAY2PjZTWx6b

“Oh… okay, I understand. We all go through it at some point,” He sounds fake happy now… I messed up.copyright protection3PENANAadsUvSRw6f

“5 minute warning, 5 minute warning. Trash thrown away and devices should be put up,” Mr. Garrison announced, like he did everyfreakingday. I looked at the vice principal and then back at Ethan.copyright protection3PENANAooIS81ZBaG

“To make up for the lack of my number, can I walk you to class? I know where it is so there’s really no problem, plus my class is down the same hall,” I offered trying to not seem clingy, but still be nice.copyright protection3PENANAF8IusInpfu

“Yeah, I’d like that,” He said, smiling at me. He has such a warm smile.copyright protection3PENANAAqI3kdWcK3

••••••••••••copyright protection3PENANAr9ra1zc0an

I stepped in front of Mrs. Strange’s door, which was closed, and looked at the taller guy next to me. Okay, I think 5’10 is an understatement on his height. He has to be at least, 5’11 maybe 6’.copyright protection3PENANAHQwqlY9Jop

“Where’s the teacher?” I asked looking at how the students just crowd around the door and talk while Mrs. Strange isn’t even here.copyright protection3PENANAdZPV3a9ZnT

“She usually comes by the last bell. I wish we could get more time in this class. Well, actually, I think it’s convenient enough for me that my favorite class is the longest, don’t you agree?”copyright protection3PENANA2O2uZ43b5e

“Yeah, I do,” and that was the last conversation him and I would have in a whilst.copyright protection3PENANAzM55dq4mas

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