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    Amy Symilton
    Amy Symilton
    I'm a writer from Indonesia. I mostly write stories of mixed genre for children such as adventure, fantasy, and action mixed with supernatural, magic, martial art, sci-fi, myth, or mystical folklore elements of each countries including my own. I also sometimes write fable story but with improvised plot (I'm not sticking too much with the classic storytelling of once upon a time nowadays. Usually I just stick to the beginning without using the classic quote in older stories even though I still love the classical tales and folklore myself).
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Adventure of Alice Maro the Magician The Sixth Story: A Haunting Christmas Night
PG-13 Completed

A month after the lycanthropy war, autumn changes into a cold winter. As far as Alice knows, everyone living in Magi Village was used to the sudden change of temperature but her. While Vine shivers from the cold as there is no season change in Night Realm, Alice shivers due to her skin sensitivity against sudden temperature change much to her wishing for thicker skin. In the midst of struggling for warmth during winter, Alice and Vine read a book that tells the story of Krampus. Krampus has been known as the demon punishing naughty children on Christmas day. As the two finished reading the folklore, a phoenix brought a rolled paper of message for them. Roy invites them to help him prepare for Christmas tomorrow much to Alice's shock since she never had a calendar for such a thing. Vine told her to get something to determine the date today which Alice talked back that despite living in isolation, everyone knew about "calendar" with a sour look from her eyes. while preparing to leave after inviting Martha and June, Alice gets a bad feeling if Krampus truly exist or is just a myth. Alice can only hope that Krampus isn't real and doesn't have to face it. Alice's wonder turns into reality as the real Krampus appears and seemingly brings terror on its victim at night. Its attempt to punish misbehaved children victim got interrupted as Roy witnessed its existence which brought nightmare upon him in his sleep just from its presence. Alice senses the use of magic on the way to Roy's house and the gang rushed to his house to investigate the phenomenon. despite the terrifying ability of the demon, Alice seems to have the idea of a talisman used to summon the assistance of any spirit contained inside it much to June's doubt. It's going to be a fearsome night for Alice this time!

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