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My Digital World Book 2
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Writer King Cosmic
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My Digital World Book 2
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He's MY Boyfriend. Not YOURS.
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rvaMhnaOMJj4IiqTX58Sposted on PENANA

When me and Cody got to the park, we saw that Jaime and Cyr were already there. I smiled but deep down, I was worried. It's obvious that i'm completely over Cody but i'm not sure how Cody feels about me. We're friends and all but...I dunno. Maybe i'm worrying too much about nothing. Cody probably just thinks of me as a friend. Yeah, that's probably it. I shouldn't even be worrying about a confrontation between my boyfriend, Cyr and my internet friend, Cody.copyright protection16PENANAeNFIAs72nI

"Hey guys." I greeted Jaime and Cyr.copyright protection16PENANAVOe5AvtLkf

"Jaime and Cyr, this is Cody. Cody, this is Jaime and Cyr." I introduced.copyright protection16PENANAvDkdWL7TQf

"Nice to meet you two." Cody said.copyright protection16PENANAL43rNDTVFg

Then , we all stood there in silence. I looked around at my friends then shuddered.copyright protection16PENANADB4SHFnarH

"Brr! It's cold isn't it?" I said.copyright protection16PENANAqWlKahwhbm

"Yeah. How about we all go get some hot chocolate at the bakery?" Jaime suggested.copyright protection16PENANAxXrAofehaU

"Sounds like a plan." Cyr said.copyright protection16PENANAyOvDGdi4nK

"I don't mind." Cody said with a smile.copyright protection16PENANAMNH7yRp49B

I watched as Cyr walked over to me and I knew he was about to grab my hand to hold it but Cody beat him to the punch first. Cody grabbed my hand and started to drag me.copyright protection16PENANAqHyShW7wei

"U-uh...Cody? You don't even know where the bakery is." I said.copyright protection16PENANAqN6WqN9JRw

"Oh. That's right." He rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. "I guess i'm just so excited to be talking to you in person." He smiled.copyright protection16PENANAtDjaLR2bWc

I smiled nervously at him.copyright protection16PENANAMmTkfbhnHw

"Okay let's go." Cyr spoke up and grabbed my hand then pulled me away from Cody. I walked with him and my other two friends to the bakery. I take back what I said about having nothing to worry about. It seems like I have something HUGE to worry about. Let's see if I can get out of this one.copyright protection16PENANAF7jM3Jzctq

***copyright protection16PENANAJW336PV90R

Once we all got our delicious hot chocolate, we picked out a table to sit at. I sat down first at the table. Cyr walked over to the seat next to me to sit down when Cody swooped in and got it before him. I looked at Cyr to see his reaction. He looked shocked and I think sorta pissed but he didn't say anything. Instead, he sat down across from me and next to Jaime. We all sipped our hot chocolates in silence.copyright protection16PENANAlMee7tppQ6

"How long have you two known each other?" Cyr finally broke the ice.copyright protection16PENANAVvefiiYRvs

"Me and Jonah met freshman year. At least, that's the year when he signed up on Your8-bitWorld.com. What about you?" Cody asked.copyright protection16PENANAheolhvadEb

"This year. I was the new kid in town and at school. Jaime and Jonah were my very first friends here." Cyr said.copyright protection16PENANA40Yje6MEvD

Me and Jaime pretty much were drinking our hot chocolate in silence. I still didn't know what to think about my boyfriend meeting my old crush.copyright protection16PENANALq9ZGriEiN

"I'm super stoked to be here and meet Jonah in person. I've always wanted to meet him ever since I met him. He's really the only guy I've connected with." Cody said.copyright protection16PENANA7A1vVj06wF

I started to blush. "Stoooop." I whined.copyright protection16PENANAiBFgUUmHzR

Cody chuckled. "You're so cute, you know that?"copyright protection16PENANAkkiukYVCDd

I gulped nervously. I looked at Cyr to see his reaction. He did NOT look happy.copyright protection16PENANApKOrgJLhQi

"Did you know that we're dating?" Cyr said.copyright protection16PENANAW8TCpOxLw6

"Huh?" Cody said.copyright protection16PENANADQrWlMVgoy

"Me and Jonah are dating."copyright protection16PENANAuOjigA21RT

Cody slowly nodded. "Oh." He glanced at me.copyright protection16PENANAjO2dqr2Ydy

I glanced at Cody and saw that he looked a little sad but then he put on a happy face.copyright protection16PENANA5RpwNKiI0H

"Congrats, Jonah! How come you never told me?"copyright protection16PENANAhuwBNMbPN2

I shrugged. "I guess I...I had so much going on. I didn't think it was important."copyright protection16PENANAI7RKkhcmgp

Cody frowned. "Oh..."copyright protection16PENANAVlgkS44bN4

"I-I mean...It's not like I never wanted to tell you. It's just..." I looked towards Jaime, wanting some help. That's when she jumped in.copyright protection16PENANAS4zpGmbScZ

"Jonah has had a lot on his mind so it never really crossed his mind to go online and tell his internet friends. You know how that is?" She said.copyright protection16PENANAVU6MFr4ROk

Cody nodded. "I guess but..." Cody turned to me. "If you were my boyfriend, I would've been more than happy to tell anybody. Hell, I would want to shout it to the world."copyright protection16PENANAgJFx3xB8Io

I blinked my eyes as I stared at Cody. I couldn't believe he said that. I quickly looked at Jaime. She was utterly shocked and Cyr, well, let's just say he's beyond pissed right now that his boyfriend is getting hit on by some other guy he doesn't know. I quickly looked at the time on my phone.copyright protection16PENANAdBtM099c1l

"Look at the time! It's getting late. We should go." I said then started to stand up.copyright protection16PENANAbWgiIVJMMy

"Agreed." Jaime said.copyright protection16PENANA73iNAllcu4

I was uber happy to be leaving the place. It seemed like Cody and Cyr were about to go head to head if I didn't try to break them up already.copyright protection16PENANAAHF4tGeDSf

Me, Cyr and Cody said goodbye to Jaime and started to walk in the direction of my house. Cyr was holding onto my hand while Cody was walking behind us. Once we got to my house, I stood outside it with Cyr. Cyr turned to me and opened his mouth to say something when we realized that Cody was still with us.copyright protection16PENANAY4cemVa6IX

"Can you give us a minute?" Cyr asked.copyright protection16PENANAFQ0XDBjYNN

Cody nodded then headed inside my house. Cyr turned back to me and sighed.copyright protection16PENANA2ouItYoHBh

"Is he staying with you and your family for the whole break?" He asked.copyright protection16PENANAXzlaOI5YPO

I nodded. "I think so. Is that a problem?"copyright protection16PENANAVuEWrhxKfl

Cyr hesitated with answering my question.copyright protection16PENANAyiK20e0pVB

I sighed. "Cyr, you have nothing to worry about."copyright protection16PENANAGSb22ZK8YA

"I know. I trust you completely. I just...don't trust him."copyright protection16PENANAWU4BQwSoh8

"He's just a friend." I assured.copyright protection16PENANAKPqvRrJSQE

"I know but...what if he tries something?"copyright protection16PENANAtwxFzzFjID

"I'll make sure he doesn't okay? Stop worrying, please."copyright protection16PENANAUEyYgou9NL

Cyr nodded then kissed my lips.copyright protection16PENANAhxAI3s9Mk0

"I'm sorry for acting jealous. It's just...I don't want to lose you."copyright protection16PENANAqOxYt6x8pf

I smiled. "You're not. Trust me."copyright protection16PENANAMkUkiaJNjx

Cyr smiled. "I do. A lot. You don't want me to come in and keep you company?"copyright protection16PENANAzB5ak8CuUX

"I do. But my mom probably wants me to pay attention to Cody since he's my guest and all."copyright protection16PENANAulL1je7Rnx

Cyr nodded. "Alright. I'll call you later okay? We need to make plans for Christmas."copyright protection16PENANA6aR1vaceXw

"Alright. Bye." I waved goodbye to Cyr then walked into my house.copyright protection16PENANAMw7RGsZjWT

I sighed and shook my head. It's only the first day of winter break and already my life is turning into an upside down rollercoaster. I just hope it doesn't get worse.copyright protection16PENANAgqf1sygzpE

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