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    I started writing to inspire my children into the world of reading and writing. It started with an innocent enough poem, brought to me by my son. When I say a poem, four stanzas. He asked me to finish it and I wrote the rest of the poem to the best of my ability over the next four days or so. It is posted up here, Descent Into Insanity Vol I. They liked it so much, they wanted the rest of the story the poem told. So, I wrote a second and they did not think that finished it. I jokingly said that I should just write a novel and here I am today. I am 35 now and disabled with a rare form of motor neuron disease but writing has given me a new purpose in life. Something that I can do, that can be a betterment for me and my family. We are an odd lot that you can read more about, slowly in Adventures in Fatherhood. But I am slow to open up. Being from the south, contrary to belief, we a not that open of people. We take a while to warm up to people but maybe eventually I will get used to it.
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Curse of the Reaper

The Void, mother of all that was, created two sons, Order, and Chaos, to bring substance to her. A war will be sparked off that between the twins that will, in the end, consume their mother. Out of the ashes of her corpse, the third and final Plane, that of physical existence would be born. Here they would wage a war that would span eons and worlds, till it would finally fall upon a seemingly insignificant planet. Bearing the name of its immortal caregiver, the Grim, Order fashioned him to defend this bastion of life from the hands of Chaos. His brother would play on the infant immortals fear of annihilation, and tempt him into the sacrilegious act of mating with mortals. When Order scrambles to try to right the injustice and preserve the balance, it is thought that all is well, but sins will always come back to haunt the Father. Now it will be up to another of his sons, many millennia down the road, to answer for his Father's wrongs, as the race for the Throne of the Underworld begins in Book One of The World of Grim. I decided it was time for a new blurb:-P.