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N For Nightmare
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Writer King Cosmic
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N For Nightmare
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I For Invisible
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!zsv4z4oiZcClC411Vqxaposted on PENANA

"Nash! Get yer lazy butt up!" Uncle shouted at me.copyright protection11PENANAqX3rL0K86A

I simply groan and pull the covers over my face. Then, without warning, my Uncle pulls the covers off my face and tossed a cup of icy cold water on my face. I shot up right in my bed, blinking my eyes. I looked over at my Uncle to see him smirking.copyright protection11PENANAhF3NJCR7UR

"Good. You're up. Now hurry up and get dress then come down for breakfast. You're going to school today." He said then made his exit out of my bedroom.copyright protection11PENANAkxcWCeXyEv

I sighed at the thought of going to school this Monday morning.copyright protection11PENANAJ5tMxfNinT

"HURRY UP YOU LAZY BUM! DON'T MISS THE BUS!!" Uncle shouted from downstairs.copyright protection11PENANATEyWrhyjpt

"Pfft." I pulled the covers back and hopped out of my bed. I stretched out my body then scratched the back of my head as I looked around my room. My room is pretty simple. I have a sitting bench near my window, a desk and the necessity's like a bed, closet and ect. My room isn't big like most houses but it's nothing. I don't really have that much stuff so it's not like I need a huge bedroom.copyright protection11PENANAaK1nGDBEcg

I walked over to my closet and pulled out a simple blue and white striped long sleeve shirt with blue jean pants. I stripped off my pjs and put my clothes on then slipped my feet into some socks and my black converse shoes and grabbed my messenger bag. I walked to my bathroom and quickly wash my face and brush my teeth then head downstairs for breakfast.copyright protection11PENANAaVlEHTTvbg

I walked over to the dinner table that sat in the kitchen and sat down in the chair. My breakfast consists of bacon, eggs and sausage with orange juice. I silently ate my food until the question kept poking at my brain and I just had to ask my Uncle.copyright protection11PENANAo4VX0mezGE

"Why do I have to go back to school?"copyright protection11PENANA3Ro5f5JQJV

"You need your education." He said as he took a sip of his coffee.copyright protection11PENANA7UQsyymr3x

"But, what about your shop? You need my-"copyright protection11PENANAIrCDoC0DcG

My uncle slammed his hand down onto the table and looked me dead in my eyes.copyright protection11PENANAigyHlNM4Ew

"Stop using that as an excuse! You're still able to help me out at the shop AFTER school. Understand? Sometimes I just don't get you, boy."copyright protection11PENANAZLqQeZoArr

I pouted. "That's because you never try..." I mumbled.copyright protection11PENANA89TKMinMWz

"What did you say?" He quickly said.copyright protection11PENANAteQ2WbPIfu

"Nothing. I gotta go." I finished up my breakfast and chugged down my orange juice then grabbed my messenger bag and head out the door. I walked down the hill from the house and to the edge of the road. This is normally my bus stop everyday.copyright protection11PENANAeffF5tFu36

Once the bus came, I got on it and of course the kids on the bus didn't hesitate to start teasing me as I got on and found a seat.copyright protection11PENANAWcfPW18jO4

"Look who's back. It's Nash." One guy said.copyright protection11PENANATijJkfVaXb

"Hey, Nash, did they let you out of the psychic ward?" Another guy asked.copyright protection11PENANAEcqUSwnx0r

I sighed then turned my body away from everybody and stared out the window. I wrapped my arms around my waist and closed my eyes. I want this day to hurry up and be over.copyright protection11PENANADWDTMAVUTK

When I got to school, things weren't any easier. Kids continued to make fun of me and I kept hearing people whispering behind my back. It got so bad that by the time fourth period rolled around, I couldn't take it anymore and had to leave. That's right, I just walked out of school and left. I ran all the way back home but I didn't go inside the house. I walked right over to the dock and sat down at the end of it. I let my legs dangle over the edge.copyright protection11PENANAZN2ixnysyw

"Sometimes I wish I was just...invisible." I mumbled to myself.copyright protection11PENANADdI47BAu9B

"Nash, what are you doing here?"copyright protection11PENANAWNxAGkaBe4

I glanced over my shoulder to see my Uncle. I grabbed my bag and stood up.copyright protection11PENANAleSowpM4Sk

"Shouldn't you be in school right now?" He asked.copyright protection11PENANAAwxjBFVba4

I shrugged.copyright protection11PENANAN6RlGyFR9U

He sighed. "I'm not having you skipping school now. You're going back tomorrow and you're STAYING there. Understand?"copyright protection11PENANAVv8NUFdGK6

I nodded.copyright protection11PENANA0lCyFedApn

"Good. Now help me with the shop. I'm not having you laze around just because you're not in school." He then turned and walked back to his shop.copyright protection11PENANAFduxyb5e2f

I sighed and followed my Uncle back to his shop. He first had me sweep the floors then set out some fishing poles and lures. Still, this beats being in school and having people laugh at me. Uncle finally let me go so I went back to the dock and sat down. Eventually, Cy walked up and sat down next to me. I hadn't even noticed that school got out already.copyright protection11PENANA8YLgMFW0lG

"Why weren't you in school today?" He asked.copyright protection11PENANA6m1JUGX8hn

"I was. I just...I dunno."copyright protection11PENANAwXA0u9bAne

He nodded. "Did you know that the full moon is tonight?"copyright protection11PENANAPvcAMYfIZB

I looked at him. "Really? That's cool. Maybe i'll be able to see it from my window."copyright protection11PENANAp5XrOR8M0p

And that's what I did.copyright protection11PENANA9wmKwRTHrg

***copyright protection11PENANAWhL8Ry77h6

The full moon officially came out that night. I was able to see it from my bed. I stared up at my ceiling when I heard the sounds of a wolf howling. I sat up in my bed and listened again. There was another howl. The howl sounded like it was close by so I decided to go hunting. I snuck out through the front door of the house and tried to follow the howl. It seemed like it was all over the place. I ran over to the woods that was by the house and went in. I couldn't really see but I didn't let that stop me. I continued to follow the howl until it just stopped mysteriously. I couldn't hear a howl or footsteps or anything. It's like the wolf disappeared.copyright protection11PENANAIGcF70xfNx

Feeling defeated, I walked back home and Uncle wasn't happy when he found out that I snuck out. He practically chewed me out then sent me to my bedroom. It was sorta worth it, though. At least I know that the wolf is close by. I just wish I was able to see it or hear it more.copyright protection11PENANAFW32GzTzhk

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