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I Am Here Now
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I Am Here Now
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Negatively positive
Apr 15, 2018
3 Mins Read
672 Words
No Plagiarism!dORky1MroXi11JqbvE0iposted on PENANA                   I was deprived of my rights from a very young age. What rights could we have as a kid? Everyone has the right to talk. I was allowed to talk to someone whom my parents wished. I  was against this thought. I started to fight from that very age but silently.16Please respect copyright.PENANAXh3Z1uaw8a
16Please respect copyright.PENANAPzfCOMgmfV
          When everyone chose to become a doctor or an engineer, I wished to become a journalist. My parents strongly opposed my decision. I was heart broken. But I  had a thousand questions whirling in my mind. I felt that they would change as days passed by. But only the worse happened. 16Please respect copyright.PENANAw0OvB22e21
16Please respect copyright.PENANAgZijYjN9QW
        I secured less marks in my higher secondary. I hoped that my parents would then allow me to join journalism. But it was a big NO. I was again heartbroken . I suffered depression because everyone started throwing their sharp words like swords which pierced my heart and it started to bleed. I wanted to die that very instant. But I met cowardice who would not allow me to die. Yes! I was afraid of death. 16Please respect copyright.PENANAjGwziklzHB
16Please respect copyright.PENANAveBjJdmMso
            I found that every door that lay before me were closed. I found a broken key that suited a broken door, which is none other than to accept my parents decision. I gave into that. They finally enrolled me in a professional college where I found a lot of people just like me. 16Please respect copyright.PENANANIo52npQwg
    16Please respect copyright.PENANAMQWjpfDLPl
           All these years, I thought that I I was different. But that too was a lie. I realised that I had lived, a life of lies. This got worsened when I fell in love with someone who is not meant for me. He once again crushed my heart to pieces. I lost my last hope in life. My family members worsened the situation by trying to help me. Their words hurt me a lot that I wanted to tear my heart into pieces. 16Please respect copyright.PENANAmkzYEjb05E
16Please respect copyright.PENANApSmNYpaogH
        Atlast I took the final decision. I I cut  my hands to let the blood out but I  forgot that I was so anaemic. Only a drop of blood came. Atlast one fine afternoon, I  drank ant pesticide and hoped to breath my last. It was dark when I opened my eyes. Am I in hell? I heard my parents call my name. Are they weeping over my corpse? But NO. I  was not dead. Only then, I realised death too had broken my heart.16Please respect copyright.PENANAF2xClXRZIH
16Please respect copyright.PENANAl51V3FefFj
              I understood that my destiny is yet to be reached. I felt anew. I survived death without any medications. None of my family members knew this. I prepared to live my life my way.16Please respect copyright.PENANAT4cgSbG3zW
16Please respect copyright.PENANAKeYiQkfIkY
           I became the topper in my college. I again fell in love with a person, this time. But people around me rejected him because he was shorter than me. Everyone saw the physical appearance but i saw his heart. The heart which accepted me with all the broken pieces. Slowly my broken pieces, started to fix. But once again my family was against my decision. 16Please respect copyright.PENANApG3qB66PmL
16Please respect copyright.PENANA9fQlwIwcM6
          But this time I  stood by my decision. I married him with all oppositions. We faced ups and downs , which we fought together.16Please respect copyright.PENANA8wl7Pcs4UN
16Please respect copyright.PENANA3kt6L5cRUz
         My family stopped me from becoming a journalist, but now "I am here", where thousands of people are going to read at least the name of my Story. I am happy with what I am doing. 16Please respect copyright.PENANAD3PtplcWyY
16Please respect copyright.PENANA2GvnOkzhpu
          Even now sometimes I used to feel weak and broken , and I  would weep, but then I feel I must lift my own spirits up. I  let out my tears to fix my breaking heart. My tears doesn’t mean I am weak, it means I'm gathering a new strength to pen down my thoughts.

          I'm here today, writing this because I was a failure and I want others to gain hope like me. I was a negative field but now I converted it to positivity.copyright protection12PENANAr4MfxDxtFa

              That's the reason why I took to writing. Yes!!! I'm different. I'm not living a lie, I'm working to make this lie a true. copyright protection12PENANAKTYBdwCZY1

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