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Fateless: The Silver Lining

It has been ten years of peace for the Union since the end of the great war with the eastern barbarian tribes, yet in the cold north of the Union's land, a new threat is looming. This time, an ambitious Lord is seeking to restore the yore pride of his kin, forcing the weakened Union into yet another unwanted war, as he ramps up the ranks of his army with thieves, murderers and mercenaries.* * *The temperature inside the forge was nearly twice as high as the one outside. A black-haired girl hammered a steel ingot into the shape of a blade. The heat of the steam was draining her stamina away, but her focus remained sharp as her sweat streamed down her face. Hit after hit, for hours, the sound of the hammering steel followed the rhythm of her breathing. Exhausted, she placed the blade into the water and wiped the sweat off her face using a drenched rag.

Why are they screaming?

Vatra dipped the rag back in the water, twisted it, and approached the window. Her mouth opened as her world shattered again into the living nightmare she had wilfully tried to forget. She bit her lips; it wasn’t a dream. The pulse of her heart rose. A cold sweat prickled her back. A mother was running, and a child was screaming. A torrent of smoke was emerging from the roof of her neighbour. Vatra’s eyes blinked. The mother lay on the ground, a spear through her back. A torch circled in the air and landed on the roof of her workshop. In the distance, a man wearing a banner well known to the world…

Fateless is a philosophical medieval dark low fantasy centered on war, militaristic campaigns and geopolitical conflicts between multiple empires. This story follows the fate of Vatra, a former slave from the eastern Nar Empire who was raised in a culture far away from her own, forced into warfare against her will, and the fate of Lanaya, an ambitious half-angel exiled from her home whose existence is seen as heresy. As they wished for peace, both chose a path opposed to one another until their fate crossed. In this story where war dictates the law, love strikes them as a poisoned balm to which they grasp for with all their might, as it is in the darkest of times that the smallest flames may burn the brightest.

* * *

Tome 1 already completed and available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/Fateless-Silver-Hugo-Emmanuel-Simard-Wallot/dp/B09LGSH1KK

Starting at chapter 21, releases will be bi weekly for a while.

Infinity Magic

Fauryth is a fictional planet located far on the right side of Earth. Planet Fauryth's appearance is similar to Earth except that the planet's pollution level is smaller than Earth due to Humans population fewer than BeastMen. It is inhabited by many kinds of species consisting of BeastMan, Human, several Earth species, and some mythical species found only in Fauryth. Planet Fauryth is protected by the Elemental Guardian Dragons each with their respective 15 elements found in Fauryth: Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Rock, Earth, Forest, Steel, Venom, Beast, Light, Darkness, Dream and Divine in exception among ordinary element as the strongest element with no element weakness. One day, the guardian dragon of darkness sees the human race as inferior and manipulated the new leader named Tauron the Minotaur who governs Terran City to start a war and human genocide. This war is known as the Faryth War where Humans and BeastMen fought to the point of Human race extinction as none survived in this War. Amy Symilton was born during the war and was born as the daughter of a human and guardian dragon. The Guardian Dragon of Divine saved her daughter from the genocide by letting the basket where she put infant Amy washed by the flowing river nearby during the human genocide. Growing up under Siren Lila's care, Amy noticed that the BeastMen is hunting every surviving human race after the genocide. Noticing that Tauron is responsible for the genocide behavior but as she travels further, she found out that it wasn't Tauron who was responsible but someone else is behind all of this, the Fauryth War, the genocide, and else. With the help of a banished demon from Hell named Fyre, Amy starts her journey far from home for the culprit. Can Amy figure out the main culprit of the Human extinction and her parent's death?

PG-13 Completed
The Aeneid  By Virgil Written 19 B.C.E

The Aeneidis an epic poem written in 12 books and is modeled in part on the great Greek epic poems, on Homer's Iliadand Odyssey, and on Apollonius' Argonautica. The Iliaddescribes the exploits of Achilles and other Greek heroes in the Trojan War (the same war which forced Aeneas to leave Troy and is described in Book II of the Aeneid) whilst the Odysseydescribes how Ulysses (or Odysseus in Greek) wandered for many years, trying to return home after the Trojan War.

The first six books of the Aeneidparallel the Odyssey because they describe Aeneas' search for a home. Aeneas even stops in many of the same places that Odysseus did. There is an important difference, however, for whilst Odysseus was trying to return to his original home, Aeneas must find a new place in which to settle and make his home.

The second six books parallel the Iliad, for they describe the war in Italy just as the Iliaddescribes the Trojan War. Again, there are many parallels. For example, the Trojans are besieged inside their fort in Italy just as they were trapped inside Troy. But again there is an important difference, since the Iliaddescribes how the Trojans lost the war and Troy fell but in theAeneidthe Trojans win the war in Italy and get the chance to build a new city.

Virgil imitates many scenes from both the Iliadand theOdysseyin his epic, but he always changes them in significant ways so that they illustrate his own Roman themes. One of the most important differences between Homer's epics and the Aeneidis that it can be read as a patriotic poem whilst the Iliadand the Odysseyare poems about individuals and their adventures. Homer emphasizes heroes, not countries. But one of Virgil's main points is to show how Rome became the city it is, and to outline the virtues that make a good Roman citizen or leader, and in this way Virgil is far more moralistic in his approach than Homer. One example of this difference in attitude can be seen in the epithets applied by the poets to their respective heroes, for whilst Odysseus is 'poikilios "wily", Aeneas is frequently described as pius, "pious" or "righteous", which conveys a strong moral tone.

The Aeneidcan be viewed as being divided into three parts. The first four books take place with Dido in Carthage, including a flashback to the fall of Troy. The second four books (V-VIII) describe the Trojans' arrival in Italy and Aeneas' trip to the underworld where he sees the future of Rome. The last four books (IX-XII) describe the war in Italy and Aeneas' triumph over Turnus.

The books of the Aeneidcan also be considered in pairs. The odd-numbered books tend to be less dramatic (for example, Book III in which the Trojans' wanderings are described or Book V which contains the funeral games held for Anchises). The even-numbered books reach greater emotional peaks, for example, the death of Dido in Book IV, and Aeneas' vision of the future in Book VI.