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What Is "Love" To You?
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What Is "Love" To You?
What Is "Love" To You?
Submission Closed

Question: What is love to you?

In celebration of Valentine's Day, answer the question "What is Love to you" with the following criteria:

Intriguing and Interesting: 30%
~Your work (poetry or prose) must be interesting to read and not boring

Content and Relevance: 30%
~Your work must answer the question
~Your work must have at least 200 words

Grammar and Punctuation: 20%
~Your work must follow the rules of grammar and punctuation
~No spelling errors

Creativity and Originality: 20%
~Your work must be creative and original
~Your work must have a certain tone, mood, and atmosphere to it
~Complex designing of the plot

Total: 100%

At the end of the contest, I will announce your scores.
100% is the highest possible score (perfect)
50% is the lowest possible score (hmmm...)
0% is just a plain boring answer

HaVe FuN!

Total Reading Time: 23 minutes

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