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The Underdogs
Co-Writer DylanHen*
Beta Reader Eurepa
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The Underdogs
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Mar 13, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cEVKrA3a0yPA4OvW4gCDposted on PENANA

September 2, 1945 the bloodshed of the second world war has ended. As a rule of thumb in war, the last man standing is the victor, making the allied forces the victors. However, no man from any nation claimed to be a victor. Too many lives were lost on both sides for there to be a winner and a loser. The war was over and what is left of our heroes could return home, that’s all that mattered.copyright protection21PENANA1qSCETXWfC

Four years passed and the world is still recovering from the war. Countries would threaten each other every now and then but no one has rebuilt a military capable of fighting another war. The United States announced to the world, their secret special forces unit that was put together in the middle of the war. This unit was a small group of the world's best of the best military personnel. Rumor has it that this unit was formed when a handful of men reportedly infiltrated several highly important Nazi and Japanese facilities during the war. Navy Seal this unit was called. Even after the announcement, few people know about these Navy Seals.copyright protection21PENANAwsgrdI2gS3

Just as the United States started pulling ahead of the world once again, it was snuffed out. May 1st 1949 at 6:30 A.M., the Germans launched a large scale assault out of nowhere on North America. This assault was unlike anything the world had ever seen. With an army ten times larger than any country thought, Germany landed troops on all coasts in all directions; Germany wanted to take out U.S.A, Canada and Mexico with one quick and hard attack.copyright protection21PENANAPIETw9PAqs

20 hours after the start of this attack from hell, hope is hanging by a thread. Mexico fell ten hours ago, and the United States and Canada lost more than three quarters of their troops. The Germans experienced more losses than anticipated but the balance of power still highly favoured them. It's 2:30 in the morning and it seems that U.S.A and Canada won't live to see the sunrise; the Germans are already starting to celebrate.copyright protection21PENANAerS64w01tf

It is said that nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose. The Germans soon learned that there is one thing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose; that is, a continent of men with everything to lose. A sudden boost of courage sparks the remaining North American troops across the lands and they fought. They fought with everything they had and more.copyright protection21PENANADZIUrVCtbu

The German celebrations faded as their numbers dropped by the second. The sun rises for those who are still alive to see it, and the Americans and Canadians pushed the Germans back to their ships. Germany's plan to wipe out North America in one sweep had failed and they ran back to their country to regroup.copyright protection21PENANAx0dbUKlJlL

Canada and the United states of America were desperate for soldiers. Both countries reissued conscription but had to widen the criteria. All men between the ages of fifteen and fifty-five were forced to enlist.copyright protection21PENANAbzd4GhBGi4

Canada and the U.S formed a new special forces unit called the North American Special Forces (NASF). Scouts were sent across Canada and U.S.A to find children, that seem to be ahead of their peers both physically and mentally, to join. NASF puts these above average kids into squads of five. The intentions aren’t very clear, but it seems like the purpose of this special forces unit is to take the most capable of these children and use them on the front lines to give the weaker ones a chance to get some training in before being thrown to their deaths. The adults running the NASF will see first hand what some kids are capable of. No one except those who put the NASF together expect much out of these kids, except maybe the kids themselves.copyright protection21PENANAWV4EQvzsZL

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