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Daily Thoughts About Paper Clips

I'm back! I finally got my motivation to finish this, but give me a little bit more time to get started up on the next chapter.

Dreams can only do so much. Wishes can only make you so hopeful while saying it. Notes that they leave behind only hurt you more than they had intended to. But as Birdie Walterson leaves these things behind, her rope tugs her towards more dangerous, more exhilarating adventures. It ties to new strangers on her quest to find her mother, the treasure. However, the new ones might not be who she thinks they are, and maybe her mother holds onto a secret that is yet to be found out.

Along the rugged path to the X mark, she realizes what love, youth, and forgiveness truly means, and what freedom tastes like before normality washes over her mind and soul like a ship's deck. And maybe the good might be the bad or the bad might be the good...

Lastly, normal won't exist after the experience she's gone through; but that's all at the end. Focusing on the present is the best thing to do before dreams, notes, and wishes are left behind.