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Starco Forever
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Writer Coco McRainbow
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Starco Forever
A - A - A
Coco McRainbow
Dec 2, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7YeTEILLGK3mo2vY9uahposted on PENANA

After a while, the doctor came into Marco's ward again. "Hello Marco, how are you feeling?" Marco sat up and rubbed his head. "Better, I guess." copyright protection40PENANAn68fT14TBI

"That's good to hear. Have you recalled who your best friend is?"copyright protection40PENANA7JHlDl4o7K

"Uh... Is it... Jackie Lynn Thomas?"copyright protection40PENANA8a7xdDwn7G

The doctor shook his head and wrote some noted on a clipboard. Just then, Star walked in. "You mean... You forgot who am? I'm Star Butterfly! I'm your best friend!"44Please respect copyright.PENANAtRstGerrSW
copyright protection40PENANAEuMMKGOOAp

Marco was confused. "Uh... Sorry miss, I don't know who you are." Star felt a tear roll down her heart cheeks. copyright protection40PENANAxH8e3LA7aH

"Doctor, you HAVE to save him! I can't put up with this!"copyright protection40PENANASiRZQ5CmsK

"I'm sorry, Star, there's nothing I can really do about it. You'll have to wait 2 months for him to remember you. Or you can try reminding him with memories and what not."copyright protection40PENANA26ePTYvHN5

Star felt more tears rolling. "Marco... Of all people! Like Jackie and Fergerson and the weird teachers at school... Why, of all people, did you have to forget ME?!"copyright protection40PENANA7kNgzQ2aYc

Marco was stunned. He was sure he never saw this girl before. Why was she talking to him like they were really close?copyright protection40PENANARQvJPlOsIh

"Doctor..." Star said through muffled words. "When can Marco be discharged?"copyright protection40PENANAcKorzip50d

"In a week or two, sweetie. After that, you can try to make him remember."copyright protection40PENANAb7yYo7PqiN

Star looked at Marco one last time before running out of the ward crying. Outside the ward stood Mr and Mrs Diaz. "Star! What happened?" Mrs Diaz asked. "Marco... He... He forgot me! I just..." Star hugged them tight while crying.copyright protection40PENANAD9E8TtuIWc

"There, there. He'll remember you soon enough. You just have to wait for two months!"copyright protection40PENANAZ8XnzxGZDG

"I can't wait! I want the Marco I knew and loved to come back!"copyright protection40PENANAdONLNbTCCb

Mrs Diaz rubbed Star's back. "It'll be okay. Patience is a virtue, as I always say."copyright protection40PENANAqfl4oeyTXu

"This can't wait! Who will hang out with me during lunch? Who will talk to me when I go home? Who's going to be there for me when I need them most? Other than Marco and Fergerson and some other people, I have no friends! Marco understands me the most! Losing him is like losing family!" Star let go of Mrs Diaz. copyright protection40PENANA5WD3kdA0dd

She scoffed. "Ugh, you guys won't understand anyways!" Star ran out of the hospital and ran back home. She entered Marco's room and saw Marco's phone on his desk. "Oh... I remember his ringtone..." Millions of memories flowed through Star's mind.copyright protection40PENANAGq2ucPG6si

"Why oh why did Marco have to forget ME?" Star started sobbing again. copyright protection40PENANAiTyDXWSwPP

Star felt like she was alone.copyright protection40PENANA1VMFY6Tz76

She didn't have anyone to count on anymore.copyright protection40PENANANOxPiKEYQ7

She didn't have anyone to confront her problems to.copyright protection40PENANAh80PMYLEuB

She...copyright protection40PENANAtwwgbvm45u

She didn't have a friend.copyright protection40PENANAbSiIHBsmAj

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