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I Fear.
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I Fear.
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Losing someone dear
Dec 9, 2016
2 Mins Read
497 Words
No Plagiarism!ix52fcJKPXorbDfh0TZIposted on PENANA

I know death is a part of life and it can be so sudden like lightening. So sudden you barely realize what just happened. The one you loved, trusted, cared who was everything to you is gone. Just gone. So simple and yet difficult to accept because its very simplicity is what makes it more surprising.copyright protection160PENANA0ZKGIXNMVP

One night I had a terrible nightmare. It was no nightmare filled with monsters or other strange objects produced from one's mind but showed a part of the real world as I know. The scene was simple, a long stretching road through many fields of tall green grass and yellow rapes. The sky was crystal blue and the wind warm of the season summer. The usual environment I remember of Sweden from my childhood. My parents, uncle and I were in my parent's car driving pleasantly along the grey road heading to some destination I can't recall. My mother was driving while I sat beside her at the passenger's seat, behind me my father and beside him sat my uncle. Everything went well and were looking forward for the day.164Please respect copyright.PENANA58pt0RzP6s
copyright protection160PENANA2dm7fCjZn8

Suddenly my mother lost control of the car and tried to regain it again with the steering wheel. I held on tight until the car made an abrupt halt in the middle of the road as if hit into an invisible wall. I blinked and checked myself if I am alright. No wounds but in my mind I knew I could be in a shock. My mother beside me was in a state of shock with a bleeding nose. Quickly I handed to her tissues from the glove compartment. She moved slowly and was otherwise alright. As I asked how were the others behind us I hear my uncle remark the pain from his broken leg and few toes and that my father is not doing well. Quickly I turned to see. He was panting as if lacking on oxygen and beginning to sweat. Rapidly I got out and removed the safety belt. There was no difference. He grew quickly blue and came to a sort of choking state. I wanted to help. Give him oxygen but how? I sat there beside him helpless. My CPR knowledge was at that moment useless. All I could do was stand and watch how my father chokes to death. Knowing the ambulance will come too late no matter how fast. I was drowning in my own emotions of frustration and fear. Seeing how death has its invisible bony hands round my father's neck, ready to take him.164Please respect copyright.PENANAAaozBqNFN1
copyright protection160PENANAWLA7pQppJo

As I awoke from that nightmare it did took me long moment to realize and it left a fearful mark in mind from there on.copyright protection160PENANA7KoSr6PfSK

My parents and friends are my family. Locked close to my heart and soul. If anything terrible happens to them I don't know what to do.164Please respect copyright.PENANA5iaiosTk9U
copyright protection160PENANA4VYq2e3mdq

If you where in my shoes, what would you do?164Please respect copyright.PENANAZe2pH2hhSn
copyright protection160PENANAv9c5hBVG0F

Comments ( 2 )

LovelySheree - Really awesome job!  You did a great job with the story telling, but sadly, this won't be able to place unless it's under 500 words, as I mentioned in the rules.  If you edit it down to 500 words or less, it'll have a chance to place!  But, otherwise, fantastic story! 
1 year agoreply

FionaDaydreamer - Oh, thanks for the comment. I over saw the word limit and will slim it down. ;-)
1 year agoreply