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Night of the Broken Gliph

“We live in a world of gliphs.”

“The left arm chamber, right arm chamber, left leg chamber, right leg chamber, wind chamber and the heart chamber. These are the six chambers of gliph that represent a glipher’s quality.”

In his previous life, he was the best metalsmith on the continent; even the most powerful fighters came to him for weapons. He was no doubt a powerful man, but sadly, his incapability to retaliate left him at the mercy of others.

Chui Yim, once dead, reincarnated into the world of gliphs, accompanied by Heaven’s Flame. However, the violent introduction of Heaven’s flame crippled his heart chamber.

Born with a heart deficiency, he was unable to perform strenuous exercise, let alone engage in physical fights. As such, his father who worked as a doctor made him study hard and sent him to the Riding Clouds Academy, where he met a close friend who was escaping from his family’s murderer.

Determined to write his own destiny, Chui Yim vowed to break limits and take up the path of a cultivator.

​​​​​​​Join Chui Yim as he embarks on his journey of cultivation, a thorny journey full of blood, tears, and enlightenment. This mystical and martial arts chivalry novel, “Night of the Broken Gliph”, by the famous Hong Kong author, Maple Shing, will definitely not disappoint!

Translator: Xiannie

Original Work: 破紋夜by Maple Shing

Schedule: 4 chapters per week

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PG-13 Paid content
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Walpurgis Night: The Midnight Blood-Red Rose

I’m Sakura Minazuki, a mageka from a distant realm, often called by the names of “Princesa de Claridade”, “Luminosa”, and so forth, which all entail the invincibility of my powers.

But for now, I’m just an average office worker.

That’s right, a “wage slave” or so you may call it - nothing close to a mageka.

Sakura Minazuki, one who bore the glorious names such as the most powerful “Princesa de Claridade” and “Luminosa” in a distant realm named Glace, made her way to Hong Kong under certain work circumstances. Realising there was not a single job suitable for a mageka, upon the recommendation of her flatmate Kou Igarashi, she changed her path to earning a living as an office clerk.

Stuck in a long-standing dilemma between reality and ideality over time, she decided to pick up on her past identity with the advice from Kou and kick off her double life - “clerk by day, mageka by night”.

One day, the duo received an incoming request to “banish all ‘vampires’ from the city”. What was the true identity of these rumoured creatures of mystery who had been roaming around the city of prosperity attacking humans? And what was the intent behind it?

“In the name of ‘Princesa de Claridade’, I, Mageka Luminosa, now call upon the obedience of this dark creature under my dazzling radiance!”

*The Walpurgis Night Series Settings Collection*

・Character Design

・Magic and World Ideologies

・Sceptre Properties



Original work: 魔女之夜 第壹夜 午夜的血紅薔薇

Author: Setsuna

Cover, character design and illustration: YoumiCitrusTea

Translation team: PJ (Translator), SaltyTank (Editor)

Update frequency: 1-2 chapters per month

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