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    Vitaly Ruan
    Vitaly Ruan
    I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Since childhood, I was fond of science fiction and adventure. On my way to school, I built three-dimensional worlds in his head. I studied martial arts and painting. In life, as in books, I try to maintain a sense of humor and not to be discouraged in any difficult situation. I wish all readers peace, kindness, and bright, unforgettable emotions from acquaintance with my humble creativity.
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At the Fingertips

After the extermination of the entire royal family by terrible monsters, only the newborn heir to the throne miraculously survives. But the evil fate still overtakes the already impoverished 14-year-old mute boy from the gloomy Middle Ages, mercilessly dumping him into the seething spring river.
His almost lifeless body is now inhabited by a successful businessman and a martial arts champion who has long abandoned his career. Lethal fights, cruel rulers, treacherous enemies and loyal friends, as well as the newfound reckless youth and incredible abilities, are just the few things that await our contemporary in the body of a skinny, universally persecuted mute teenager from a very poor family, who is making ends meet...