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Mouse - A Collection of Short Stories
Writer aminorsecond
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Mouse - A Collection of Short Stories
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I : Mouse - A Tale of Greed
Jul 9, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QRfMprpNiExgPlPL1Hewposted on PENANA

The world is odd at his size. 20Please respect copyright.PENANA8pTJCFFvkD
copyright protection16PENANAillHL0CDP3

The mouse toggles between soil that sinks below his feet and a sky that threatens to wash him away. Within the limbo of nature, nothing seems as small as the mouse. Each day, taunted by his tectonic pawed neighbors, rumbling his weak underbelly as they pass through, the mouse feels his distaste strengthen. The power they wielded simply with their size was enough to make the mouse grow in rapacity. 20Please respect copyright.PENANAAAL7Imkim2
copyright protection16PENANArGUGsj7R6p

“You mope around too much,” said the wolf, bending so his mouth levied with the mouse’s head. “You have the dirt at your disposal after all!”  20Please respect copyright.PENANA2goBeUVHck
copyright protection16PENANAwDGlYv70cl

With a wolfish grin, the towering animal sauntered away, kicking up the Earth in a successful attempt to beleaguer the mouse. The mouse buried himself further into his burrow: an anxious mess of grass stuffed dirt. 20Please respect copyright.PENANAflK94nPJS9
copyright protection16PENANAwuHSbsSO6I

“Wolf is right….” the mouse entombed himself in his personalized dishevelment of green. “He's right isn’t he...”20Please respect copyright.PENANAmtJ8BsuVKR
copyright protection16PENANARxoLdQ5lIb

“You know Mouse,” the hummingbird began. The lightness of her voice aligned with the soft titter of her wings. “Owl says ‘when the moon reflects against the pond, our hunger will cease.’”20Please respect copyright.PENANAYM8nomhj3t
copyright protection16PENANAKfPqBNVIN7

The mouse's ears perked up and he scampered out to meet his friend. copyright protection16PENANA4kCLcNe4Bk

“Pond? What pond?” copyright protection16PENANAMtSae51krK

The hummingbird chirped, dumbfounded. copyright protection16PENANAvbZkCA8yiW

“The pond next door Mouse! Do you not leave your burrow?”copyright protection16PENANAGngi9s5nwH

The mouse bowed his head shyly. copyright protection16PENANAIjbAtqGvK7

“There’s not much to see out here…” he mumbled to himself. copyright protection16PENANAffjeAVPIu8

“Well it is a full moon tonight…” in that moment the hummingbird became the mouse’s goad, subtly pushing the mouse to try his luck.  copyright protection16PENANAEavUsEmy2T

“I see…” the mouse murmured and slunk back into his burrow. copyright protection16PENANAgKcrlGR2bB

________copyright protection16PENANA9rRtGrpvaT

That night, the moon was indeed full and the mouse could feel it loom over him, beckoning him to bathe in its rays. The mouse complied to the invisible offering, nimbly finding his way to the pond. Recalling his earlier conversation with the hummingbird, the mouse peered upon the sliver of water painted an ever flowing glow of silver. All else was still and the mouse could only fathom the unheard voice of the moon, calling into the depths of the his hunger, his craving to be bigger. That was what swelled inside of him, making his body hollow. Eagerly, the mouse dipped his nose into the water. 20Please respect copyright.PENANAEjPpsTMhDF
copyright protection16PENANADP39JwN64P

Nothing happened. copyright protection16PENANA0lAcMWTEY5

Defeated the mouse hauled himself home, disappointment digging into his body and making his feet feel like stones. However, morning arrived and the mouse could no longer sit comfortably in his home; his body had misshaped his burrow. Ecstatic the mouse heaved himself out and smugly awaited the wolf’s arrival. 20Please respect copyright.PENANAqZ8a7JCCFn
“Tiny still! Barely up to my hind feet!” The wolf smirked and paraded away.20Please respect copyright.PENANAtD9B0yXiS1
copyright protection16PENANAg7w7Bcz0IK

The hollowing returned to the mouse and that night he subsided it with a visit to the pond for more. In the morning he was sure he had passed his adversary's knee yet the wolf never came. So, the mouse returned to the pond each night again and again and again. Growing bigger and bigger yet he awoke each morning hollow. He could never satisfy the emptiness in his underbelly, which felt weaker no matter his size. He could never fill the pit in his body and dismay became a stake in his stomach, rooting him to the pond’s edge even when the mouse drank it dry. 20Please respect copyright.PENANALxkBWNuJ58
copyright protection16PENANATmzXvjtipy

20Please respect copyright.PENANAow7xGfhjSW

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