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Revelations: A Stargate Story
Co-Writer Jack Enoch*
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Revelations: A Stargate Story
Jack Enoch
Mar 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mNoQpu0epFpqmlDyHhb9posted on PENANA

A long time ago, a race of people known today as either the Ancients or the Ancestors built a ship as part of their interstellar fleet named the Destiny. The purpose of Destiny was to construct and seed a wormhole-generating device known as the Stargate throughout the known universe. For a period of a million light years, Destiny’s long journey took her through thirty-eight different galaxies, planting Stargates and allowing wormhole travel for the people of many different worlds.23Please respect copyright.PENANA4R2QMz1nqc
copyright protection19PENANAqaFwcWdpEk

            During her long journey, the builders of Destiny disappeared from existence, and the ship was left abandoned while traveling the expanding universe. Not too long ago, in the year of our lord, twenty hundred and nine, a contingent from a planet known as earth traveled through the Stargate to escape a dangerous enemy accidentally ended up at Destiny. They came a military base known as the Icarus Base, which was destroyed in a surprise attack by a coalition of former smugglers and mercenaries known as the Lucian Alliance. The people of Earth have been at war with the Alliance since twenty hundred and six, and the war has yet to reach an end.copyright protection19PENANAw18URxpRMO

            The survivors of the Icarus Base attack were left stranded on the starship Destiny with no possible way to return home. The survivors of the attack are able to communicate with the people of Earth with the assistance of a strange device which look like stones. A  famous scientist from earth once described this device as “an Ancient form of communication device that links the users psychically, allowing them to see through each other's eyes.” The stones are used in tandem with another device known as the Long-Range Communication Device.copyright protection19PENANAxcfUxSsfaE

            Colonel Everret Young, the highest ranking military officer onboard Destiny, used the device to communicate with his commanding officer, Lieutenant General Jack O’Niell, and inform him of the current situation onboard Destiny.copyright protection19PENANAoAP4711krF

            “So how is it going out there,” General O’Niell asked Colonel Young, “Really?”copyright protection19PENANAFYHNTzlir8

            “Well, I don't know what Rush has told you,” Colonel Young replied, “We may not have much time out there. The ship's very old, falling apart.”23Please respect copyright.PENANAHrKfotkUoE
copyright protection19PENANA6YlmSSel7o

            “Fix it.”23Please respect copyright.PENANA5HKm40RJSY
copyright protection19PENANA0wZQA6SCrj

            “I'm trying. Even if we can get the life support working, we don't have much food and water.”23Please respect copyright.PENANAzWPBNCbPZB
copyright protection19PENANAh6hZUazgs0

            “Well, go get some.”23Please respect copyright.PENANA1H3MWsfhmD
copyright protection19PENANAozZJVSCaeK

            “We're not suppose to be there, sir,” Colonel Young explained, “These are the wrong people, in the wrong place. And as a group, they're just not qualified.”23Please respect copyright.PENANAWrkGOpGF8z
copyright protection19PENANAyfgy5RFXt6

            “Oh, please. I wasn't qualified to lead that first team through the Stargate.”23Please respect copyright.PENANAEHwujj6u86
copyright protection19PENANAgLdyL7Ikob

            “I understand that, sir.”23Please respect copyright.PENANA6aOaWLCc3Z
copyright protection19PENANAlMKlwGd9Qs

            “In the past dozen years or so, we've sent hundreds of teams through that thing. I think the bottom line is, none of us are qualified.”23Please respect copyright.PENANAPZraGfzmVH
copyright protection19PENANATpHaXM2CKw

            However, thanks to luck, the survivors managed to live on Destiny for two years while trying to find a way to return to their homeworld. Eventually, the “crew” of Destiny isn’t able to survive forever stranded on a ship faraway from home, so the “crew” entered stasis pods, intending to remain in stasis for a period of three years. They have not been heard from since then.23Please respect copyright.PENANAWzps4IMbdU
copyright protection19PENANAJ1iWz34ios

Dr. Daniel Jackson sips his cup of coffee while he heads towards a meeting in the briefing room inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the location of Stargate Command. The circumstances of the meeting was unknown, but judging by the tone of the message he received from the recently promoted General Evan Lorne, he believed that the meeting was important. He hoped that it wasn't an alien race threatening to destroy the galaxy like the Goa'uld or the villains from science fiction stories. Doctor Jackson was the very man who figured out how the Stargate functioned, and his discovery eventually led to the creation of the Stargate Program. Following an accident with a mysterious device in 2010, Dr. Jackson was aged in reverse to the age of thirty-five and his biological aging has slowed down incredibly.copyright protection19PENANAtJfe5MViVL

            Doctor Jackson entered the briefing room, where he met the rest of his team, SG-1. His commanding officer, Major Cassandra Frasier, who was recently promoted after Colonel Cameron Mitchell took command of the Alpha Site, was already sitting. A young woman who was born on a different planet, she was discovered by Doctor Jackson and his team when she was a mere child, more than twenty years before. Cassandra, known to her friends as Cassie, was the last survivor of her people, who were wiped out thanks to a bacterial plague, believed to have been created by the Goa’uld System Lord Nirrti. She came to earth where she was adopted by Doctor Janet Frasier, the first chief medical officer of Stargate Command, and a friend of Dr. Jackson.copyright protection19PENANAKPbs09f2MZ

            Standing behind Cassie is the famed Jaffa warrior, Teal’c of Chulak, who originally joined SG-1 in order to fight for the freedom of his people from the oppressive rule of the Goa’uld System Lords. Following the liberation of the Jaffa, Teal’c remained a member of SG-1, having been appointed by the Jaffa High Council as the official liaison between Earth and the Free Jaffa Nation. Teal’c’s distingusing features is the mark of the System Lord Apophis as well as his sideburns and pony-tail.copyright protection19PENANAzv0RszVwRj

            “Does anyone know why we were called here?” Doctor Jackson asked.copyright protection19PENANAZl3ez80urW

            “No,” Teal’c stated bluntly, Cassie also nodded no.copyright protection19PENANAgcLsEMBTOn

            The commander of Stargate Command, General Lorne, enters the briefing room with SG-1. The team sits down after the young general greets them and he hands the members of SG-1 each a folder.copyright protection19PENANASnSTfksaRk

            “What’s the situation, sir,” asked Cassie.copyright protection19PENANAtQGx4gG5L7

            “The Alpha Site received a mysterious signal earlier yesterday morning,” General Lorne stated.copyright protection19PENANA21jOuYA5Ro

            “Mysterious,” said Doctor Jackson with a confusing look, baffled as to who would send a mysterious signal.copyright protection19PENANAsKMlD1G6cx

            “Yes, Doc, mysterious,” the General replied.copyright protection19PENANArFo7dsnTy8

            “Do you know who would send this signal, General Lorne,” Teal’c asked.copyright protection19PENANA1AaloEjZKa

            “We have no clue, but what we do know that this was sent from a distant galaxy.”23Please respect copyright.PENANAij56t2S6eV
copyright protection19PENANAncVayyceFo

            “Which one,” Doctor Jackson asked.23Please respect copyright.PENANA53VwdBMNXI
copyright protection19PENANAL649dhCBbb

            “The galaxy where we had lasted contacted the Destiny,” General Lorne replied. Doctor Jackson and Major Frasier exchange glances of shock while Teal’c just raises an eyebrow. Has the Alpha Site found the Destiny, Doctor Jackson thought.copyright protection19PENANAKcMVxbAQak

            “General, with your permission can we go to the Alpha site to study this signal,” Cassie asked.copyright protection19PENANA1yxWI5vUja

            “Permission granted,” General Lorne responded, “SG-1, you have a go.”23Please respect copyright.PENANAvUiUmmD8xQ
copyright protection19PENANAj5hnfvES6P

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