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A Powerful Secret Book 1: Secret No More

Story Status: Complete

Author’s Note: Hi! This is the first book out of a four-book series! I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.

Please don’t forget to like and comment to let me know what you think of this story. Feedback or thoughts in general mean a lot to me. :)

In a Ota City, Japan, in a place filled with normal people, superhumans….

Are hidden.

It’s not like they have a choice. Ryo Haruki wishes they did, though. Fiction always showed superhumans as these tough villain-defeating heroes. Yet this is how superhumans reallyhave to be. In the real world, you can’t show your powers in the fear that the government would run tests on you, and then you could be exploited or used in some way. That’s just how it is.

It’s necessary, of course, but frustrating as all living hell.

On top of that, his power is strange and is definitely something that puts him at risk of exposure. Who knew something as simple as telekinesis would act up at the slightest twinge of annoyance? And if that anger gets bad enough….oh dear. That’s caused mess in the past. He’s never even trying to use his ability when he was angry, yet the consequences of his overreactive ability have been…severe, in a couple cases, to say the least.

Maybe he wouldn’t be the best hero.

Shizuka Anzu, Ryo’s friend, can’t even use her power at home. The Aiko family is better than her cruel father and sort-of-messed-up family, but with her being the only superhuman, she’s heavily restricted and gets lonely from time to time being the only one with a power. Sure, being a superhuman makes her feel a little more special amidst the hate of high-school bullies and trauma, but surely only knowing herself and Ryo as two superhumans couldn’t be fun all the time.

On the day that Ryo meets two new superhumans-in-secret in his school, Shizuka gets struck with a deadly life-threatening situation that forces her into one unbearable decision: Use her power and save herself.

The whole superhuman world is exposed now. All secrets are now spilled to the normal world.

But Ryo and Shizuka find themselves now stumbling across secrets they didn’t even know about theirown kind! How many secrets were going to be kept away from them if they stayed hidden? Training bases for superhumans? An entire fighting alliance?

It’s all so exciting and new, right? All perfectly cool…right?

Well, at the same time…it’s also quite dangerous.