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    Sonii Naaz
    Sonii Naaz
    Thanks for coming by. If you want to see my creative work, stay tuned. I'll return with additional creations. Till then, appreciate what I transferred to your brain to get going in my conjured-up universe. I just want to say that you are all stunning in so many ways.
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Under The Moonlight: Alpha's Bride

Sansa Elsher's dream wedding is threatened by An Alpha Xavier Ronan. If she rejects him, he will kill her lover. She was forced to accept Xavier as a mate to protect her best friend Logan Jareth, a beta from The Darkfur pack.

Sansa and Xavier have been linked by fate since before she was born when he inadvertently demanded her as a reward for his services by invoking "The Pronouncement of Wonder."

Will Sansa ever fall in love with Xavier, the most broken Alpha?

Sansa discovers her true mate among the Oak pack. She keeps it hidden.

Will Sansa relinquish her title to be with her true mate, or will she remain Alpha Xavier's wife?

When Sansa is accused of being a part of a murder plot against her. Everything changes. While proving Sansa's innocence, a lot of her past is revealed, shocking everyone. 

Will Xavier remain in love with Sansa, or will he abandon her?

Will Xavier be able to stand up for the defenseless Sansa, or will he think like everyone else? Will he punish her according to their rules, or will he defy his pack?

This is their survival story, as well as their never-ending search for their true mate.