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Young Adult
This Charming Man

How I got the idea: I've been writing this for a few days, on and off, kind of a fantasy of how my life is going to look like (unless I'm not as stupid as the protagonist, but I'm afraid I am). Still keep in mind if there are any offensive statements, that's what he thinks, and part of the character. Don't blame me. Will probably contain violence and sex scenes later, not yet though so I might change the rating. Also there will be a lot of drinking because I like to drink. Here's your summary:

Rick's name isn't really Rick but it's the first one that came to his mind when he met Heather at the bar a few months ago after running from another failed relationship. Heather is a close friend of Sarah, and Sarah is who Rick believes to be the love of his life. But now their tumultous short-lived romance is in shambles after Rick's deepest, most well-kept secret is revealed. He is in fact a girl, or rather, a not-yet-transitioned transsexual (female to male) but refuses to admit to himself that running from himself and lying to his friends is not the right way.

After a failed attempt at picking up the shards, it's time for a new name, a new place, a new girl. But he can't run forever. His past is catching up to him. And while he's determined to make it work this time, he knows himself he can't keep starting over as many times as he wants. When it all comes crushing down on him again, he has to make a decision.

Young Adult
A place to call Home

Okay okay this will suck but it is an idea to start off this story that has been in my head for a few months now. I have no beggining, barley a middle and no end. Would you like to join me on the jorney and find out what this wack story is about!?

*light Story Info*

A young boy Igoris put in the foster system at the age of 6 and a half.

His Mom Nancy  Anabella Mcneilhad moved down to Moscow Russia, she married a man, Alexi Dimitrievich Zuhkshe never took his last name but her children did. They had tons of children and Nancy did NOT enjoy kids, she had 4 kids and one miscairrage, One set of twins. One survived -Igor- Technicly 5 kids. Out of all of the kids only21 of them had Russian names.

Nancy divorced Alexi when Igor was 2 and moved back to the US stopping Alexi from getting to know his youngest.

Once back in america Nancy had no plan, very little money and didnt care for her kids.

She would always get high and or drunk. She didnt care for her kids health, if her kids was to cry or even annoy her in the slightest they was put in a dark room with no food or anything. Sometimes she would just get them drunk or as high as her.she started dating a man, Robin J. Sloth, J.R is what he was called, he was a drug dealer and he too also hated kids,but for her he would manage. He would make a mix of  drugs and test it on Ruben or Igor because he for some reason favored Zachori and Rodney. Ruben found ways to get money, he never told them how but with the money he did get he would do his best to use it for rent and or food, it was always hard to get both.

*How he ended up in foster care... alone*

A nabior had notified the police about people comeing in an out of the house and the police did a search, at the time Igor had gotten punishment from J.R and had beenput into the the basemnet, with all of the plants and pills J.R had, The police did a check on the kids, they was underfed, well Ruben and Igor was underfed. CPS took over the kids, J.R and Nancy didnt have any family that was trusted with the kids.

*Child Names & Age as of the taking*

Ruben Demi Zuhk 15

Zachori kenif Zuhk 13

Rodney Jane Zuhk 12

Igor Dimitrievich Zuhk6