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Sword of Lies
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Writer Calvin Chun
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Sword of Lies
Sword of Lies
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A maiden from the future, a distant prince and a loyal friend. An unknown forces of darkness looming in the horizon and the biggest test lies in the future.


"No... t-that's not possible." His voice filled with defiance, to Elena's dismay, "We're not advanced... I-I meant none of us-"

"I know." Elena said, shaking her head and keeping her head low, "I can't believe my father either... but he believed in his theory so much that I... became confused."

Elena wished she doesn't have to upset the equilibrium of this world. But she doesn't have any other choice. It has to be done. The truth must be told.

"Please, please, please don't freak out when I told you this." Elena said, her voice reduced to a whisper. She closed her eyes and shivered, "But I think the enemy in our world... is your king."

They let silence overtook. Elena could only sigh as she watched Lucas face contorted with confusion. This wasn't the only thing they had to face. And Elena realized that this so-called realm is endangered too... soon. 



A/N : This is my first third-person perspective story. It was hard to make. I'm sorry the chapters are so short. Lol. Did anyone told you communicating VIA writing can be a pain in the cheek @ you know what. Anyhow this will be the only A/N in the story. Promise.

I would appreciate comments and like. (Though not necessary, and please don't say I'm vouching for em' :P) 

As I was saying, if you just the story (And tell me how short it was) and enjoy it, that's more than enough for me. So thanks for even reading this!


Total Reading Time: 12 minutes

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