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    Amy Symilton
    Amy Symilton
    I'm a writer from Indonesia. I mostly write stories of mixed genres for children such as adventure, fantasy, and action mixed with supernatural, magic, martial art, sci-fi, myth, or mystical folklore elements of each country including my own. I also sometimes write fable stories but with improvised plots (I'm not sticking too much with the classic storytelling of once upon a time nowadays. Usually, I just stick to the beginning without using the classic quote in older stories even though I still love the classic tales and folklore myself).
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Adventure of Alice Maro the Magician the 3rd Story: The Voice of the Deep
PG Completed

Several days after Vine was accepted as a member of Magi village, Alice Maro along with Blue Vine reads a book containing a classic poet of how sailors used to tell inexperienced young sailors to beware of sirens in the 19th century. The existence of the siren intrigued Alice's curiosity when a singing voice of the siren brought the attention of everyone in Magi Village. Following the singing voice, Alice, Vine, and Marta of the Magi Village are dragged by an unknown force into a different timeline. After being saved by a mysterious figure and an aged sailor, Alice realized that they were brought into the 19th century. Sirens are believed as real monsters in the 19th century and experienced sailors often warn the young one to beware of the sirens lurking beneath the sea. Alice begins to investigate the existence of sirens and the mystery of the sea, unaware of the incoming danger as they investigate the mystery of the sea deeper. Can they solve it?

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