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Fiction 00

Her kind of story is cliche', the difference is her attitude towards the other characters. She doesn't care what other people may say. She's not the prettiest and smartest in the campus but almost every student adores her because of her "I don't care/badass" attitude. And some girls copying her casual street style wear, her short hair cut with two hair different colors aside from her naturally black hair (maroon and blue). Guys secretly puts stuffs in her locker. (Stuff toys, chocolates, love notes, snacks and candies, candles, keychains and other cute stuffs like everyday is Valentine's day) Others may think she's a mystery or a phantom or there are some who thinks she's subtly asking for attention and secretly enjoying the attention the students she is receiving. No one knows what's on her mind or no one bravely asks or approach her until one day after school one guy shouts her full name while he's on the rooftop of the campus and she's walking outside the school gate that made the students even her stare at him.

He's still on the rooftop and invited her to be his partner on their prom night this coming week. Everyone gasps because of his audacity to be her prom date. How could he dated to ask her?, Why her, not me?, Is he asking for death penalty and not her as prom date? Everyone stopped, the time stops, and her answer? Is Sure see you next Friday and walked away as if nothing happened.

The next week, all the students are talking about the upcoming prom night this Friday and the girls in her class are chatting on what they will wear on Friday, anything that's related to the event while the boys are busy playing games online and other groups are staring at her in secret knowing what will she react on other students of their class about the upcoming event that'll might be the best moment for them this year. Nada. Nothing change on her reaction. Anyone sees her alone on her desk, writing about something on her red notebook while wearing her headset (is she listening to music or  avoiding her classmates to speak with her or to not to listen to the gossips around the room?)

Wednesday lunch break while she's waiting in line for her lunch when the plucky guy approached her and lead her to his table with a couple of his friends full of meals. Everyone cheered when they saw them sharing the same table. The mysterious girl smiled and every student in the cafe' saw her beautiful smile for the first time, her eyes glistens while chatting with him and his friends no one knows what they are talking about. Are they watching a teen movie or series or they are seeing the real thing? The guy is not updating his social media accounts and the girl have no social media account. How the guy (who is not too popular and no one sees him on house parties but his friends were) make friends with the odd girl in campus without no one knows where she lives or not talking in class if it's not necessary or the teacher calls her name for recitation or class attendance?

Their story became the talk of the campus and on social media after their lunch break scene.

Many captions and imagined stories created by the followers of the #Admin (whose identity is unknown) spread over the social media, the only picture that they were together gained thousands of likes and their casual school wear (blouse, shirts, jeans, sneakers, baseball cap) became the campus' uniform instead of glittery short skirts and sleeveless blouses and high heeled shoes.

Before the prom night, other group of girls wanted to know what she'll wear (thinking they will wear the same she'll wear for the night) they wait for her after class in secret and stalk her to where she's going to buy her prom night dress but they failed to follow her because she hailed a cab and there're no other cabs or they have no private cars or even a bike to use to tail her.

Friday. No classes for the entire campus. The program begins at seven in the evening. The students gathers in the school gym. Everyone is anticipating the moment where both of the campus' odd pair will enter. The cameras outside the gate are ready, the student hosts are preparing for their lines "backstage" while waiting for the other students to come and indulge in the party. The professors are on their table chatting and drinking while simply monitoring the students on their behaviours and are ready to call the parents if they acts differently or strange.

Eight in the evening and the much-awaited pair is still not in the event. Others are thinking they created their own party, some are asking the guy's friends where are they, other group of students are sad because they ship the two, while others don't care as long as they have their food, they dance, they chatted with some students and partying.

Ten in the evening when the cameras outside the campus were instructed to transfer into the school gym because they are not expecting for other students to enter as the party's starting to wrap up.

His filthy lies

Say, what ?!

NewYorks most eligible bachelor Diavolo Veneziani got his...'mistress' pregnant ? The one who sold his company secrets to his rivals ? And she has amnesia ?

Dιαʋσʅσ Vҽɳҽȥιαɳι doesn't do relationships or one night stands , especially with petite platinum blondes looking for a golden goose that lays 'credit cards', pun intended. But when his eyes fell on Evenora Genovese, he had to have her. When a passionate night with Eve in his arms left him wanting for more , the next thing he knew was knocking on her door with a bouquet in hand. But this relationship came in with consequences.  Like Evenora selling out his secrets to his bussiness rivals, the McAllisters, the family he loathed since forever.

He knew he shouldnt have trusted Evenora. But now that shes out of his life for good , he should feel relieved , or should he ? Then why does he feel this pang in his heart , like he'd let her down instead of the other way around ?

Eʋҽɳσɾα Gҽɳσʋҽʂҽ had closed herself from the rest of the world because of her tragic past. After her so called family abandoned her to rot in the streets, she learnt to never let anyone in. But with Diavolo, all her defenses failed. When her hot one night stand came knocking on her door she couldnt say no.

But now that theres two pink lines staring back at her , she doesn't know what to do, especially since Diavolo has kicked her out of his house and his...life.

After a tragic incident when Diavolo finds out that Evie has lost her memory and is pregnant with his baby, he tells her a simple lie. He's her Fiancé. The plan was simple. Keep her close until she gives birth to his baby, and then toss her out. But what he didn't count on was for Evie to regain her memory back , and to unveil secrets he never expected of.