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    Hey, my name is Ubi. I'm a young adult that loves writing stories and poetry. My stories are always dystopian like and my poems are usually depressing! I love unicorns and the color pink.
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    Beta Reader [on hiatus]Beta Reader AuthenticElle

Earth had become stale, on the verge of uninhabitable. We had conquered space travel to the darkest reaches of space. But, as humans usually are, they become curious, then greedy. Once the Andromeda Galaxy was fully explored, the people of earth fled to  colonize a new planet. They chose a little blue planet that seemed to be teeming with life. The planet was almost like earth. The inhabitants as well were as humanoid as can be. The humans of earth had heard of this distant planet, Oasis. Heard of it's magnificent beauty, abundance of plant and wildlife. All kept on this small planet. In the beginning there was peace as well as intermingling of the species. It was  a beacon to all life in that small sector of Andromeda. But, eventually, no one really knows why, the planet Oasis began to change. It lost its color, it's life. The land became red and dusty,  akin to the planet mars. The last of the inhabitants of Oasis perished, except for the Umlilos. A race as old as the planet itself was the last living creatures as  the planet began to slowly die off. Years later, Oasis was colonized, inhabited by earth humans and other beings. A thriving metropolis in a small capital of the world, Poseidon. Welcome, to the new Oasis.