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    Katherine Velthuyzen
    Katherine Velthuyzen
    I'm just your average human bean wanting to share their stories with the world :) I live in Australia, and apart from writing, I also enjoy knitting and walking. I also have a gorgeous black cat who owns me, not the other way around!
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Not a Second Time
PG-13 Completed

Getting kidnapped by a rival alpha wasn't the way I'd planned on starting my day. But I had to hand it to Jethro - he made being a prisoner actually pretty decent, and I had the run of the house. I was certainly treated with a damn sight more respect than I was at home, and that was saying something. 

Of course, I knew I was only going to be kept prisoner until the ransom Jethro asked of my parents was paid. But when they came to pay it, they were so damned arrogant about the whole affair that I told them to shove their money up their asses; I was staying with Jethro. 

Jethro, surprisingly, backed me in the matter. My parents ... not so much. So when they found out I was determined to stay, they took it as a declaration of war, and promised to pay Jethro back the only way they knew how; in blood. 

But I wasn't going to go back to their packhouse. I'd made too many friends, and I wasn't going to have that taken away from me. 

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