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Short Story
Bitten Rabid
Co-Writer KatVsAnime*
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Bitten Rabid
Apr 17, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Ey2seunESgWZ1hpxEKowposted on PENANA

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 Howls could be heard that night. They sounded through the forest and into the city below.  Overhead, a large full moon lit up the sky and illuminated the forest below. The howling belonged to a pack of wolves that roamed the mountain forests that surrounded Arrowbrook, Oregon.  They were running through the forests, feeling the wind through their fur and the moonlight as it beamed through the forest canopy onto the forest floor. One might think that these wolves were just ordinary animals. However, that was not the case. These wolves were special. Their bodies were strengthened by the moonlight in a way that would not occur in regular wolves. No, these wolves were special. They were werewolves.copyright protection26PENANAQmATOOnbtf

        Everyone knows what werewolves are. They are portrayed in the media, books, and movies. Everyone knows that a werewolf is a human that has the capability of transforming into a wolf or wolf-like creature. Every culture has their own unique version of the werewolf in it’s legends. There are werewolves that can stand up on it’s hind legs, there are werewolves that look like a man with hair all over it’s body, and there is the version where the human transforms into an actual wolf. There are many more versions of this supernatural creature but there is not enough time to name them all.copyright protection26PENANAspftHF1mpq

        To the knowledge of the citizens of Arrowbrook, these werewolves were ordinary wolves. There was nothing special about them, and they didn’t keep themselves up at night wondering if there was anything odd about them. But even though the people of Arrowbrook knew that the wolves existed there had never been a sighting of one. Seriously, you're probably thinking: “How can there be werewolves in the forests and not a single one has been seen?”. But let me explain first before you make assumptions. If a human ever saw one of the werewolves, it wasn’t reported to the authorities or put on a conspiracy sight because of one thing. The werewolves of Arrowbrook, Oregon are werewolves that blend in with wild life, meaning that a werewolf in actual reality, turn into a normal looking wolf.copyright protection26PENANASmkuVyK9qs

        This is all important for the tale ahead and I’m telling all of you this for one reason and one reason only.copyright protection26PENANAbgOMaDAxP4

                  Don’t underestimate the value of keeping a secret.copyright protection26PENANANhu2LbINx7

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