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James Grey and The Song of Fear
Writer J.D. Grimm
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James Grey and The Song of Fear
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J.D. Grimm
Apr 16, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!JPAx4OFQ5tIY0DigYemuposted on PENANA

7copyright protection23PENANA8gQ4G10rFQ

It seemed like only moments had passed since James was knocked unconscious before he was opening his eyes again to the same brightly lit ceiling and rhythmic beeping. No one had saved him and any hope of rescue or mercy was destroyed by the sound of Doctor Monroe's voice.27Please respect copyright.PENANA74QbPePmCW
27Please respect copyright.PENANAg8sZtEI7xV
copyright protection23PENANAjoGTVLIABN

"Of course we're recording this session!" He shouted, "could you even imagine the history we're going to make here?" 27Please respect copyright.PENANAxDD38Hl6o1
27Please respect copyright.PENANA9w50IVexhQ
copyright protection23PENANA4jL5X4lVjH

"He's waking up, Doctor," a male nurse said.27Please respect copyright.PENANAtxYWxsBfA9
27Please respect copyright.PENANAb8MPbVwx1U
copyright protection23PENANAqrYhvEjv6Y

"Excellent!" Doctor Monroe appeared over James and stared down at him with pure excitement.27Please respect copyright.PENANAybrEb9zqGQ
27Please respect copyright.PENANAhaog7VJIbj
copyright protection23PENANAmpn3iiO1Tq

"Hello again, James. That was quite the show you put on there." He said, his voice more enthusiastic than James remembered. "What was that? Some sort of mutation?" He asked with child-like delight.copyright protection23PENANAOYJA3HFpCY

James considered not responding, but he was curious himself. "What are you talking about?"copyright protection23PENANA63p5kVKDqQ

The look of excitement on Doctor Monroe's face vanished and was replaced with disgust. "Please, Mr. Grey. Do you really expect me to believe you have no idea what I am talking about?"copyright protection23PENANACNfZQyiFAb

James' patience was wearing thin, he wanted answers just as bad as Doctor Monroe.copyright protection23PENANA5paPZdwEC9

Doctor Monroe's face turned an ugly blotchy red and he took a deep breath. "Very well, but if I'm being honest. I'm very good at changing minds." Doctor Monroe looked across the bed and nodded.copyright protection23PENANADJd2PyXzco

A male nurse wearing pale blue scrubs and a mask to cover his face looked down at James with cold eyes. "Open your mouth, please." He said in a commanding and impatient voice.copyright protection23PENANApOcFO3e6IO

James was not feeling cooperative, if he couldn't escape he darn sure wasn't going to give these people... no these creatures the satisfaction of cooperation. He tightened his jaw and pursed his lips.copyright protection23PENANAhOdsEdFbSi

The nurse didn't even hesitate, he reached down and pushed a point between his ear and jaw. Pain stabbed his face and an uncontrollable urge to open his mouth if only to relieve the pressure destroyed all the strength he could muster and as he gave in to relieve the pressure, Doctor Monroe shoved a large grey mouthpiece into James' mouth. It tasted awful and before he could spit it out the sickening whistle shot up from beneath his bed. James' eyes cinched shut as the deafening crack ripped through the air and electricity surged through his body.copyright protection23PENANAkv1yxQ6vqj

"Feeling cooperative yet, Mister Grey?" Doctor Monroe asked as James groaned in pain.copyright protection23PENANAUP76vW9J2S

James glared up at the man with defiant eyes.copyright protection23PENANAykGMMkZswR

"Increase it by ten percent," Doctor Monroe said smiling down at James.copyright protection23PENANAKQmMpUDwq3

"But that's too..." a feminine voice responded.copyright protection23PENANAPkTXqoTA8V

"I SAID INCREASE IT BY TEN PERCENT!" Doctor Monroe roared.copyright protection23PENANAsHf9t2usu0

As the whistle spun up again, James stared up at the madman and knew that there was no hope for escape or rescue. Anger and disdain filled his heart as another crack burst into the air sending lightning through his veins and leaving his mind teetering on the brink of consciousness.copyright protection23PENANAkeRG0hBEN1

"Ophthalmoscope," Doctor Monroe shouted and leaned closer to James' face with a device that shined a bright light into his eyes. "This isn't having the same effect. What are we doing differently?" he mumbled to himself. Suddenly, his eyes lit up with excitement. "Yes! That is the only explanation!"copyright protection23PENANAHClAAMZtm8

Doctor Monroe smirked, "James your father was a pathetic man who abused children, in fact, I'm sure that's why your mother went missing. He probably killed her himself."copyright protection23PENANApPPFZiHtLb

James had heard enough, in one quick motion he tongued his mouthpiece out and spat as hard as he could up at Doctor Monroe, spraying his face with thick saliva. "I'll kill you!" James roared. "Let me go!"copyright protection23PENANAu5qmMrDn5q

A pleasant chime rang out overhead; "Doctor Monroe to the administrator's office, Doctor Monroe to the Administrators office."copyright protection23PENANAoN3KoDwn7T

Doctor Monroe wiped the spit from his face and nodded across the bed again. "We'll have to continue this later." He said.copyright protection23PENANAvwJlbJETcp

Another whistle with no crack, just darkness, and rage.copyright protection23PENANA5Hvv3iXHF3

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