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James Grey and The Song of Fear
Writer J.D. Grimm
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James Grey and The Song of Fear
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J.D. Grimm
Apr 16, 2018
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hWMapK31RVUXitesIbxbposted on PENANA

4copyright protection9PENANAO9d3n2Cxh5

"'How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.copyright protection9PENANANy1AIrkMtc

'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here.'"copyright protection9PENANAIna1RptAA1

-Lewis Carrolcopyright protection9PENANALpaYsy045i

The basement door slammed shut as James plummeted head over heels into the darkness. Panic and fear overcame him as he anticipated slamming into the hard cement floor, yet it never came. Endlessly he fell, flailing wildly in the shadows trying desperately to gain control of his fall and just before he could let out a scream of terror he landed. But he didn't violently crash into unforgiving cement, instead, he landed softly on what felt like...grass.copyright protection9PENANAaTQctzDOm6

When James finally found the courage to open his eyes, he discovered that he was no longer in his basement, in fact, he wasn't at home at all. Staring up at large crescent moon through bare branches, he blinked several times to wake himself from the dream he was having, but when the cool wind kissed his cheeks and the sound of crickets filled the air, he knew that he was awake. Slowly working his way up to his feet, James struggled to see through the dense forest surrounding him. The pale moonlight barely illuminated the large hideous and twisted trees that loomed overhead casting terrifying shadows across the forest floor. If there ever was a path to take, James would never be able to find it in such poor light. A thin fog covered the ground beneath his feet and disappeared beneath the darkness of the trees.copyright protection9PENANA05ub6lAzWa

This way. A gentle voice called out from what seemed like the back of his mind.copyright protection9PENANABHALG2kH7q

James whirled around expecting to see the horrible creature that had taken him from his home and left him somewhere in the woods, but instead his eyes locked with the piercing stare of a large white fox, sitting no more than a few feet away, framed perfectly by the trees and the light of the moon. James couldn't help but admire its beautiful alabaster coat.copyright protection9PENANAZhjQtMq7AM

"Did you just talk to me?" James said aloud, and to his surprise, the fox nodded. He wasn't sure if his eyes deceived him. "Do you understand me?" he asked, hoping to see it nod again, but this time the fox merely blinked, seemingly losing interest in the boy and with a yawn and a shake of its fur it turned and made for the shadows.copyright protection9PENANAdBRHMY3nyZ

"Wait!" James called after it. This is crazy, he thought to himself. There's no way that fox just spoke, and it didn't nod, it was a trick of the light. He tried rationalizing the odd event in his mind as he watched the large creature disappearing into the shadows just as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone.copyright protection9PENANAy9H8Unbf5i

For a long time, James stood dumbfounded where the fox had left him still trying to process what he saw. The snap of twigs breaking close by disturbed his inner turmoil.copyright protection9PENANAF4AYV4Llbm

"Hello?" James questioned, turning to see nothing but trees and shadows around him. The chirping crickets abruptly stopped, leaving James in an eerie silence.copyright protection9PENANA8pX06KYa8w

A low, sinister growl sent shivers down James' spine causing him to immediately sprint off into the forest. Not taking any time to look back, James didn't care if he was being pursued he just knew he couldn't slow down. He ran and ran until he felt as if though his heart were going to burst from his chest, he finally looked back, and to his relief, there was nothing there, nothing was chasing him at all. He came to a stop, breathing greedily and searched the trees for any movement.copyright protection9PENANA9GFQOAeZPj

"Where am I?" He wheezed to himself, taking a seat against a tree, wondering how he was going to get back home.copyright protection9PENANAiuoTtjXeE9

Don't dawdle, you're nearly there, A voice called out in his mind again.copyright protection9PENANAAMyyNFjLPr

James bolted to his feet and looked around the large tree trunk he had leaned against and to his surprise a medium sized house sat peacefully among the trees. A dim light glittered in the houses two windows, setting it apart from the shadows of the forest. How did I miss that? James wondered, seeing how the house clearly stood out with its glowing windows and oddly curved roof. No, he was sure he didn't miss it, it simply wasn't there when he first looked.copyright protection9PENANAhZ7XQWx4Vm

If the mysterious building appearing out of thin air wasn't enough, what surprised James, even more, was there sitting on the porch, right in front of a large black door, was the white fox.copyright protection9PENANAodRM6k64yK

The decision to enter the home was one that James never had a say in. For it wasn't a coincidence that brought him to the house's doors, nor was it the nightmare that had brought him here to the twisted trees of the forest. What James would soon discover is that it was simply fate that brought him there.copyright protection9PENANAd8xMHls06i

As he approached, the white fox disappeared through the house's door. James' legs seemingly had a mind of their own, moving against his will underneath some unseen spell and leading him toward the large black door. "Maybe they have a phone I could use," James, kept telling himself, trying to make sense of the apparent magic he was under.copyright protection9PENANArohzl7vScq

As he approached the house, the door swung open, and whatever magic that held him was released, leaving James staring into the shadowy depths of the house.copyright protection9PENANAfAE6nLqtQZ

"Hello?" James called out, as he stepped into the dreary home. The sound of faint laughter drew him past all the oddly priced trinkets and to a counter in the back. This isn't a house, it's a shop! James thought, staring at the dusty counter. "Hello," he called out yet again, and the laughter abruptly stopped.copyright protection9PENANAe48MQP7jQe

Stepping behind the counter, James stared down a long narrow hallway, at what looked like a massive door. His eyes drifted back to the counter where a dusty silver bell sat. He quickly gave it a tap and called out once more. "Hello?" but no response came.copyright protection9PENANABhCSRX0mQc

"I'm trying to find a telephone," James said as he cautiously approached the door.copyright protection9PENANAN5NscbeDE4

"You're trying to find your way here, you mean." A bright and melodic voice with a hint of an English accent called out from behind the heavy door. As the dull sound of a locking mechanism being opened resonated from within, James caught a glimpse of a familiar engraving etched into the hardwood. The door opened to a room filled with a smoky, apple cinnamon scented haze.copyright protection9PENANACT8LFZANiq

Even through the smoke, James could already see the tall figure of a woman sprawled out on a lounge sofa smoking from a long slender pipe.copyright protection9PENANA1TIEMACMWs

"It was because you are in need of something that you have come here." The thin woman continued to puff from her pipe.copyright protection9PENANAZKyMdKXroC

Her voice was calm and soothing, and James found himself at a loss for words. Approaching closer he could make out the woman's long purple evening gown, which was accented with large silver flowers stitched into the fabric. Her black hair flowed over the edge of the sofa, shifting slightly as she fixed her dark brown eyes on the young boy, anticipating a response.copyright protection9PENANAv1wEMcDnZV

"I do need a phone, actually," James admitted.copyright protection9PENANAN1PwFB6hn3

The woman continued to gaze upon James as if searching for something that he couldn't see. "You're not from around here, are you?" she finally asked.copyright protection9PENANAKmOi9237tr

"Indiana? I was born here." James responded matter-of-factly.copyright protection9PENANAKZsgDfsgCs

"What's your name?" The woman questioned with a devilish smile.copyright protection9PENANAcqt1X9C3r0

"James... James Grey," James responded wondering what she was getting at.copyright protection9PENANA7bnWuwYxEr

"Your birthday?" She asked, her grin broadening on her face.copyright protection9PENANAZorrF4H7lj

"June third? Why?" James answered confused at the purpose of the woman's questioning, who seemed increasingly amused by each of his words, as she laughed at his response.copyright protection9PENANAAyK3zHdcLE

"Well well!" She cried, "Telling a complete stranger your true name and birth date, how precious!" She laughed deeply again and James could see tears forming in her eyes.copyright protection9PENANAcSQzPk6NRL

James felt oddly embarrassed by her remark, "I would rather be honest than start off with a lie." James snapped back.copyright protection9PENANAfQ9GiPLZX7

The smile on the woman's face became menacing, "There is great power in a name, boy. Even the smallest detail, such as your birthday, could lead to a life-altering change to your future," Her light-hearted demeanor once again returned as she tapped the contents of her pipe into an ashtray.copyright protection9PENANAjxF3AeKOqw

"Well, what's your name?" James asked, trying to gain ground in this one-sided conversation.copyright protection9PENANAsCoiceDj1u

The woman covered her mouth with the fingertips of her free hand and giggled. "Oh James, you're not even trying. Did you think it would be that easy?" She asked mockingly. "Alright, I guess I can humor you. I am Calypso," She said standing and taking a bow.copyright protection9PENANA4gleXD3ID0

"What an odd name..." James said, immediately doubting whether this woman had truthfully answered him.copyright protection9PENANAPXxu08JLW9

"It's world-famous," She grinned. Plopping back down on the sofa, she pulled a small silk pouch from one of the cushions and began filling her pipe with the pouch's contents.copyright protection9PENANAhpMGIZUliW

"So, do you have a phone I could use?" He asked again trying to get the strange woman back on track.copyright protection9PENANAQmcbAaPESs

"Only for emergencies," She explained shaking her head and paying James no mind.copyright protection9PENANAEHpccqkVch

"But...This is an emergency! I was taken by a monster and this talking fox led me here."copyright protection9PENANA5uHSaqR5M9

"Where is this fox?" Madame Calypso once again turned her attention back to James, seemingly ignoring the existence of a monster and focusing solely on the mention of a speaking fox.copyright protection9PENANA1CweO6oDKh

"It ran in here." James looked around in vain.copyright protection9PENANA6pZwBbWW79

"So allow me to understand. You were following a fox; which entered this shop; and you followed it in willingly...yet you're lost?" She said seemingly pleased with herself.copyright protection9PENANAecDW4OmVT9

"I..." James was beyond frustrated with Calypso, "Never mind I'll just find my way back, sorry for the trouble," James turned to make his exit, but the heavy door slammed shut before he could even take a step.copyright protection9PENANA5VMBaAIzet

"Now, now. Don't be so hasty. There are dangerous things in that forest, boy and you're not in Indiana anymore." Calypso rose from her lounger and stepped off into the fog. Returning with a small table and large blank scroll, she placed it in between her and James.copyright protection9PENANAQkSPRt1Oq8

"There are secrets in this world, James. Secrets that you will soon come to know. All around us magic lives and breathes," She spread the scroll across the table, "Magic that only a select few can see and even fewer can harness and manipulate it to accomplish the impossible, create the miraculous and harness fate... these few are known by others as wizards, witches, warlocks, heroes, villains, and you, James... I believe are one of them," Calypso never looked up from the scroll, but if she had she would have seen the completely skeptical look painted all over James' face, a look that would soon be changed to wonder.copyright protection9PENANAXElAApoXli

James laughed, "That's impossible, magic isn't..." James' words were silenced at the sight before his eyes, Calypso tapped her pipe against the parchment, and a small spark erupted from the contact, touching the paper, but instead of setting the dry scroll ablaze it darted around the paper's surface.copyright protection9PENANA6rdS3otLXH

James moved closer to see what exactly was happening, on the once blank sheet of parchment were words being written from nothing... no, being burned onto the page, each letter glowing faintly as the words filled the scroll.copyright protection9PENANAeO27DTBFH1

It only took a few moments for the scroll to be completely filled and Calypso leaned forward and raised an eyebrow to the now wide-mouthed boy across from her. "Impossible, indeed."copyright protection9PENANAOEG9fhzEfV

Snatching the scroll from the table she began to read it, and line by line as her eyes scanned the words, the paper would burn away until there was nothing left of what she once held.copyright protection9PENANAWlmaepyIbw

"How did..." James tried to ask, but Calypso held up a finger to silence him.copyright protection9PENANAppkswYl8D3

"You have lived quite a troubled life... Your mother left you when you were very young... Your father... passed and your life is about to be uprooted." Calypso honestly looked saddened by his story.copyright protection9PENANA9rHQBX7aBm

"Wait... what do you mean my father passed?" James asked suddenly.copyright protection9PENANA5xIrHXRgF2

"Dear boy, that is why you're here, he's no longer able to protect you." She said as she slumped back into the lounger.copyright protection9PENANAM5s7xZ5T7J

"What do you mean? Protect me from what?" James' heart began to race as he contemplated her words.copyright protection9PENANAWhbD7MBeXc

"I can't say, it was just a simple fortune telling spell, I'm sorry. Something is looming over, a great power... has no one ever told you?" she asked. James just shook his head.copyright protection9PENANAB2KkushlIX

"Interesting... Well, I guess I could tell you... for a price," she said.copyright protection9PENANAov3RDAQItX

"But I have no money," James said, but Calypso didn't seem deterred.copyright protection9PENANAspfD3mqFBn

"It isn't monetary compensation that I seek, but a certain device that belonged to your father...a watch"copyright protection9PENANARdpBxU4PgN

"How do you know about that?"copyright protection9PENANANFjQwWrmFU

Calypso just giggled to herself, "Magic" she waved her hands mockingly.copyright protection9PENANAk7kzLoWb3x

"Why would you want this, it's just a watch?" James asked, holding up his wrist.copyright protection9PENANAzVKZxiTB7a

"If a service is given compensation of equal value is given..." Suddenly Calypso became severe, "There will never be more or less, and for the information about what plagues you, that watch is the payment I require. That is all you need to know," The smile returned to her face. Before she could say more, the sound of a bell rang from the front of the store and immediately brought a frown to Calypso's face.copyright protection9PENANAoUPHLlEcHj

"It looks like our time is done for now... It seems I have another customer. Shoo." Calypso tried to wave the confused boy away.copyright protection9PENANA72qrBbQxnT

In an instant feeling of dread hit a James like a ton of bricks. The sound of heavy footsteps against the hardwood floor of the shop's entrance echoed through the hall and into the back room. "Who is that?" James asked. The entire atmosphere of the shop seemed to change as the footsteps continued again, clicking down the long hallways just outside the heavy door. With each step, the world seemed to darken.copyright protection9PENANA5WPQVm8PXg

"You shouldn't concern yourself with small details, just enjoy the ride for now." Calypso giggled again apparently entertained with herself.copyright protection9PENANAZmaO4W9I8R

Her words weren't exactly reassuring to James, he still had no idea how he would get home, and the unusually strong woman was seeing fit to throw him back out into the dark forest. However, when the heavy door opened it wasn't the dimly lit hallway James had entered from that greeted him, nor was it a horrible creature waiting to devour him along with Calypso, it was empty darkness.copyright protection9PENANA1fTrHvDx31

"Mind the gap, dear," Calypso said cheerfully as she hurled him through the door.copyright protection9PENANAr8YgYUC6JA

Yet again James found himself plummeting into eternal darkness, unsure of where or even if he would ever land. His knee clipped something hard in the darkness and as he unconsciously reached forward to steady himself, his left arm connected with hard cement. A loud sickening crack echoed in the dark around him as he slammed onto the hard floor and slid headfirst into a solid wall, leaving him in an unconscious heap on his basement floor.copyright protection9PENANAnJWxy0uIJC

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