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Starco Forever
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Writer Coco McRainbow
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Starco Forever
A - A - A
Coco McRainbow
Dec 2, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HNdR3HVvpN675T3mJSxNposted on PENANA

"Ring!" went the school bell, disclaiming that school was over. Star skipped to her locker to get some books and her magic wand. Marco, on the other hand, was helping the teacher carry heavy boxes up to the teacher's lounge. copyright protection42PENANAGqWEhoxG8y

Star didn't notice where she was going and accidentally crashed into Marco, making him drop the boxes. "Oh my gosh! I am SO sorry, Marco!" Star helped Marco up. "It's... Fine." Marco said while brushing his red hoodie. He checked the contents in the boxes to see if they were okay.copyright protection42PENANA1PmeGpVCVl

Luckily, they were. "Where ya heading to?" "The teacher's lounge," Marco said, picking up the heavy boxes. "Ooh! I wanna help! I've never been into the teacher lounge!" Marco sighed. "That's because you're not supposed to. I'm helping the teacher carry stuff." Star flashed Marco adorable, irresistible puppy eyes. " Please, Marco! Just this once?" Marco rolled his eyes. "Fine. Take this box." Marco signalled to the top box on the pile he was carrying.copyright protection42PENANAq1svVwSEpq

"Floating Bubble Cloud!" Star chanted a spell. A bubbly cloud popped out and carried the heavy box. "I can't wait to see the teacher's lounge!" Marco chuckled. 46Please respect copyright.PENANAIgwBElgDTi
copyright protection42PENANAs6RoL8NiOV

When they reached the big, brown doors of the teacher's lounge, Star's eyes widened. "This place is amazing!" Star said in amazement. "Okay, we just need to put this stuff on the teacher's desk and we can go home," Marco said under his breath. Star nodded excitedly.46Please respect copyright.PENANAAtqXCKNGFP
copyright protection42PENANARQLd5sD15y

Just as Marco was placing the heavy boxes, the cloud holding the heavy box crashed into him, making him bump his head hard on the desk.copyright protection42PENANAmwAP1vmUaL

Marco shrieked a loud "Ouch!" before going unconscious. "M... Marco? Marco, wake up! Oh no, what have I done?!" Star mumbled, panicking. copyright protection42PENANAkDRb2DjQV8

Minutes later, Marco woke up to a white surrounding. Was he in Wonderland? Impossible, Wonderland wasn't real!copyright protection42PENANALNYx140F56

Marco started to sit up and saw a man in white standing beside his bed. "Hello. You're in the hospital as your friend called the ambulance saying you had gone unconscious. I'm here to ask you some questions." Marco did a weak nod. copyright protection42PENANAerCOgEkDyu

"Do you remember who you are?"copyright protection42PENANAoT8g5aTp0P

"Uh... Marco... Marco Diaz."copyright protection42PENANAyMDxkEBljG

"That is correct. Do you remember where you study?"copyright protection42PENANArx84moIG1h

"Um... Echo Creek High School."copyright protection42PENANAbqbjHhuAGu

"Good. Lastly, who is your best friend?"copyright protection42PENANAqfh3MCIoX1

"Um... I... I can't... remember..."copyright protection42PENANA4pzctVBbBD

"It's okay. I'll give you some time and I'll check on you again."copyright protection42PENANAtM4E6LVAmC

"Okay..."copyright protection42PENANA5MSnPEZx2X

Oh no.copyright protection42PENANAz7m9jP4V1G

Marco forgot who his best friend was! How will Star react to this...?copyright protection42PENANAyvtCazn5aJ

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