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    Hello, I am no where near a professional author or what you may refer to as "a good author", I am still very much trying to improve. I mainly write because it's fun to write stories. ----------------------------------- Important questions: 1. How often do I update? I'm never consistent with life and all. Updates can come very slowly especially if I'm not on holiday and working on assessments in University. Just always assume that updates will come by once every decade. 2. What genres do I like? Mostly Fantasy, action, and isekai. 3. Do I take story ideas? No. But I do love feedback on stories that I am writing. ----------------------------------- I do plan on posting my stories on other websites as well. So far I have an account on: 1. Fiction Press 2. Wattpad 3. Quotev 4. Royal Road 5. Booksie ----------------------------------- I also have a YouTube channel if you're interested. My videos mainly focus around commentary type of videos. One video in particular I have on my channel is a video where I actually go through all the writing websites and give my personal thoughts and opinions. I would appreciate if you could check that out. Here's the link to that video. https://youtu.be/Fse5g7xPAvg ----------------------------------- I've also created a discord server for my story "I'm Not An Angel, I'm a Knight" for those who want to share feedback and opinions more easier. Also for those who simply want to lurk and check my progress on future chapter. Keep in mind, this is the first discord server I have ever made so it is still a work in progress. https://discord.gg/uC5ZgDuJNA ----------------------------------- Alright this is my PayPal. Honesty, I am not in any financial need for money...yet, and naturally, since I am a casual writer, I don't expect anything really. This is mainly for those who really want to see the next chapter of my story sooner. I have no intentions of abandoning "I'm Not An Angel, I'm A Knight" anytime soon cause I love the series, but if you want to motivate me to get out a chapter sooner, a tiny donation of one dollar or 50 cents is way more than enough to get me motivated. Thank you. https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=WKDJQ8ZHMQFRJ
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I'm Not An Angel, I'm A Knight

Upon his defeat, the Demon Lord placed a cursed on the entire land that infested it with thousands of clones, "fakes" as they call them, of each of the Nine Heroes who defeated him. Our main protagonist is not one of those nine heroes, rather, she is one of those fakes who, after realising that chasing after the original was foolish, decides to change and become her own self.

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