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My Digital World Book 2
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Writer King Cosmic
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My Digital World Book 2
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A New Christmas Cheer
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mB5liX6LKGwo9JNa72Nhposted on PENANA

"Jonah! Are you getting ready for the last day of school before winter break?!" Mom called from downstairs.copyright protection11PENANA43QU2I6pII

I sighed as I signed off of is a website where you can create your own mini 8-bit character and own a mini 8-bit house. The website has a lot of hangout places where you and your friends can hang out and chat. I've been a member of the website since I was a freshman in high school. Now, i'm a Sophomore and I still go on the website. I used to go on the website everyday and talk to people about my problems and ask for advice. My friends on there never really judge me and they are VERY understanding. Lately, I haven't been going on the website a lot because I never really had a bad day. Ever since the whole 'coming out' and Justin fiasco, I haven't really had any problems. Now, it's nearly Christmas and I know that nothing is going to ruin my Christmas holiday. Especially since I have my two best friends, Jaime and Cyr. I've known Jaime since middle school and she was the first person I came out to. Cyr used to be the new kid in school that I had a huge crush on. Now we've been dating for about four months. He's the most perfect boy in the world and I can't ask for a perfect boyfriend.copyright protection11PENANAC5jIrCGxnq

"Jonah! Cyr is here!" Mom called.copyright protection11PENANAeTPoDDyKFl

Speaking of boyfriends...copyright protection11PENANA2KpSFrBLRk

"I'm coming!" I shouted then hopped out of my chair and grabbed my Star Wars messenger bag.  Then I pulled my black Star Wars hoodie over my head. Since it's December, it's practically freezing out. The perfect weather for cuddling. I grabbed my phone then left my bedroom. I walked up to the front of the house to see Cyr waiting for me. I smiled and greeted him.copyright protection11PENANAutpObQqRoN

"Hey, you. Are you ready to face the last day of school?"copyright protection11PENANAiDH81kLz5r

I smirked. "I wish it was the last day of school before summer."copyright protection11PENANAU8bk0QLCCC

"Same here but we'll still be able to enjoy two weeks off~" Cyr said then kissed me.copyright protection11PENANAW76mVidlaC

"Alright, i'm off!" I called out.copyright protection11PENANA9sfRAgcmQi

"Hold on! Don't forget your lunch." My mom handed me my Star Wars lunchbox.copyright protection11PENANANLqY5rPQ3r

"Thanks. Bye, mom." I kissed her goodbye then left the house with Cyr.copyright protection11PENANAt0zzmuSzQ2

Me and Cyr walked over to the bus stop, holding hands.copyright protection11PENANAc0urS5I4sz

"Can you believe that it's been four months since we started dating?" Cyr asked.copyright protection11PENANAnfkNepe4gi

"I know. It's insane. But it just means we're a strong couple."copyright protection11PENANAwJi5jFzbfq

Cyr nodded. "Definitely."copyright protection11PENANAdrqISiOBng

We both stood at the bus stop and waited for the bus. I was anxious to see Jaime on the last day.copyright protection11PENANAaKwuyLUMPa

"You, Jaime and me should make plans over the break to hang out."copyright protection11PENANA5lUnqd20ph

I nodded. "Totally. But what?"copyright protection11PENANAqDJRlB9adx

Cyr shrugged. "I dunno. Something fun like go figure skating or something."copyright protection11PENANAqohXTQINCx

I giggled. "That would be fun."copyright protection11PENANAYISS5j58jv

The yellow bus eventually pulled up and we both got on. Me and Cyr sat down in our usual seat.copyright protection11PENANAqJ89AtLKEZ

"Jeez. It's cold." I said, shuddering.copyright protection11PENANAi4nz2gpK42

"Then come here." Cyr wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close to him. I grinned and snuggled closer to him, resting my head on his shoulder.copyright protection11PENANAi2LbUQu0ZO

***copyright protection11PENANAvqyEA98lTM

We finally made it to school and it didn't take me long to find Jaime.copyright protection11PENANAlbRILTZbD3

"LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!" She shouted.copyright protection11PENANAeW5Z70QC1Q

"YEAH!" I cheered.copyright protection11PENANAqwgYbQ7jc1

"We need to plan something to do! How about we all hang out after school?" Jaime asked.copyright protection11PENANA5xcWgYPfat

I shrugged. "I don't see why not. What about you, Cyr?"copyright protection11PENANAjoqpoxpe9r

"Sounds good." He nodded.copyright protection11PENANA4AYky9bGsn

"Alright, crew. Let's make it through this last day!"copyright protection11PENANAHxVUubSkr2

***copyright protection11PENANAOLreaPLA4V

The last day of school went by with a breeze and I couldn't wait to hang out with my friends. Though, once school ended, mom called me on my cell and said there was a surprise waiting for me at home. I wasn't sure what it was but it made me super curious. The bus dropped everybody off at our stop and I started to walk home with Cyr.copyright protection11PENANA18vZt48EKA

"Mom has a surprise for me at home. I can call you and Jaime when i'm ready. Sounds good?"copyright protection11PENANA2r8YlCaeWB

Cyr nodded. "Yep. Later, babe." He kissed me before continuing to his house.copyright protection11PENANAhKmJZxyL7D

I made my way up to the front of my house and opened the door up. I stepped inside and looked around the house.copyright protection11PENANAG9Lc9fghT1

"Jonah, we're in here!"copyright protection11PENANASWs1VOD53A

We? My dad isn't home so who is she talking about?copyright protection11PENANAHkl44lBD6J

I walked over to the living room to see my mom sitting down on the couch then I looked over to the other side of the living room to see...copyright protection11PENANAgMS1Z2hgjb

"CODY!?" I shouted.copyright protection11PENANAhc7Jd2yR8B

"Hey, Jonah." Cody greeted with a wave.copyright protection11PENANAsPWOT09uEf

In case you guys didn't know, Cody is one of the friends I know from I wouldn't say we had a 'thing' but I started to develop feelings for Cody way before I started to date Cyr and then when Cyr came along, I pretty much forgotten my feelings about Cody and now here he is, sitting in my living room. Cody has short brown hair and brown eyes. On a scale 1-1o on the cute meter, I would say he's an eight and Cyr is definitely a ten so Cody is pretty much up there.copyright protection11PENANAeU27W19dht

"!" I said.copyright protection11PENANAoyFwiTzQKH

"I haven't told you this but I know Cody's mom. We were friends before she moved to Oregon and had Cody. It's crazy how you two ended up friends huh? Me and his mom thought it'll be nice if you and Cody can hang out over winter break." Mom explained.copyright protection11PENANAsdwp1qqaV4

I licked my lips, nervously.copyright protection11PENANAp9YrhVtq8K

"Excited to see me?" Cody teased with a grin.copyright protection11PENANATxjz3CsCtd

I slowly nodded. "Of course!"copyright protection11PENANAkWqRlshLCc

Cody stood up and walked over to me then pulled me into a hug. He was warm and smelt amazing. I quickly pulled back from Cody and smiled at him.copyright protection11PENANAP1mOtDJX4S

"Why don't you two catch up?" Mom said then got up and walked out of the living room.copyright protection11PENANAHYp1ysE057

"So...what do you want to do?" Cody asked.copyright protection11PENANAep3Fgo7xaK

I shrugged. "I had plans with my friends so.."copyright protection11PENANAKZM7OfLxdP

"Oh cool. Can I meet them?"copyright protection11PENANApUOOWmhBnm

I nodded. "Sure. Let me call them."copyright protection11PENANAICLMh1bpzl

I grabbed out my cell and called Jaime first.copyright protection11PENANAaklWr9cdGp

"Hello?"copyright protection11PENANA36kRVhecSB

"Jaime, guess who came to visit?" I said.copyright protection11PENANAzAdlnvnyVW

"Who?"copyright protection11PENANAT5hf1JoeW5

"Cody. Remember Cody from"copyright protection11PENANADZcXR8e5k6

"Holy shit! He's here!?"copyright protection11PENANAGUHUf4pCDl

"Yep. He wants to meet you and Cyr."copyright protection11PENANAzxqQMszbGw

"Uh oh."copyright protection11PENANAhjvthmBwrW

"I know. Let's meet at the park okay?"copyright protection11PENANAD8Qk26psJ2

"Sure. Want me to call Cyr?"copyright protection11PENANANiAe9mGJxn

"Yes, please. See you soon." I hung up then sighed.copyright protection11PENANAfOHKiY7Tvy

I turned to Cody and smiled. "Let's go!"copyright protection11PENANAQ8HHtJNScw

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