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The Underdogs
Co-Writer DylanHen*
Beta Reader Eurepa
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The Underdogs
Chapter 3: First Blood
Mar 13, 2018
17 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!iNYRlAifSo1CipIEtJvmposted on PENANA

Chapter 3: first blood10Please respect copyright.PENANALFf45XIyHe
10Please respect copyright.PENANAURA0xGZewT
I can see it through the window of the helicopter. I can see the homeland of the men who tried to take mine from me. We have been flying for hours over the sea to our first mission.  10Please respect copyright.PENANAuI5xS9WCwz
10Please respect copyright.PENANAehftlkr3T9
My squad mates are seated on the same row as me and the Maine squad is on the row in front and facing us. JJ is on my left and meg is on my right. Poor Kyle is right in front of me and he was harassed by his friends the hole ride. That combined with meg being a flaming homo made this trip feel like Hell. To make things even worse, I have never been on a plane before and my stomach isn’t feeling the greatest.10Please respect copyright.PENANAhO0SOxzNM5
10Please respect copyright.PENANAHgOMNGWKjs
"Breaker are you ok?" asked JJ. "you're pale as shit and look like your gunna puke."10Please respect copyright.PENANAjxKz15Tt9M
10Please respect copyright.PENANADrADkobTcY
"I'll be fantastic once we get to land," I said.10Please respect copyright.PENANAZTeNG2tDMM
10Please respect copyright.PENANA56kQFmVyQ5
"Have you ever been on a plane?" asked Kyle10Please respect copyright.PENANAltxW7RljLy
10Please respect copyright.PENANAhKsvx8y1Lk
"Father never had time to take us with him on his business trips," I responded. "I've never even seen an ocean before."10Please respect copyright.PENANAORq9H6vDFl
10Please respect copyright.PENANAJ0PgXW8ifT
"You haven't seen an ocean?" questioned Kyle finding it hard to believe.10Please respect copyright.PENANAQxEi2crAdd
10Please respect copyright.PENANAV24lbLsHp7
"I live in the dead center of North America. I live as far as it gets from the fucking ocean," I assured.10Please respect copyright.PENANA388So5Oxo4
10Please respect copyright.PENANArfB5yEiZfw
"which State is that?" asked Sean.10Please respect copyright.PENANAcayhwK3Yrs
10Please respect copyright.PENANA6vAenZkcxI
I smile at him and let out a quick and small burst of laughter.10Please respect copyright.PENANAhYXT4vxmvN
10Please respect copyright.PENANASIXrZuc2tE
"I’m confused," Said Sean.10Please respect copyright.PENANAvz95Ow58JC
10Please respect copyright.PENANAQ0AOTFkr1P
"He’s not including the dirty Mexicans as North America Sean," said JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAeUycmyHyAb
"So what State is he from then?" asked repeated Sean.10Please respect copyright.PENANAc6KlbySgGB
10Please respect copyright.PENANASxCtlv8FXa
JJ let out a big sigh and there was a moment of silence.10Please respect copyright.PENANAvc53prC60d
10Please respect copyright.PENANAicj2yuBqLi
The silence was broken by a large explosion that threw me off my seat. I quickly stand up and look at JJ for orders. The aircraft is spinning out of control and the alarm triggers. All of us rush to the cockpit to ask the pilot what happened.10Please respect copyright.PENANA2EQE8bagR7
10Please respect copyright.PENANArnkwrJY3QY
When we open the cockpit door we see the windshield broken and both pilots are each bleeding from at least six bullet holes in the flesh, leaving no one left to fly. The forceful wind coming from the shattered windshield makes me grab onto the pilot chair, thinking ill fly out if I don’t. between the beeping and the deafening wind I can’t hear anything else.10Please respect copyright.PENANAg8bzbK4NbQ
10Please respect copyright.PENANA6duWSD82TZ
"We are so fucked!" panicked Andrew proving me wrong.10Please respect copyright.PENANAalnvROeQS5
10Please respect copyright.PENANAP8e0IpKMdW
Agent unbuckles one of the pilot’s seat belts and gives the impression that he is going to try fly this helicopter. I take the pilot out of the seat to make room for him. When I said, I’ll be fantastic when we get to land, I didn't mean I wanted to crash into it.10Please respect copyright.PENANADj98f2Ln4F
10Please respect copyright.PENANAnf0KKSzZIr
Agent hops in the seat and grabs the controls. He stops us from spinning and slowed down our fall somehow. but even that isn’t enough as we will hit the ground any second now. We all brace for the crash.10Please respect copyright.PENANA4xAjyiIj5V
10Please respect copyright.PENANAfIepQurBRv
We crash into the ground at a reasonable speed, but I was still thrown the floor of the helicopter. All I see is dust, dirt, rocks and metal falling like rain. I shut and shield my eyes with my arms, preventing anything from getting in them.10Please respect copyright.PENANAgfLg0w8zvR
10Please respect copyright.PENANA1ApBTXTCgY
I don't feel anymore rocks or pieces falling but I'm afraid to open my eyes. I’m afraid that when I open my eyes, I will see all my comrades lying lifeless before my eyes and ill be alone, again.10Please respect copyright.PENANAxwGMVxgm88
10Please respect copyright.PENANASpoDGo9PXF
Life must hate me. It seems like being close to me is being close to death. I’ve taken this fucking helicopter to an entirely different continent and this curse still followed me.10Please respect copyright.PENANAGYf5z83tLk
10Please respect copyright.PENANAriQ85LFm7O
"Breaker! Breaker are you with us!" yelled JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAvZdTDThMJf
10Please respect copyright.PENANArpdHvNQygB
I open my eyes with relief seeing that everyone is still alive.10Please respect copyright.PENANASIUJRZuwmC
10Please respect copyright.PENANAlRBzLft21c
"Get up Breaker! We have to go! They will be here to finish us any minute now!" yelled JJ trying to help me off the helicopter floor.10Please respect copyright.PENANAhtBva7j0Gz
10Please respect copyright.PENANACyiwi9wMGS
I stand up and a sharp pain shoots down my right leg. I look down and see a gash in my right thy. My pant leg is already half red from my blood.10Please respect copyright.PENANAp1K0Avf4yh
10Please respect copyright.PENANAgQLSmVZFWF
"Breaker can walk?" asked JJ10Please respect copyright.PENANAezex5wGBjm
10Please respect copyright.PENANAuIneJYKZ3j
"It looks worse than it feels," I untruthfully responded.10Please respect copyright.PENANAhj92cvYbaV
10Please respect copyright.PENANARpu6WzDDbW
"Use my shoulder for support Breaker," offered JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAZFFnUomFop
10Please respect copyright.PENANAYFJ8HVEF6P
"No. I don’t need help. I’m fine," I said.10Please respect copyright.PENANAAYe54bEIOQ
10Please respect copyright.PENANAENwjbrIx66
"You’re a stubborn son of a bitch, aren't you?" asked JJ as he hands me my browning10Please respect copyright.PENANAW5MGetBS9H
10Please respect copyright.PENANAHKGWPL7utW
"We should get going, now." I suggested not answering JJ’s comment.10Please respect copyright.PENANAk8KRsViasp
10Please respect copyright.PENANAhpv35KxGCH
"Follow me, i'll take point," commanded JJ as he leads us away from the wreck.10Please respect copyright.PENANAokr5hhQpMk
10Please respect copyright.PENANAl7s5YU0h5t
"JJ, shouldn't we scout out ahead before we just run into unfamiliar hostile territory?" asked Agent.10Please respect copyright.PENANAGmTcqYWYFz
10Please respect copyright.PENANAF4U7abp0Ab
"In this case no. The Germans know exactly where to find us, and they will go to the crash first. Best thing to do is get some distance between us and that wreckage," JJ explained.10Please respect copyright.PENANAlViN0gH1yM
10Please respect copyright.PENANAue9nrAmny2
"We could be running into a trap," warned Agent.10Please respect copyright.PENANAXd7Rlh2KiC
10Please respect copyright.PENANAVDyeqzu8B3
"To set a trap, you need to know where your enemy is going and when they'll be there. Shooting down an airship and predicting where it will fall isn't possible. You can't really plan to have it crash in a place where you already have a trap set. If they are currently setting a trap for us, we will be there before they are ready and we will have the advantage," listed JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAV5h4tJEQ6d
10Please respect copyright.PENANAT3r1VMjXwB
"Hopefully you're right JJ" mumbled Agent.10Please respect copyright.PENANAAsf9GGIbOj
10Please respect copyright.PENANAeJpwOTftKm
"Just stay alert guys,” Said JJ. “I want to make sure we see them before they see us."10Please respect copyright.PENANAGEq7FlUYjr
10Please respect copyright.PENANAATUP3AvLMk
We are in the middle of forest. The trees are generously spread from each other and the bushes are thick unlike the stumps of the trees. the terrain is very rocky with boulders scattered along the jagged landscape. the terrain blocks long distance view so we could easily get ambushed. This place is very different than what I’m used to.10Please respect copyright.PENANA513vxSoNl9
10Please respect copyright.PENANAa2NAasW5qf
We run for around ten minutes and my right leg is throbbing with each step. My salted sweat is starting to get in the wound not helping the pain. I hope we stop soon because among all of these, I am out of breath and have been the for a few minutes.10Please respect copyright.PENANAw09qQc1lYN
10Please respect copyright.PENANAF4OJzmBYaX
"Alright guys let's stop and catch our breath," Said JJ as if he could read my mind.10Please respect copyright.PENANA7k0UVamRfN
10Please respect copyright.PENANA7MOhdEtf0s
The moment I hear him say that, I drop to the ground huffing and puffing. I haven’t run so much in my life and my lungs are suffering the consequences. I look up at JJ and see that he is barely out of breath, and hasn’t broke a sweat.10Please respect copyright.PENANA3FwRp5e14o
10Please respect copyright.PENANAYbJZ5E9swp
"How are you not dying!" I ask JJ as I'm still trying to catch my breath.10Please respect copyright.PENANAgEc4VpJpFJ
10Please respect copyright.PENANARIpozOuOQy
"This is nothing man, I ran much more than this daily, back at home," bragged JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAdOJWNPBXi8
10Please respect copyright.PENANAnyNzDJZn8E
"Breaker you’re in much worse shape than you look," Commented destroyer in a way that I could tell wasn’t meant to be offensive.  10Please respect copyright.PENANA70mwpWlTLc
10Please respect copyright.PENANArY0bVO1xMj
"I. Hate. Long distance running," I said taking deep breaths between each word.10Please respect copyright.PENANAGaStJvdJTl
10Please respect copyright.PENANAo0mLxMITFt
"How your leg man?" asked JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANA57s6ioVjVH
10Please respect copyright.PENANADCRv6B1jlU
10Please respect copyright.PENANAFJV1vsNdmt
"Why are you looking down there?" snickered Andrew.10Please respect copyright.PENANAGrA9xTxtdt
10Please respect copyright.PENANAaR52mbEouZ
"Shut up meg," I said.10Please respect copyright.PENANAi9JebfGZs2
10Please respect copyright.PENANAt9u4i2YQvb
"Anyways, Agent how do you know how to fly that thing?” I asked.10Please respect copyright.PENANAjG3oJpAnO5
10Please respect copyright.PENANAn7f7lqm1qP
"I don't, I just tried and it worked. We should get going now, we have been here too long," said Agent.10Please respect copyright.PENANA4UYzYhBW77
10Please respect copyright.PENANA8qNbPxBpVp
I get up off the ground still huffing and puffing. Then I notice a smell that catches my attention.10Please respect copyright.PENANAviwKqRbNTB
10Please respect copyright.PENANACXvBxuS8q0
"Do you guys smell that?" I asked.10Please respect copyright.PENANAfyq3JgAkGv
10Please respect copyright.PENANAKbOgVf7620
"I don't smell anything," Agent responded.10Please respect copyright.PENANAIFYegvJ9E9
10Please respect copyright.PENANA9TIAXrRyMx
"I smell campfire," I said.10Please respect copyright.PENANA3wJSNE7ULa
10Please respect copyright.PENANAVuPTJ6osf2
"Well I don't smell anything," stressed Agent.10Please respect copyright.PENANACpWk0UMRsz
10Please respect copyright.PENANApv58oTNvNz
"My nose tells me there is a campfire near, and my nose doesn't lie." I said.10Please respect copyright.PENANAFI4vCNB0gQ
10Please respect copyright.PENANA3Sg0cgUY8n
"Is it a bad thing if he smells campfire?" asked Sean.10Please respect copyright.PENANAxxTDGhwtNk
10Please respect copyright.PENANA3t27YEUzFb
"That means there’s people, likely hostile people near us Sean," clarified JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAqJ3GKfXFe5
10Please respect copyright.PENANA2LDVpjcWM0
"Are you positive that’s what you smell?" asked Agent.10Please respect copyright.PENANAgPtjXrXR1D
10Please respect copyright.PENANA2sm687l6Mz
"A lumberjack knows the smell of a campfire," Hinted JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAbOlOKL7XHU
10Please respect copyright.PENANAXXKrgITezU
Now I know JJ figured out where I live. And judging by the others confused faces he's the only one so far.10Please respect copyright.PENANARCmeJvm4B8
10Please respect copyright.PENANAEMX0BHLJEt
"Breakers a lumberjack?" questioned Sean.10Please respect copyright.PENANAECqp3H7WVH
10Please respect copyright.PENANARNke23Jo8k
"Never mind, but we should scout out and find where the hostiles are. Agent and Andrew, that’s your job. Meet back here in fifteen minutes," Commanded JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAwN7uNJbztQ
10Please respect copyright.PENANA27ttxwaEt6
"Alright Andrew let's go," commanded Agent.10Please respect copyright.PENANAmkUGyWJikR
10Please respect copyright.PENANADRFKlsux2X
"Guys.” Said JJ handing Agent a flare gun. “whatever you do, don't get caught. If your position gets compromised use this."10Please respect copyright.PENANAo45RyCoJhR
10Please respect copyright.PENANAPDcKjLG331
Agent nods and heads off with Andrew.10Please respect copyright.PENANAVGTArf2WM5
10Please respect copyright.PENANATbaZ2IBqrS
"How come you’re only sending those two JJ? Shouldn't we be sticking together?" asked Sean.10Please respect copyright.PENANAihvv1PgISk
10Please respect copyright.PENANAJN1DntSqpE
"First of all, it's hard for a group this big to move stealthily. Secondly, Breaker needs to rest his leg," Responded JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAvjQFiSoUjQ
10Please respect copyright.PENANANC8j798nS1
"Fuck you," I said to JJ taking offence to his comment.10Please respect copyright.PENANAICOJfcc7DC
10Please respect copyright.PENANAM9VCPevd9O
"You're no good to us with one leg man," said JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANA3WqbfxlnVe
10Please respect copyright.PENANAoDQdn6qAd3
"Then I'm no good,” I said. “if I can’t keep up, leave me behind. Don't let me jeopardize the mission. Besides, my leg is fine."10Please respect copyright.PENANAc0c8C1n8fw
10Please respect copyright.PENANAWisnuHVP5R
"I don't leave comrades behind. I don’t care if you have no legs and no arms. You're coming with us," said JJ. “even if it means I have to carry your ass.”10Please respect copyright.PENANA3uvUIS08te
10Please respect copyright.PENANAbGeoORqcZF
Words from a true leader. However, they make me feel like I’m weak and helpless. Yeah, my cardio is shitty but they are forgetting that my gun is much heavier than there’s. Not that its too heavy to carry it just makes running awkward.10Please respect copyright.PENANAIWYbksTfiY
10Please respect copyright.PENANA7mtCgbvhjY
I look JJ directly into his eyes and say "if you think for a split second that I am putting one of your lives in danger. Put me out of my misery, or I will do it myself."10Please respect copyright.PENANAvvEJUtBkFA
10Please respect copyright.PENANAZoxYzRqs6J
JJ looks me back in the eyes and asks, "If you were in my shoes, would you do that to any of your comrades? Even if they are weak?"10Please respect copyright.PENANArd5UQm6lEq
10Please respect copyright.PENANAk9VYTPrva7
"My feet are to small to fit in your shoes JJ. I will never be able to be a leader, I'm a soldier that will lay his life on the line, that’s it. Weather its for my country, or my comrade. So, to answer your question. No, I wouldn't leave any of you, but I'm not the same as you guys. my life is not worth as much as yours," I responded firmly.10Please respect copyright.PENANA69vD84uyxB
10Please respect copyright.PENANAiYPoTFLZ1p
"Why do you say that?" asked JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAqlzljtbLYl
10Please respect copyright.PENANAT4voHDtcc0
Before I could answer distant gun shots end the conversation. Following the gunfire, in the same direction, a flare shoots up into the air.10Please respect copyright.PENANANvZCTSiESj
10Please respect copyright.PENANA3iEDEY6PK4
"They’ve been compromised! Let’s go!" ordered JJ sprinting in the direction of the flare.10Please respect copyright.PENANAbD9G1Qku2x
10Please respect copyright.PENANAvQ2utVnLzg
Without hesitation, all of us jump to our feet and run with JJ. I almost forgot I was hurt, having my mind filled with the thoughts of me losing these guys. We sprint through the forest and stop on a ridge. JJ points to his left directing our eyes about 75 meters down the ridge, where I see Agent and Andrew taking cover behind a bolder getting rained on by bullets.10Please respect copyright.PENANA5DzKhdIn3s
10Please respect copyright.PENANAsf5BW7sgCv
JJ then points to his right redirecting our eyes over to the source of the bullets about 100 meters down the ridge. I can only really see the flashes of the guns so it's hard to see how many hostiles there are. They also don’t seem to notice us and we are in flanking position.copyright protection6PENANA9m5G6ZGQTg

10Please respect copyright.PENANAN7lPCPLZBl
"Ok guys here’s the plan,” whispered JJ making sure no one hears us. “All of you excluding Sean and Breaker, will silently make their way to that rock formation straight ahead. You have seven minutes to get to their and when you do, just sit tight for the remaining time,” JJ points at a rock formation offering good cover that is closer to the hostiles.10Please respect copyright.PENANAfGZOqg29D6
10Please respect copyright.PENANAB6lHHhO9xq
Kyle looks at his wristwatch and repeats, “Seven minutes?”10Please respect copyright.PENANAElx0b9PW9r
10Please respect copyright.PENANAio7hdyygHb
“Yes. Seven minutes,” confirmed JJ. “The countdown starts when I say. Remember, you do nothing for seven minutes. I'll take Breaker and Sean to a different position, more to their rear flank and if you blow your position before we get to a good spot we’re fucked. If all goes well, this will be quick.”10Please respect copyright.PENANAmjiH1ZYP9v
10Please respect copyright.PENANAgNRNO2XEZ7
“Ready when you are,” said Kyle with his eyes still on his watch.10Please respect copyright.PENANA5iwczJL70t
10Please respect copyright.PENANAjmNB3OB1DK
JJ looks at each of us individually to confirm that we are ready.10Please respect copyright.PENANAxTyoHnrF1r
10Please respect copyright.PENANAN6Jjjj35r3
“Now,” signaled JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAyKplmsaYuN
10Please respect copyright.PENANAI1HhqpES5F
Kyle immediately peels his eyes off his watch and he, Destroyer, Hunter, Ashton and Connor make their way slowly down to the rock formation. JJ leads me and Sean along the ridge.10Please respect copyright.PENANAjSM3b6mebN
10Please respect copyright.PENANAiJyH5VafTE
JJ has been keeping tabs on the time. As time passes he gets slightly more urgent. Finally, we get to a fallen down tree where JJ halts us. He takes cover behind the fallen tree and I do the same to his left, Sean to his right.10Please respect copyright.PENANA3CFLT6byYg
10Please respect copyright.PENANAei80mk6Jzi
JJ glances at his watch and peaks over the tree. He brings his head beside my ear and says in a quiet yet urgent tone, “Set up the Browning and wait for my order.” He leans over to Sean and whispers to him as well, but I couldn’t hear what he said.10Please respect copyright.PENANAxR25y71InU
10Please respect copyright.PENANAnrw3dq9oY8
I set the long barrel of my light machine gun in a crease of the tree, where it seems to set firmly. I then look down to see what I’ll be aiming at and see the Germans not very far from where we are. I then notice we are basically right behind them, keeping in mind Agent and Andrew are just in front of them.10Please respect copyright.PENANAEcrNdO7kxG
10Please respect copyright.PENANAC4xEa6MbPa
"If I'm right behind the Germans, isn't there a chance of me hitting Andrew or agent?" I ask quietly.10Please respect copyright.PENANA6cBCfP3pd1
Before responding JJ quickly looks at his watch then explains, "No, we aren’t quite right behind them. In Military terms, Agent and Andrew are on the Germans twelve o'clock. the others are on their nine o'clock and we are on their seven o'clock. As long as you’re shooting where your supposed to, you'll be fine."10Please respect copyright.PENANAySeZFsNNMl
10Please respect copyright.PENANAupp23A8QLY
That makes sense. JJ positioned us along the same flank so there is no risk of friendly fire. I point my beast of a weapon to the Germans and hope to myself that Agent and Andrew are ok. I look at JJ anxiously as he staring at his watch. I get the urge to open fire but I patiently wait for JJ’s cue.10Please respect copyright.PENANA0SaCvqryQF
10Please respect copyright.PENANAAoxPodhc04
"Open fire!" commanded JJ.10Please respect copyright.PENANAxutXwxyFnj
10Please respect copyright.PENANADocO0Hfsf5
For the first time, ever I pull the trigger and unleash Hell on the Germans, it's even more devastating than I imagined. Its roar overpowers all other sounds, even Sean’s gun which is right by my fucking ear. The feel of the power behind each bullet giving an almost high feeling. The smell of the gunpowder freshens the system like some Vapo rub. Every bullet that comes out of my gun makes something burst from wherever it lands. The Dirt and stones bursting from the soil, the wood chips bursting from the stumps of trees, and the blood bursting out each German I hit.10Please respect copyright.PENANA7PuEETRW5S
10Please respect copyright.PENANA0DnuBT19zp
A sickening feeling settles in as I realize that I am loving this browning. I hope that it’s the gun itself giving me this rush and not the sight of death. I don’t want to be evil, I never have. But whether I want to be or not, the darkness in my black soul will always be there.10Please respect copyright.PENANAtcOF0OmghC
10Please respect copyright.PENANAlosQ37JV3P
"Hold your fire!" shouted JJ hoping that the others would stop if they stopped hearing our shots.10Please respect copyright.PENANAO4sby44AdD
10Please respect copyright.PENANAZHQOnRDJ7U
Me, JJ and Sean stop shooting and the sound of gunfire comes to a halt.10Please respect copyright.PENANAmtiOjmV3hY
10Please respect copyright.PENANAS63lhBqmbE
"let’s go and make sure they're dead," said JJ leaping over the tree.10Please respect copyright.PENANA0blQZIICsP
10Please respect copyright.PENANAwOjPCDcyGu
I look over at Sean who looks sick to his stomach, I could tell he wasn't comfortable shooting his gun judging by him only shooting a few bullets. He's a good and innocent kid who just took-part in taking other humans lives. I don't blame him.10Please respect copyright.PENANAxzAAVRbldn
10Please respect copyright.PENANAZdyk4y3Mav
Me and Sean follow JJ to the dead Germans position. Meeting us there was Andrew and Agent seemingly unhurt.10Please respect copyright.PENANABHkVxXyJvf
10Please respect copyright.PENANAd3OODJFP5T
"You guys ok?" JJ asked Agent and Andrew10Please respect copyright.PENANAd47LpbktXv
10Please respect copyright.PENANAYzcjuKg3tM
"Yeah," Agent and Andrew replied.10Please respect copyright.PENANAiHP7vtRbjW
10Please respect copyright.PENANA4w0biqnDTk
Destroyer, Kyle, Connor, Ashton and hunter arrive at the slaughter scene. JJ scans them for injuries and none are apparent. We spread out to begin searching the bags and pockets of the dead Germans to see if we can find anything useful, also keeping in mind that some of them might not be dead.10Please respect copyright.PENANA8SUkbp4ssy
10Please respect copyright.PENANAeLg4SMyJXS
Agent finds a compass and a map in one of the Germans backpacks which I hope is a map of the area. JJ finds a box looking thing with a walkie talkie attached to it, in the backpack he looked in. Destroyer pulls out a similar looking box thing but this one has head phones. Im guessing JJ found the radio and Destroyer found the receiver. I continue scanning the ground.10Please respect copyright.PENANAF2oGeH7Bk0
10Please respect copyright.PENANAWsTQN4gSwI
A dead boy about the same age as us, maybe slightly older, catches my eye. His face was covered in blood that was likely not just his. His eyes are open wide and you could see the terror in his dead eyes. I’m guessing by the look on his face, He watched his comrades die all around him and probably was one of the last ones to die. I imagine what it would be like for me, if in the last few second of my life, I had to see my friends get shredded around me. The part that bothers me the most is the fact that he is so young, and I was the one who put him through that. The face of this kid will stain my mind forever.10Please respect copyright.PENANArLuHQmto6r
10Please respect copyright.PENANAgMtFtHnAjH
10Please respect copyright.PENANABfau6YzmR6
I search his pockets where I find a stopwatch with a picture folded up inside. I unfold the picture and in it stands two boys, one of them being him, and the other looks similar to him. I guess the other one is his brother.10Please respect copyright.PENANA5iRAZIWt63
10Please respect copyright.PENANAUnPn3i5qTp
I search his other pocket and I pull out a sealed letter that my curiosity forced me to open. I was extremely surprised that the letter was in English, the letter says.10Please respect copyright.PENANA8uEjYLhy88
10Please respect copyright.PENANAEdrvNqdKUk
-----------------------------------------10Please respect copyright.PENANANOIDcLWibP
10Please respect copyright.PENANAHjjmCi7UQf
Dear Mother and Father10Please respect copyright.PENANA2utt0hUe2O
10Please respect copyright.PENANAzQDhtQ2p8e
I miss you very much and I can’t wait to see you at Christmas when me and Ray come home.10Please respect copyright.PENANAfQxydaRk4I
I wish I was there with you guys, not here fighting this pointless war for power. Ray is doing fine, and he is being his old protective self. He keeps the other guys from making fun of me and I hope some day i'll be brave just like him.10Please respect copyright.PENANAA7d4Adlvso
10Please respect copyright.PENANAk2eYjIOm8X
Love Ben.10Please respect copyright.PENANAAnN8W0iNlm
10Please respect copyright.PENANAvWtI04Wmzp
10Please respect copyright.PENANAKUrZSLHG7P
--------------------------------------10Please respect copyright.PENANAEIcrQ8s8WO
10Please respect copyright.PENANAvsKYbL388D
I can’t believe I just did this to an innocent boy who just wanted to be like his brother. I close the boy’s eyes and put the letter and stopwatch in my pocket.10Please respect copyright.PENANAxSxZRpKy6R
10Please respect copyright.PENANAoKAAcqIFyF
"What’s that you have Breaker?" asked Agent10Please respect copyright.PENANAt37e2jZ5r7
10Please respect copyright.PENANAIY0gXSFIrM
"Nothing," I responded not wanting anyone to know.10Please respect copyright.PENANAAPwapJA8o8
10Please respect copyright.PENANAORcW6ff6kG
"Just show me," insisted Agent aggressively.10Please respect copyright.PENANAe3EejC7Zkz
10Please respect copyright.PENANAMVoi5O2FXq
"Enough!" yelled JJ.  "Agent take this receiver and put it on your ear. I don't know if it is a 2 way or if yours can only hear what comes from mine, either way it will help."10Please respect copyright.PENANAOLi1IogXuA
10Please respect copyright.PENANADIEiXYV5Xg
I suddenly hear footsteps from behind me sound very familiar. I turn around and see Sean walking around. Then I remember that those are the same steps I heard on the night of my punishment.10Please respect copyright.PENANAEJb32gR5VP
10Please respect copyright.PENANAvKBOLjd1gI
"Sean," I said getting his attention.10Please respect copyright.PENANACTqhcof7uc
10Please respect copyright.PENANAn8WybZP34K
"Yes Breaker?" replied Sean.10Please respect copyright.PENANASAvtogNBh3
10Please respect copyright.PENANAjUXKb99qhD
"Why were you watching me the night of my punishment?" I asked.10Please respect copyright.PENANADFMAeXz31E
Sean looks at me and I see the surprise in his eyes. He hesitates to answer.10Please respect copyright.PENANANUeioCzbeR
10Please respect copyright.PENANAeyLciXmsnE
“Well?” I said waiting for an answer.10Please respect copyright.PENANA51jSBxQbAR
10Please respect copyright.PENANAPoL3H9GglV
“Well,” answered Sean. “I wanted to make sure you were okay Breaker. I noticed you haven't been sleeping much at night."10Please respect copyright.PENANA7AtTMMQ9ee
10Please respect copyright.PENANANkg6cRD33e
A sudden undefinable feeling fills my body, a feeling I haven't felt in a very long time. I’m not really used to people paying attention to that shit, and I don't even know how to respond to him.10Please respect copyright.PENANAUSCGWjQDAb
10Please respect copyright.PENANAzHL3ByPsH4
"Breaker. Please don't tell anyone or make fun of me, But I'm scared. I really don't want to die," admitted Sean with watery eyes.10Please respect copyright.PENANAGupXBCPfFS
10Please respect copyright.PENANAtzL5gIp6lZ
I look at Sean and I can see just how scared he really is. In all honesty, I feel that all of us are ahead for our age except Sean, I can’t help but feel that he shouldn’t be here. Then I remember Ben’s face and his letter to his parents who will see their young son dead as a Christmas gift. I can’t let that be Sean. I can’t let Sean’s parents see him in a coffin. I just can’t.10Please respect copyright.PENANAiVH3YjBNLj
10Please respect copyright.PENANASsNhpoTeDz
"Sean, I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen. Ill watch over you and make sure you're okay, you’re under Breakers wing now. You don't need to be scared anymore," I said.10Please respect copyright.PENANA778ScpACwW
10Please respect copyright.PENANACORkRPDtDo
"Kinda like how I made sure you were okay, right breaker?" said Sean with a smile referring to my punishment.10Please respect copyright.PENANAMwQANgYHuC
10Please respect copyright.PENANAgBJpuWP4zl
"Yeah, just like that," I smiled back at Sean.10Please respect copyright.PENANA1b9Sv0I9um
10Please respect copyright.PENANAxgSoQGEPo9
10Please respect copyright.PENANAsFLc4f9UjI
copyright protection6PENANAbc394oKmDC

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