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The In Between
Writer Jaded Pixie
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The In Between
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Chapter One
Jaded Pixie
Mar 10, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!0vAJM7uVmIzll1Eaetkzposted on PENANA

The assassination attempt was shaking the country to its core. Riley’s head was still reeling from it. Never in a million years had she thought that she would be a target of something that violent. The Tariq debacle was the closest she thought she would ever have to deal with aside from that. She wasn’t sure exactly what made her important enough to garner so much attention. She couldn’t help but feel a little guilty over it all. Drake and Justin had been shot, Lady Kiara had been stabbed, and Bastien had been hurt in a way that he might never be able to fully heal from.90Please respect copyright.PENANAA20ak6uhaN
copyright protection86PENANAW7GVnHhaoi

“You okay?” Drake asked as he took Riley’s hand and intertwined his fingers with hers. She hadn’t realized just how quiet she had gotten, or how much she had been fussing with her ring.90Please respect copyright.PENANAD5atzQt9SK
copyright protection86PENANAPoNq7zxCvT

“I will be be.” She answered with a weak smile. “I’m still trying to process it all.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAcnuGWsRp9V
copyright protection86PENANAk4fF6TQlmb

The armored SUV jolted as it drove over a pothole making her jump. Drake winced as the movement had momentarily disturbed his injured shoulder.90Please respect copyright.PENANAbJYcUiiozt
copyright protection86PENANAUjjBfGiwRG

Hana slid closer to Riley to put a reassuring arm around her friend. Riley let out a slow breath that she hadn’t realized she had been holding. “We’ll get back home and figure this out.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAcczmG8cah4
copyright protection86PENANAPH5C7dcEPH

“I know we will. I think the sleep deprivation is rattling my nerves.” Riley replied with a light chuckle trying to shake off the uncertainty buzzing through her mind.90Please respect copyright.PENANAUuspapR2O0
copyright protection86PENANAy9MNPSGGe3

“That would be my fault.” Drake smirked and leaned over to brush his lips against Riley’s temple. Riley rolled her eyes but smiled as the memory of the night before danced across her mind.90Please respect copyright.PENANAY0KWdEfw3P
copyright protection86PENANAR9naKCR39I

Maxwell turned in his seat in front of them, throwing his arm over the back of it. He made a face at Drake and shook his head as if trying to shake some unpleasant thought from his mind. “No one needs to know these things!”90Please respect copyright.PENANAZg1yDIGPSY
copyright protection86PENANAKYqPAx2McS

“No one was talking to you.” Drake replied with a shrug, wincing again from his injury.90Please respect copyright.PENANAUMsncDM4GB
copyright protection86PENANAuK1gyR9fxn

Maxwell put a hand over his heart dramatically and gasped. “Well I never!” He teased drawing a soft chuckle from Riley and Hana before the SUV became silent again.90Please respect copyright.PENANA4EBPBOuRly
copyright protection86PENANAipwGAhirlr

“How come Liam and Bertrand took another vehicle.” Hana finally asked after a moment, toying with the hem of her dress.90Please respect copyright.PENANAGkOHTrpzhi
copyright protection86PENANAa5qAV08YNk

“I think it was just more… comfortable this way.” Maxwell replied, clearing his throat awkwardly. Drake shifted in his seat, his eyes drifting to the window. Riley’s eyes drifted down to the ring on her finger and felt a pang of guilt move through her.90Please respect copyright.PENANAxc50zhDllj
copyright protection86PENANAQi5SyDJHSh

“Oh…”90Please respect copyright.PENANAXqYygAnKrI
copyright protection86PENANA5bHCShTaIf

Another moment of silence fell over the group as the SUV stopped at the gate of the Palace. The entrance into it was swarmed with security. Riley closed her eyes and took a deep breath. They all exited the vehicle and Riley kept hold of Drake’s hand, fixing a smile onto her face as they all entered the Palace.90Please respect copyright.PENANAi737PWyewQ
copyright protection86PENANACTk3ug4CeR

Riley found herself wandering through the Palace, unable to find any sort of calm. Drake had finally fallen asleep. He needed the rest, even if though he had been protesting it. The sun was just setting and Riley needed a distraction. She ambled through the halls deep in thought.90Please respect copyright.PENANAx42C4BTIXf
copyright protection86PENANAW4a2WIGGpz

Maybe we could still leave. Maybe we could move to the states. We would be much safer there. She thought to herself. Drake didn’t want to be a noble and she understood why, though part of her knew he wouldn’t want to leave his sister and nephew behind. She couldn’t blame him for that. She didn’t want to leave them behind either.90Please respect copyright.PENANA2UF1tVBRG3
copyright protection86PENANAYvLF7DX1OG

“You shouldn’t be wandering alone on your own, your Grace.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAAZaE6ZAFe7
copyright protection86PENANAgrzBu3RyF5

Riley spun around wildly. Her heart raced, blood pounding in her ears. Her fist was cocked back, ready to strike within a moment’s notice. She threw her body weight into the jab only to have her swing blocked and a strong hand grip her wrist.90Please respect copyright.PENANAvLcynhahZ7
copyright protection86PENANAqC9AF6ilNI

“You’re quick.” Bastien replied, releasing her wrist as her features softened and her body relaxed. “But I’d prefer you not walking around on your own right now without making someone aware of it.” His teeth clenched as he took a step forward.90Please respect copyright.PENANAw22c4w8FoO
copyright protection86PENANAVLdGrljpm7

“And you shouldn’t be walking around on that leg.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAIYNTCTSdz7
copyright protection86PENANA5CyEe3I5Bo

“It’s fine, your Grace. My main concern is you and the King’s safety.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAl4TxDhONyO
copyright protection86PENANAa11kCGrU2e

Riley cautiously reached for Bastien’s arm to lead him to a bench nearby. His body stiffened at the contact and refused to budge. “Please sit down.” Riley tugged on his arm again, her jaw set. “You need to sit.” She added with a bit more force in her tone.90Please respect copyright.PENANAV5RXhVuqBS
copyright protection86PENANADX0RDsdWRz

He sighed and allowed her to guide him over to the bench and gingerly lowered himself down on it. Bastien glanced down at her hand still holding his arm and allowed a soft smile to move across his features. “So, he finally did it.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAekR1duV6Hu
copyright protection86PENANA4WcDBqGkvh

Riley cocked her head to the side before following his gaze down to the engagement ring Drake had given to her. She raised her eyebrows.90Please respect copyright.PENANAe3z7Acop0X
copyright protection86PENANAIGjK0VqrQt

“That ring had been in his pocket for quite some time. I’m glad he finally asked. I told him he had nothing to worry about.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAdV25Tk0nKB
copyright protection86PENANAGuqGm48z10

She released his arm and wiggled her fingers, watching the light reflect off of the main diamond and onto the wall next to them. “How long?”90Please respect copyright.PENANAgZW709BWgj
copyright protection86PENANA85WkIyLoSg

“That would be privileged information.” A corner of his lips quirked up knowingly.90Please respect copyright.PENANArum1BWe0me
copyright protection86PENANAGAXZkXVLpL

“But, I am privileged.” Riley retorted with a soft laugh.90Please respect copyright.PENANAXA9ZF2kFq4
copyright protection86PENANAe5gFMCKUbL

Bastien shook his head. “Sorry, your Grace. My lips are sealed.” He twisted his body around to hold onto the arm of the bench in an attempt to get back on his feet. His jaw clenched, his knuckles going white.90Please respect copyright.PENANAhG3dO4np1E
copyright protection86PENANAVjRREAppZh

“Sit for a bit longer.” Riley gently urged putting her hand on his shoulder lightly. Bastien shrugged her hand off and stood. “I can see where Drake gets it from.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAJs85uK2IKo
copyright protection86PENANAGGSEFcBBY1

“Gets what from?” Bastien shifted his weight to his good leg fixing his face back into a more neutral position though his muscles were still tensed.90Please respect copyright.PENANAWIY6HE91jz
copyright protection86PENANAmd6DTTfDOq

“His stubbornness.”90Please respect copyright.PENANA6BgaP4edug
copyright protection86PENANApJKhAoR0OR

“It comes with the territory.” Bastien offered his arm to her. “We should get going. If someone notices you are gone there will be a lockdown that will scare everyone half to death.”90Please respect copyright.PENANARdJZjdKmVv
copyright protection86PENANAhvxa9dnLOl

Riley reluctantly took his arm, bringing her shoulder in closer so he could lean on it if need be. She furrowed her brow as they began walking, mulling over what he had just said. “It comes with the territory? What does that mean?”90Please respect copyright.PENANALSdJZVo8XH
copyright protection86PENANAMbzTOsM36A

Bastien’s expression faltered for a moment. It had happened so quickly she was unsure if it had even been there at all. “It means you need to get back to your room before Drake notices you are gone and goes into a panic looking for you.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAH3jXd82slw
copyright protection86PENANAtvjeMUCEUr

“You know that isn’t what I meant.” Her eyes didn’t leave his face though his focused straight ahead avoiding contact with hers. “You really aren’t going to tell me, are you?”90Please respect copyright.PENANAIcKrc4FXqB
copyright protection86PENANAvcX3m7gJT4

Bastien reached his free hand over to pat her hand lightly in a rare show of affection. “Let’s just get you back to your room.”90Please respect copyright.PENANAsbtFVtAjBx
copyright protection86PENANA5FfEz37m6d

They slowly made their way back to Riley’s room in companionable silence. Riley wanted, no, she needed to know what Bastien had meant by his off hand comment.90Please respect copyright.PENANA1jBkhPtjhO
copyright protection86PENANAXAJgOwbra6

"Here you are. Please, don't go off on your own anymore." Bastien said firmly as he stopped at her door.90Please respect copyright.PENANAQ01AseE7b5
copyright protection86PENANATGiRJFYZpR

“I won’t.” She replied, releasing his arm before turning to fully face him. Her eyes searched his features, hoping to catch sort of answer in his expression though he gave nothing away. She had been furious with what he had done during the social season, but now all she could think about was how he had protected her and Drake instead of running to Liam’s side.90Please respect copyright.PENANAIEgcjbFUvh
copyright protection86PENANA3uxi97mgtt

Riley stepped forward, wrapping her arms around him. “I’ll never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done.” Bastien’s body went rigid as he brought a hand up to awkwardly pat her back. Just as Riley loosened her grip and moved to step back his body relaxed and he brought his arms around her to give her a quick squeeze.90Please respect copyright.PENANAswA4QSTkbb
copyright protection86PENANAtq4dHSJSkT

“No, thank you for saving his life.” His voice was soft as he stepped away from her and smiled briefly. “Get some sleep, your Grace.”90Please respect copyright.PENANA92baCEphLB
copyright protection86PENANAYeAh5jW4jm

She nodded and returned his smile before slipping into the dimly lit room where Drake was still fast asleep, snoring softly. Riley slid into bed, being careful not to disturb Drake before pressing a gently kiss to his forehead and curling up against him, the conversation with Bastien still filling her mind with more questions than she had ever had before.copyright protection86PENANAVmQtF0A2g3

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy this new story! Thank you to all the beautiful readers out there that have given me so much love and support over this hard time I’m going through. I especially want to thank those that have urged me to continue writing even though I’m in a rut. You guys were right, and I definitely feel more normal getting back to the old grand. I love you all to the moon and back!copyright protection86PENANAvKtzXbsG3M

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Cindy Jo - Also are you going to finish it will come back now that your writing again?
4 days agoreply

Cindy Jo - When next chapter coming?
4 days agoreply

SpiritTeal - Glad you're back writing 😊
1 week agoreply

Jaded Pixie - I am too! Thanks for reading! Hopefully I can make this one as good as the other fic I had been writing and need to finish! hahahaha!
4 days agoreply

SpiritTeal - @Jaded Pixie, ❤ take as much time as you need, we'll all be waiting!! Your stories are better than original x
4 days agoreply

Cindy Jo - Not as much as we love u girl u are so taleted! I want more please.....and soon!!  
1 week agoreply

Jaded Pixie - Thank you babe! I'm going to try to have some new content out soon! Life just keeps throwing me curve balls right now =(
4 days agoreply