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N For Nightmare
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Writer King Cosmic
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N For Nightmare
A - A - A
N For Nash
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hUgBfVF65rIcERQ8Uj6oposted on PENANA

I've always thought that the 'N' in my name stood for Nightmare. Hell, my first name should be Nightmare instead of Nash. Ever since I lost my parents when I was ten, I've felt like I've been having an endless cycle of nightmares. There's this one reoccurring nightmare that I keep having over and over. I've been having it since I was thirteen. I've always found myself placed in dark woods late at night. I don't have any money or a phone or a flashlight so I can't see where i'm going. And, i'm always wearing pure white pjs. I'm not sure if that means anything because every time I go to bed, I never wear pure white pjs. Then, I hear wolf howls. At first they're distant but then they seem to be coming closer and closer and that's when I start running. I try to run as fast as I can. But then a wolf jumps in front of me and i'm trapped. I'm standing in a circle with 5 wolves surrounding me. And just when I thought that my life was going to end, another wolf comes jumping out but he isn't just a normal wolf. He's a werewolf with thick black hair all over his body and he has these piercing bright yellow eyes that glows in the dark. He slowly walks up to me, barring his fangs. And without warning, he jumps on me and that's when the nightmare ends.copyright protection12PENANA7yKWYBSHVI

"Nash, get yer butt up!" A gruffy, old man voice yells.copyright protection12PENANAgcDxOSstZx

I opened up my eyes to see the bright blue sky. I didn't even realize that I've been asleep. I slowly sat up and looked around me. I've been laying in my Uncle's boat at the dock. The waves were gently rocking the small boat back and forth. Since i'm pretty much an orphan, my Uncle looks after me. But sometimes I feel like he doesn't want to look after me anymore. He probably thinks I need to go off on my own now even though i'm only sixteen. My Uncle doesn't really take me seriously. Especially when I mention my nightmares. He thinks i'm nuts and thinks that I need to work harder instead of dreaming all day.copyright protection12PENANAUHKzzAHuTN

"Nash, help me bring the fish into my shop." Uncle demanded.copyright protection12PENANAS1mCYkeQ29

I sighed and stood up in the boat then hopped onto the dock and grabbed a bucket of fish. I scrunched my nose up from the smell. My Uncle owns a fishing store near the docks. I sometimes help him work the store, other times, I just sit around and watch people come in to buy dead fish or buy fishing lures then walk out or I might just sit at the edge of the dock and look out into the ocean. I go to a public school nearby but lately, I've been absent. I don't like it when kids at school make fun of me. They call me weird or a freak. My Uncle has been pushing me to go to school and my comeback is mentioning that he needs help with his store. It normally works and so far, My Uncle never really talks about the subject anymore but I know that sooner or later, i'm going to have to go back to school eventually. I need my education and I need to graduate. It's what my parents would want but i'm not sure it's what I want. I don't have a goal in life or a career I want to achieve. Hell, I feel like my career is helping my Uncle handle his store everyday.copyright protection12PENANAzimdPa6iE5

 "Nash, hurry up and get those fish in the store! It's blazin' hot out and I don't want those fish goin' bad!" Uncle shouted.copyright protection12PENANAPzNz8maPR3

I sighed as I tried to pick up the pace and put the fish into the freezer locker room in the back of the store. I set the bucket of fish down then started to rub my arms as I walked out of the locker room. Yep, this is pretty much what I do everyday. My Uncle goes fishing, he brings back three buckets of fish, I help him put the buckets of fish in the freezer in the back and then I help him maintain his store either by sweeping the floor or handling the cash register. Then when the day ends, we both go home to his small little house up the road that sits ontop of a hill that overlooks the ocean. I like the house because it has a nice view even though it's kinda small.copyright protection12PENANADJ50m3kBTn

"What's goin' through yer head today, boy?" Uncle said as he carried a bucket of fish into the store.copyright protection12PENANAKtG6GwhNOV

I shrugged. "I's-"copyright protection12PENANASEuGeC2osU

"You better not say what I think you're goin' to say." He quickly said.copyright protection12PENANAr5Ex50AqCu

I kept my mouth shut. I knew that if I mentioned my nightmares again, he might slap me.copyright protection12PENANAOmYutF0LsP

"Sorry..." I mumbled as I shoved my hands into my pockets.copyright protection12PENANAGktb0HO35g

"Whatchu sorry for? Men are never sorry."copyright protection12PENANAYxmC5rDFSf

I sighed. "Yes, Uncle."copyright protection12PENANA9GC8b6NbRf

Uncle nodded. "Good. Now, go bring in the rest of the fish." He said.copyright protection12PENANA0yAuJBcxFi

I nodded then jogged out the store and out to the docks. I walked over to the boat then picked up the last bucket of fish and set it down on the dock. I looked up towards the sky and squinted my sea blue eyes as the sun hit my face. I ran my fingers through my brown hair then picked up the bucket of fish again and walked back to Uncle's shop. On my way there, a group of boys started to past me and one of them held his foot out and made me trip and fall onto the ground. I laid on the ground as the group of boy's laugh then walked away. I glared at them then looked at the bucket of fish to see that a few fish fell out. My eyes widen in horror as I picked one up and looked it over to see if it was okay. I knew that I was going to be in big trouble. Uncle wouldn't care if I got tripped by somebody. He would just say that a man protects his fish or some shit like that.copyright protection12PENANAODPafUCTAv

But since the fish were already on the ground, I knew they were no good. I sighed sadly as I started to pick up the fish when a stranger knelt down and started to help me pick up the fish. I slowly looked up to see the face of the stranger. The stranger looked at me and smiled. He had black hair and brown eyes. He sorta looked familiar but I couldn't pinpoint where I've seen him before. Maybe school? Granted, I haven't went to school since last week.copyright protection12PENANA8KbLSnRFyI

" don't need to help. I've got this." I said as I quickly put the fish back into the bucket.copyright protection12PENANAVzhv406gyL

"It's no problem." He said as he stood up. I stood up also and picked up the bucket.copyright protection12PENANAynooxEjaxT

"You look familiar..." I said. "Do you go to my school?"copyright protection12PENANAFGDRrweicN

"Is your school Jefferson High?" He asked.copyright protection12PENANA17miCqjJHS

I nodded.copyright protection12PENANAuffTDNxWX5

"I go there. I've only been going there for two months, though. How come I've haven't seen you around?"copyright protection12PENANAQCLtuc0Ivc

I looked away. "I haven't been going to school..."copyright protection12PENANAvxkSPWj9G0

"Why not?"copyright protection12PENANA2agh4T4CQ1

"I..."copyright protection12PENANAHGEta8FaRb

"Nash! Get yer lazy butt in here!" Uncle shouted from his store.copyright protection12PENANAnnIHfyEzHk

I sighed and rolled my eyes.copyright protection12PENANAAJvQ1AK5cA

"Nash huh? I'm Cyrus. Cy for short."copyright protection12PENANA7UgMnrU3BM

I smiled and nodded.copyright protection12PENANAeZ9XHovmXd

"NASH!" Uncle shouted again.copyright protection12PENANAGyXcoYM84Z

"I'M COMING!" I shouted back. "Sorry. I have to go." I said then quickly started to walk away.copyright protection12PENANAIcTZYhqTk2

I walked into the store and quickly took the bucket of fish to the freezer.copyright protection12PENANAFz1OwJc25a

"Jesus, Nash. You're about to make me have a heart attack." Uncle said from behind the counter.copyright protection12PENANAfMIcY7bLfg

"Sorry..." I said as I emerged from the freezer.copyright protection12PENANALYsEXqWojg

"Forget it. I don't need you anymore today. Go on, get!" He shooed.copyright protection12PENANAqYQsMmbZpg

I sighed then walked out of the store. I looked around to see if Cy was around but he disappeared. I frowned. I was hoping to keep talking to him but I suppose that he had other things to do. Oh well. I wish I can say I can see him at school on Monday but i'm not sure if i'm ready to go back.copyright protection12PENANAaE2TR103Nf

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