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The In Between
Writer Jaded Pixie
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The In Between
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Jaded Pixie
No Plagiarism!QgGr9zWCegGFWhKTmGAuposted on PENANA

First and foremost, let’s jump into this with my usual disclaimer;151Please respect copyright.PENANAZ0b5y3kESb
copyright protection147PENANA9qaMkjMTzO

Disclaimer: This piece is written for entertainment purposes only. No copy write infringement in intended. I receive no monetary benefits from writing this story. All characters, worlds, etc. belong to “Choices: Stories You Play” by Pixelberry. This story will have spoilers for The Royal Romance, Book 3 throughout.151Please respect copyright.PENANAZXJ0ZyLULd
copyright protection147PENANAQq5xRf6ORk

Now that that is out of the way… We all love The Royal Romance, and Pixelberry does one hell of a job telling the story, but what about the moments in between? What is happening between each chapter that we don’t get to see? This Fanfic will be baised off those unseen moments. I am not permitted to ‘rewrite’ actual scenes from the story, but I can make up my own version of the events in between chapters. This could very well veer off into another plot not being portrayed by the original creators since I’m certainly not a planner with fanfics.151Please respect copyright.PENANAqrPnjeDtpN
copyright protection147PENANA5x02PLVcsw

My story “It Will Come Back” is on hiatus indefinitely given I certainly don’t want problems with Pixelberry and I think some content could cause that. I will sprinkle some lemons throughout this story as I do with all of my stories! My mind forever goes into the gutter. Enjoy!copyright protection147PENANAGBWRogab9K

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Cindy Jo - Not as much as we love you!!! Girl you are so talented! I want more please......and soon
1 week agoreply