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Young Adult
All For You

17 year old Julian Ross has a tendency to do anything his friends want him to. He follows the crowd and has a difficult time making decisions for himself. With an abusive father, a low self confidence, and a lack of money, he starts to find himself starting to hate life. Until he finds a friendship with someone he least expected it.


There are some trigger warning topics mentioned in this story. Drugs, swear words, alcohol, abuse, bullying just to list a few.

I came up with the idea for this story when i was 13, I am 23 now, and decided that I can do it justice by adding more elaboration into my ideas. Back then, the entire story was written on like 3 Word pages, which was a decent amount- but I am a semi-better writer now, or at least I hope.

I am not entirely sure how or where this story will go, but I am bored, and I wanted to dabble around.

The story is in first person, some people hate that, but I am not looking to change the story into third person. Typically when I write I do third person, but I feel like it doesn’t do Julian justice to have the story being told from an outside source.

I have NOT proof read any of this, so I apologize for things that have errors, don’t sound right, or are confusing. Point them out if you see them I guess.

I would appreciate any (and all) feedback anyone would/could leave. I appreciate constructive criticism, the more brutal/honest the better. I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a writer.

Young Adult
This Charming Man

How I got the idea: I've been writing this for a few days, on and off, kind of a fantasy of how my life is going to look like (unless I'm not as stupid as the protagonist, but I'm afraid I am). Still keep in mind if there are any offensive statements, that's what he thinks, and part of the character. Don't blame me. Will probably contain violence and sex scenes later, not yet though so I might change the rating. Also there will be a lot of drinking because I like to drink. Here's your summary:

Rick's name isn't really Rick but it's the first one that came to his mind when he met Heather at the bar a few months ago after running from another failed relationship. Heather is a close friend of Sarah, and Sarah is who Rick believes to be the love of his life. But now their tumultous short-lived romance is in shambles after Rick's deepest, most well-kept secret is revealed. He is in fact a girl, or rather, a not-yet-transitioned transsexual (female to male) but refuses to admit to himself that running from himself and lying to his friends is not the right way.

After a failed attempt at picking up the shards, it's time for a new name, a new place, a new girl. But he can't run forever. His past is catching up to him. And while he's determined to make it work this time, he knows himself he can't keep starting over as many times as he wants. When it all comes crushing down on him again, he has to make a decision.