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    I started writing to inspire my children into the world of reading and writing. It started with an innocent enough poem, brought to me by my son. When I say a poem, four stanzas. He asked me to finish it and I wrote the rest of the poem to the best of my ability over the next four days or so. It is posted up here, Descent Into Insanity Vol I. They liked it so much, they wanted the rest of the story the poem told. So, I wrote a second and they did not think that finished it. I jokingly said that I should just write a novel and here I am today. I am 35 now and disabled with a rare form of motor neuron disease but writing has given me a new purpose in life. Something that I can do, that can be a betterment for me and my family. We are an odd lot that you can read more about, slowly in Adventures in Fatherhood. But I am slow to open up. Being from the south, contrary to belief, we a not that open of people. We take a while to warm up to people but maybe eventually I will get used to it.
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Return to Eden


This story once more came about from a science discussion. An article on the web spurred a discussion about the possibilities of what life would be like on a moon orbiting a planet that controlled its length of day. My son inspired this story and it is for him that it is wrote. I had the prologue and the first two chapters wrote when my computer crashed and devoured it.

Return to Eden is set in the not so far distant future. Based on some real technology that we currently have in some form or fashion, man is now in the cosmos. If you are expecting Star whatever please look elsewhere. Wars have torn the Earth apart figuratively, leaving it under the control of the only ones who would profit from such a calamity, big corporations. They now own they world powers and they run the world like a business. War is no longer profitable but people are. Now the Command Corp has been dispatched to check in on the progress of all the colonies that were supposed to be established before the fall of the Nations. These people were sent out on pre-lightspeed ships that took generations to reach their destinations and so far none have survived. The final colony, Eden III, the farthest out colony, is due for their visit. The E.S.S Western Star has been dispatched to investigate their progress and see to their needs but what they will find will haunt the crew for the remainder of their lives.

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