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Sue the Warlock
R On Break

Sue is a living weapon of the Silent One. His otherworldly master wants him to collect a thousand souls so that they can journey into The Expanse and escape the magic that binds their family to Midrift. Sue is happy to oblige because he likes the promise of getting his old life back once the stargodlings are all gone.

Of course, the Void Maker can’t have that. TVM would much rather absorb their four other stargodling siblings, which includes the Silent One, and flee the planet with any ill-gotten souls all to themselves. And so, the Void Maker has sent their own living weapon to waylay Sue.

Hijinks ensue, as neither of the eldritch stargodlings could have predicted they’d be at the mercy of a romantic-comedy plot!

This is a book that follows the events of Jane the Lich, but does not rely on you having already read that book. For that reason, you can just dive right in without context and still have a good time.

Why should I read this?Because it's a rivals-to-lovers romantic-comedy masquerading as a weird-fiction, tentacle-god story. It starts off by pretending it's a fantasy adventure romp through a world of horrors, but then turns into a filial drama full of chaotic twists and turns that would make even the Bronte sisters roll in their grave, if Lovecraft wasn't already trying to transform into a particle accelerator.

Why shouldn't I read this? There are casual and detailed references to the following triggers: self-harm, alcohol abuse, familial abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse, sleep-dependency, homicide, fratricide, and child abuse. There is also a lot of cursing and heavy sexual innuendo. Please be gentle with yourselves and seek help if you need it.

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