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    Amy Symilton
    Amy Symilton
    I'm a writer from Indonesia. I mostly write stories of mixed genres for children such as adventure, fantasy, and action mixed with supernatural, magic, martial art, sci-fi, myth, or mystical folklore elements of each country including my own. I also sometimes write fable stories but with improvised plots (I'm not sticking too much with the classic storytelling of once upon a time nowadays. Usually, I just stick to the beginning without using the classic quote in older stories even though I still love the classic tales and folklore myself).
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Hunt of Flame
PG Completed

Long time ago, there was a legend called the legend of the Phoenix. According to this legend, the Phoenix lives near Flammel Town and it has what mankind strive the most: immortality. Those who succeed in making the Phoenix do his/her bidding will gain its immortality and also an ally. However, the people of Flammel Town didn't believe the Phoenix's existence and thought it was just a myth. One day, a man came to Flammel Town to seek the Phoenix for his ambition. This man is Kezer Fane and he is known for his mad ambition. The people of Flammel Town think he's crazy for believing in that myth. Because of his ambition, he ignore them and climbs to the top of the valley near the town where the Phoenix was and hasn't return. 3 months later, a boy named Atorie Valiant wanted to prove the Phoenix's existence. Along with his friends, a journey in search of the Phoenix start. Will he succeed in proving that the Phoenix exist?