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Short Story
Bitten Rabid
Co-Writer KatVsAnime*
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Bitten Rabid
Part One - Chapter One
Apr 17, 2018
8 Mins Read
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The senior aged woman looked over her paper and read over the introduction. She sighed and grabbed the pen from the mug next to her. Then she started to write.copyright protection11PENANAh5jh3BOJOO

        “I suppose if I’m going to tell this story I should start from when it all began. It all started when I was sixteen years old and I was at a frat party instead of studying….”             copyright protection11PENANA7OjEgeY8ax

                                        copyright protection11PENANAijt2wXt44R

        “Go! Go! Go!” the crowd chanted as Delia chugged down the last red solo cup of beer.copyright protection11PENANAmmXFE1hsL5

        The party was at a frat house, and with Delia’s mature looks, she was able to fool the drunk frat students that she was over twenty-one years old. As the party raved, there was much going on. There were fools trying to get girls to go back to their dorms with them, beer pong, pool playing, and the drinking challenge of which Delia was at the center of attention. It was no surprise that Delia had fooled the frat students maintaining the entry to the party, her 5’6” in height and mature Grecian looks that she inherited from her mother made her look almost twice her actual age.copyright protection11PENANAgSTAwaOvjZ

        Most students of sixteen on a Sunday night would be found at home, cramming for a math test that they had the next day. But not Delia. No, it seemed as Delia grew from infancy she inherited her grandmother’s intellect. From the age of two, Delia could read at a second grade level, she could speak almost fluent Spanish, and knew most things about the parts of the human body. She was even signed into Mensa International and was certified as a child genius. From there, she graduated high school at age thirteen and was at college for a degree in forensics. But that all effort and knowledge seemed to be going down the drain as Delia continued to drink alcohol and smoke.copyright protection11PENANA3BiwDPu6Uy

        Delia finished the beer and slammed the red solo cup onto the table she was standing in front of. She let of a victory cheer and the crowd surrounding the table followed suit. Then suddenly feeling her phone vibrate in her pocket, Delia pulled it out only to realize it was her roommate wondering where she was. Deciding that it was time to go, Delia jumped off the table and walked towards the closet where her jacket had been put. But, her attempt to flee the party was in vain as she was stopped by a guy that looked to be in his mid twenties.copyright protection11PENANAYhVWWzYd1J

        “Hey, where ya goin’?,” he asked obnoxiously, “You cant be leaving this awesome party already, can you?”copyright protection11PENANAjiCdS9oHEH

        “None of your business, creep!”, Delia snarled, “Now get away from me!”copyright protection11PENANAHIj0eWPI3K

        The man simply smiled snidely and made a lunge towards Delia.copyright protection11PENANAh21cZYMXcO

        Delia’s eyes widened and she tried to go around the man. However, it didn’t work as she was grabbed by the man and shoved against the wall next to the closet full of jackets. Fighting against the man, Delia received an unwelcome kiss from the drunk man against her. She tried to kick her way out of her grasp but the firm grip on her arms and leg trapping her against the wall prevented any attempts of escape. It was only until she let out a scream that she was saved.copyright protection11PENANAHv6jJZs7H7

        The wait was lifted from her body and Delia opened her eyes only to see her roommate, Adrian, punching the lights out of her attacker. It wasn’t until the man who attempted to rape her was unconscious that Adrian stood up from on top of the man and looked towards the shuddering Delia. Taking his jacket off Adrian walked towards the traumatized Delia and covered her shoulders with the jacket and then proceeded to remove Delia from the dangerous environment of the frat party.copyright protection11PENANAPpP8p45fN9

        Delia was dragged from the party by her arm and to Adrian’s car. Opening the door to his car, Delia got into the passenger’s seat before the door was slammed and Adrian walked around to the driver’s side. Getting into the car and then slamming the door in ager behind him, Delia flinched as he turned onto her. His hard and angry gaze softened upon seeing the sight of Delia flinching at his actions. Deciding against chastising her for now, Adrian sighed and then started the car.copyright protection11PENANAZ5c1hbZ39b

        Pulling out of the spot he had parked in, Adrian started to drive down the road. There was an awkward silence in the air of the car that made it a somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere for both Adrian and Delia. Delia had started to calm down and in noticing that, Adrian finally spoke.copyright protection11PENANARQHYarYCzG

        “Are you okay, Delia?”  Adrian asked softly.copyright protection11PENANAJo5zwuDCJr

        Delia sighed and then replied with a small, quiet nod. copyright protection11PENANALJwXKO9KSi

        "Okay, then you won't mind me asking why you were there in the first place?" Adrian questioned. copyright protection11PENANAVK9DIj4HVD

        “I was having fun,” Delia answered. “You do know how to have fun right?”copyright protection11PENANAnF2tfyXTbH

        Adrian scoffed shortly. “Of course I know how to have fun. But there’s a difference between having fun and being straight up reckless.”copyright protection11PENANAkXqQVbE4Vw

        Delia looked over at him from the passenger’s side of the car, then smiled. Adrian was always looking out for her when she did something stupid and reckless. He was after all, the person that her parents had entrusted to look after her while she was at Western Oregon University. Her family lived in Portland, Oregon while she went to school with Adrian, her neighbors’ son. Delia always begged Adrian not to tell her parents of her nightly activities at parties, and Adrian insisted that they make an agreement. If Delia kept her grades up and did her classwork, then Adrian wouldn't reveal Delia's nightly activities to her parents. It was a simple arrangement and it seemed to work to both of their benefit.copyright protection11PENANAnRhwuZPzHL

        A silence settled over the car once more, this one much more relaxing. Feeling bored, Delia reached over and switched the radio on. She changed the station to classic rock and then sat back into her seat, head against the head rest. Adrian looked over to Delia in that moment, and noticed that she was falling asleep. He turned the volume down on the radio so it wasn’t disturbing her sleep and then put his eyes back on the road. It was silent for a bit as they made their way back to their apartment near the college campus.copyright protection11PENANAc5reyGNvzY

        All was fine until a car with bright headlights swerved towards their car.  The screeching of the tires woke Delia from her nap, and the bright lights of the car swerving uncontrollably towards them blinded her. Raising a hand and blocking the light she screamed and the other car rammed into them and knocked them close to a ditch. Swerving to a stop, more than likely leaving tire marks on the road, Adrian shoved off his seat belt and slammed open the car door. He was beyond mad at the person who had slammed into them. Delia thought to herself and decided that it had most likely been a drunk driver who was either making their way home or going to another party.copyright protection11PENANAdTWEKRPpVK

        However, her thoughts didn’t dwindle on what had caused the accident as she looked out the windshield of the car and saw a fight going on between Adrian and the driver of the other car. She grabbed the keys out of the ignition and quickly opened her door to try to break up the fight between her roommate and the unknown driver. She stopped short though when she saw the other man’s eyes illuminate a gold color in the darkness. She tried to step forwards again and as soon as she was about five feet from Adrian and the unknown man, something happened. The man started to convulse and hunch over as if he were sick.copyright protection11PENANAWiBdO6dEFU

        “Delia, get back in the car and drive!” Adrian shouted.copyright protection11PENANApRZR6xxU37

        Delia looked at him in terror before she put a hand on his shoulder. “Why?”copyright protection11PENANATh0PVLGKaB

        “Just get in the car and drive back to the apartment!” Adrian cried. “Don’t ask questions! Get in the car now!”copyright protection11PENANAv7U7kJdxnS

        In fear and confusion, Delia did as she was told and ran back to the car. The man who had attacked Adrian was now on the ground with his hands on his head, groaning in pain. Delia wanted to help the man and see if he was alright, but the tone that Adrian had used when he order her to go the the car made her hesitant to disobey. As she looked through the windshield once more, she noticed that Adrian had now started to convulse. The man who attacked her looked different than before. His limbs and face were starting to get longer as his clothes started to rip. Adrian’s clothes started to rip and tear as well as he too began to have an elongated face and limbs.copyright protection11PENANAsNKsFRZcL3

        “What the h*ll is happening to them?” Delia spoke aloud to herself.copyright protection11PENANAjEkktf690g

        As the man and Adrian continued to convulse and change into weird mutant looking things, Delia’s heart rate seemed to go through the roof. There was no way that what Delia thought they were changing into was possible. As the man and Adrian thrashed about, Delia noticed that they were loosing their humanoid appearance and gaining a more canine one. Their ears had moved from the sides of their heads, they had gained longer legs and arms and a snout that protruded from their face. There was a distinct animal that Delia knew they seemed to be taking the form of, and she didn’t want to believe that it was possible.copyright protection11PENANALvoFCIpQgM

        They were changing into wolves.copyright protection11PENANAIIAtafkas5

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