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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 and No Season
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 and No Season
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Jan 29, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!VacSFiIOnQyvqhNK4ntBposted on PENANA

Summary: They thought Klaus and Alaric were the worst that they had ever encountered together in Mystic Falls, but Damon and Elena were wrong. A new threat from Damon's past threatens everyone. Will they all work together to bring the threat down, or will they all perish alone?copyright protection23PENANAXJoWUR5a32

       It was a dark night, as Damon Salvatore walked through the forest of Mystic Falls, Virginia. It was a peaceful night tonight. The only sounds were the forest animals and the crickets chirping in unison. Damon was heading home after a couple drinks from the Mystic Bar and Grille.copyright protection23PENANAvZcIRS0AGo

        Suddenly, something stabbed him in the back and he fell to the forest floor. As he did, he heard his name being called. Then everything went black for him.copyright protection23PENANArfTRwHCB45

        Katherine Pierce had been in the forest too, when she had seen Damon. When someone had stabbed him in the back, she ran towards them yelling, "Damon! No!"copyright protection23PENANAc2OBZJs5Uw

        She through the guy who just so happened to be a vampire, against a tree, hand tightly around his throat, pinning him to the tree. She wanted answers and that's what she would get. But more than that, she wanted Damon to be okay. To live. She would always love both of the Salvatore brothers, no matter what they ever thought of her.copyright protection23PENANA7qvk8nd8XT

        "Who the hell are you?" she questioned with venom in her voice.copyright protection23PENANAxo8rgF8Shd

        "And you must be Katherine. The name's Azazel. Bloody Azazel," he answered with a wicked smile before he through her to the ground. Before she could react, he plunged a bloody knife into her chest. Then everything went black for her.copyright protection23PENANAYtfN4fwwkr

        Damon didn't know how long he was out, but when he came to, the first thing he realized was that he was chained to a wall in a basement. The second thing he saw was an old enemy of his. Azazel. An Original older than even Klaus' family. And they weren't alone. Katherine was chained next to him. Only, she was still unconscious.copyright protection23PENANA2sRyMZV08S

        He yanked on his chains to try and break them, but it was to no avail. He knew that he had to get free. He couldn't let anything happen to him. Everyone was counting on him. Always. Elena needed him. His brother needed him. Elena and everybody else needed him to survive, and that's what he intended to do. His brother needed him to help him get back on track. Elena needed him to protect her from everything he could possibly protect her from. But most of all, to him, as he looked at her, he figured Katherine needed him too. Needed him to save them both.copyright protection23PENANATFg26xIfqZ

        Azazel set a bowl of blood down on a faraway desk. He had been draining her to get back at Damon. A sire's bond was the strongest of all for a vampire. He figured he would take everything he could away from Damon. He knew once he had taken everything away from Damon, he would become the Damon he had met so many centuries ago. The reckless, self-destructive Damon.copyright protection23PENANAsotIbxYI4i

        "What do you want?" Damon questioned, looking at him.copyright protection23PENANA96K0Ex0Ax8

        "Revenge. I will take everything away from you that you care and ever cared about."copyright protection23PENANAsrOJuUgdaG

        "Why don't you just save yourself all this trouble and leave it to just you and me?"copyright protection23PENANAdC5GlgekYi

        "Because that wouldn't be very fun."copyright protection23PENANAC7pn84U8Es

        "Of course. It's all about making it fun and games for you. Isn't it?"copyright protection23PENANAh6U5Qp07Da

        "You know me well, Damon. But not as well as you know your precious Katherine."copyright protection23PENANAORNTy99Mt8

        "Stay away from her," he warned with a growl.copyright protection23PENANA55gutoyoxc

        "Or what? You're not in any condition to come to her rescue."copyright protection23PENANARPjLVabVhO

        He growled at Azazel.copyright protection23PENANA55FTZe290w

        Rebekah and Niklaus were walking through the woods, when they smelled blood. They looked to see a bloody knife on the ground.copyright protection23PENANAh5CxA5W8tu

        "Well, this is interesting," Niklaus commented.copyright protection23PENANAlkjF6eQia7

        Rebekah didn't think it was. She didn't know the strange scent around there, but she did know one thing. And one thing only. She smelled Damon and Katherine. Katherine she didn't really care about, but she was Damon's sire. Damon she cared about. More than cared about. She secretly loved him. Something that nobody but herself and Damon knew.copyright protection23PENANA6gdM9c0cl1

        "What is?" she questioned.copyright protection23PENANAID7kaHp7QT

        "Azazel the Bloody," he answered. "It's his. He's here."copyright protection23PENANABcdVSk9ICj

        She knew that name. She knew he had been Damon's enemy a very long time ago. Now he was here in Mystic Falls. It didn't take much. Just a couple seconds to put two and two together. He was here for Damon and had probably stabbed and then taken both Damon and Katherine. Who knew who was next. She or Elena or Stefan could be next in line for bait, or whatever he was planning on using them for.copyright protection23PENANAPJA3wJgxWC

        "Let's go investigate," Klaus said.copyright protection23PENANAyEfGZqnpxd

        She agreed and they took a walk around the forest to find out what the hell was going on.copyright protection23PENANAi8qw3iRd0t

        Original Alaric Saltzman was in the woods looking for more vampires to kill, when he smelled some strange vampire smells. It was a mix of Damon Salvatore, Katherine Pierce, Niklaus, and Rebekah. It confused him. Why would they be together like that? So he followed the trail. He was in no hurry. Rushing made killing messy.copyright protection23PENANAxQd7TJRagN

        Alaric, Rebekah, and Niklaus soon came to the conclusion of what was happening and what to do about it. It was only Damon and Katherine, so Klaus and Alaric didn't care.copyright protection23PENANAMPs1vssTRZ

        Rebekah watched, as they left. Then, once they were out of her sight, she called someone.copyright protection23PENANA798xGcPxpQ

        Elena Gilbert was at home in her room. She was doing the last of her homework when her cell phone rang. It didn't have a name to it, but she answered anyway.copyright protection23PENANA1XGe5AXWKe

        "Hello?" she answered.copyright protection23PENANAKx4dzzF1sw

        "It's me."copyright protection23PENANA1zG97nlWUL

        "Rebekah? What do you want?"copyright protection23PENANANWItaN48KP

        "Help."copyright protection23PENANAmunrIW1nYt

        "What happened?"copyright protection23PENANATZ3A8bXu7R

        Rebekah explained to her the situation before saying, "Could you meet me in the forest?"copyright protection23PENANAgVNYpYMt6x

        "Yeah. I'll be right there."copyright protection23PENANAjt2GUKDV7B

        As she drove through the forest, she hoped this wasn't some kind of trick on Rebekah's part. Yet, she also did hope it was a trick. She cared about Damon and wouldn't want anything to happen to him.copyright protection23PENANAp1AtBJEydM

        Once Rebekah knew that Elena had seen her, she darted inside on a rescue mission, not caring that it was a suicide mission.copyright protection23PENANAqtHes7dfBj

        Rebekah rushed in at vamp speed, into the basement. She through him to the ground and daggered him in the back, before rushing over and breaking the chains that held Damon, catching him as he fell.copyright protection23PENANAMUNOBIzeEG

        She knelt down beside him.copyright protection23PENANAP4Ipyj8cSl

        He was badly injured and lay unconscious.copyright protection23PENANAZjPHyiOLxp

        She gently pulled him into her arms and bit her wrist, putting it to his lips, positioning his head back, making her blood go down his throat.copyright protection23PENANA5kkS9VAI9f

        "Come on, Damon. Come on," she begged desperately.copyright protection23PENANApYj8oRrw4k

        She didn't ever want to lose him.copyright protection23PENANAS4EILc0AXy

        He slowly came to.copyright protection23PENANA02SkV2gwLp

        He looked up at her.copyright protection23PENANALbo4jMWLi0

        "Rebekah?" he said.copyright protection23PENANA5b4KTQWTqU

        "Yeah," she said.copyright protection23PENANAsrXlMSn2o9

        She helped him up, as he got to his feet. She then left to go home.copyright protection23PENANAr9kQeDCaoV

        He rushed over to his sire and broke the chains that held her. He then caught her in his arms, as she fell to the floor. She was still unconscious. He gently layed her down on the cement floor. He knelt beside her and pulled her gently into his arms. He bit his wrist and put it to her lips, positioning her head back, making his blood go down her throat. She was so pale and looked so fragile.copyright protection23PENANAbu6gf07bTy

        He stayed like that for about thirty minutes, making sure that she got as much as she needed.copyright protection23PENANA5mZ2HLV5Nj

        Afterward, he gently picked her up in his arms and walked out of the house.copyright protection23PENANAefty5HcISB

        Half an hour later, Elena was back at home and Damon was in his room at home. Katherine lay on his bed, him seated on her bedside, waiting for her to wake up.copyright protection23PENANAE46KklKrwE

        Come on, Katherine. Come on. You can do this. Wake up for me, he thought to himself.copyright protection23PENANAZC1YFIKANx

        For the third time this evening, he gently pulled her into his arms and brought a third of a full cup of blood to her lips, making it go down her throat.copyright protection23PENANAU2NnBT4NBX

        After it was finished, he set it down on the end table and gently layed her back down.copyright protection23PENANApf1v0lQLNn

        Two hours later, she finally started to come to. As she did, he trailed a gentle hand down the side of her face.copyright protection23PENANAqM0rLFavgX

        "Kat?" he called to her, knowing she was waking up.copyright protection23PENANA3b0RyBKDpm

        "Damon," she said, and then looked up at him.copyright protection23PENANAAOCCjCXaoL

        So everybody lived happily ever after.copyright protection23PENANAxOxxgjdqPu

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