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    Amy Symilton
    Amy Symilton
    I'm a writer from Indonesia. I mostly write stories of mixed genres for children such as adventure, fantasy, and action mixed with supernatural, magic, martial art, sci-fi, myth, or mystical folklore elements of each country including my own. I also sometimes write fable stories but with improvised plots (I'm not sticking too much with the classic storytelling of once upon a time nowadays. Usually, I just stick to the beginning without using the classic quote in older stories even though I still love the classic tales and folklore myself).
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Fable Fantasy Adventure: The Magician’s Return
PG-13 Completed

Several days later after Anima's defeat...Tyco is now treated as Tane's family's secondary son and Tane treated him as her own little brother. However, having a life as a human is difficult for him due to how the other humans look at him. He tried to enjoy his daily life in his human form and learned how to control his new power given by Merlin's magic. He also struggles in Tane's school as he wished to go to school with Tane because of his curiosity. One day...a caravan stops near their school and a Jewish magician emerges from it. This magician turns out to be the imprisoned Magus as Tyco noticed how he could control other students to obey his command along with the ability to float magically and his caravan is just a disguise used to hide a Wolfman with the ability to control everyone's mind from his howling sound. Sensing this danger, Merlin comes back to Tyco's world when she heard that the Magician is freed. This time, she comes back with a crow masked boy nicknamed Summoner. Can Tyco and Tane stop the magician who made a deal with the devil with Merlin's help?

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