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I Fear.
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I Fear.
Submission Closed
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No Plagiarism!XffaZcLwOz8bGXDwTmXuposted on PENANA

At what point do you become fearful, and what is it you fear?  copyright protection501PENANA01JtNwcPnq

•This isn't a horror story.  In fact, stay away from horror.  Instead, think about your life and the obstacles you face.  At what point do you retreat back into yourself?  When do you feel over-whelmed?copyright protection501PENANA0lGfvFshch

Rules:copyright protection501PENANAQltxi64cs2

• Stay within the anxiety themecopyright protection501PENANAHs4qWRX8Hl

• Word limit needs to be under 500copyright protection501PENANAzHGfXcVpt7

• Your fear cannot be a physical objectcopyright protection501PENANAGktaSLgWXJ

- - -copyright protection501PENANAZFc358V2hD

Here's an example:  (My own fear of silence)copyright protection501PENANAnQk46ig1IK

It’s when words fail me that I become fearful.  If I talk I can fein confidence enough to even convince myself, but when my speech falters, when my mouth refuses to open—when I’m silenced—I’m terrified.  My throat feels dry.  If I can’t even respond, then how can I feel okay?  Someone just popped the bubble that I’ve been living in for so long and I can’t even defend myself, so how can I feel okay?  It’s raw skin under these callouses.  My armor’s only show.  I’m not all that big underneath, I’m only skin and bones.  And now you know that.  So how can I feel okay?copyright protection501PENANA9p4CzWoPTl

I can’t speak.  I can’t even fathom.  It’s as if my brain’s on pause yet moving a thousand miles per hour, and I.  Can’t.  Speak.  Fear settles at the pit of my stomach, it’s cold and hot all at the same time, and everything seems like nothing.  The only words I throw out I trip over, the only sentences I can speak are choppy and incomplete.  I’ve been silenced by shock.  By Fear.  How am I going to be okay?copyright protection501PENANAzS1LW6TR9a

- - -copyright protection501PENANAvx1PB78S8Q

Write you hearts out!  copyright protection501PENANACifGVOCjEw

If you've got any questions, feel free to comment!copyright protection501PENANAFdoGYlMSdW

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